What the Future Holds. Part II. November 2020 Version

We shall continue with our vision for the future of this country. Political upheaval, brewing for the longest time created conditions transforming America in ways not imagined even few years ago. Put it together and the timeline comes out as: Donald Trump elected as US President; Democrats transformed from a political party into a gang bent on removing him from power; black-on-white racist theories propagated by the liberal press; COVID; Floyd the Thug dies; BLM and Antifa, riots and looting; lies, lies, lies and continued censorship of the conservative voices by the Big Tech and MSM, 2020 Presidential elections, voting fraud and legal challenges that continue today.

A lot is happening now that inevitably stays with us as we move forward. Large sections of American society are being transformed from complacent citizens who cared about politics periodically – at local and presidential elections only – into a large chorus of conservative voices that feel very angry when their rights are being violated and their freedoms are restricted. The entire country is up in arms, literally, yet maintains its cool, awaiting the outcome of the voting fraud court challenges by the Republican Party. What was once within a domain of marginal political theories about government corruption, globalists, ‘deep state’ challenging the Trump presidency is now entirely a mainstream popular agenda, fully embraced. The people know.

The fraud perpetrated by the Democratic Party is viewed as an assault on American democracy and personal freedom. The left wants to transform this country into a socialist state. The patriotic people on the right are totally opposed to the socialist future for this country, in any shape or form. Millions of people took voting fraud as personal affront. They are not about to forgive and forget. We have a split country. No matter what the final voting outcome is going to be, the strong feelings towards the other half is not going away, not any time soon. An armed conflict is not out of the question.

Our social platforms that initially became the voice of the people eventually changed their tune to become places where censorship of conservative voices is practiced in the name of ‘peace and quiet’. Big Tech must lose Section 230 protection. Twitter has the audacity to put derisive labels on US President’s tweets. Where does it end? Facebook insolently renames Donald J. Trump, our acting President, as ‘Presidential Candidate’. We have a feeling it would eventually end badly for both entities; simple management’s apologies would not be sufficient or accepted. Yes, they are covered by the First Amendment and can say as they please. Yet, showing no respect to the most visible symbol of the United States, our President, shall not be tolerated. How’s that for the future to come? Plus, Mr. Trump can be very vindictive towards the people who insult him.

We must try to do away with ‘political correctness’. It is a form of censorship. People must speak their minds freely. Nothing is off limits. The First Amendment must triumph over any challenges. Anyone who is insulted by the freedom of the speech may speak in defense of their thinking, but nothing should be specially protected and prohibited.

Our social network platforms must be legally regulated like utilities and should lose all ruling authority over the public expression of free speech. Twitter, Facebook, Google cannot selectively censor anything. Their censorship must be outlawed. As an case in point, popularly elected, outside bodies of people should be deciding what voices may be heard – or not. Arrangements alike Wiki Encyclopedia has with its editors may work well, when they collectively decide how a subject of interest must be presented.

A larger part of American society is making big, active turn to the right. The left has better get out of the way. Thank you, Democratic fraudsters, for waking us up to your shenanigans, for showing us the way. The sleeping giant has been awoken and would not rest any time soon. Political complacency between elections is going away, to be replaced with active challenges to the Democratic Party initiatives in many areas. This is just the beginning. To these people the lying MSM underscores the need to dump the deceitful press, TV and the social networks as the sources of information; to find other outlets for their angry voices. Liars shall see diminished advertising profits as a result. This is the only language they understand. Maybe.

Dems woke up Second Amendment advocates in a big way. Anyone speaking against guns’ ownership becomes an instant enemy. Depriving US citizens of the right to protect themselves will not go well in view of recent BLM looting around the country. People will never give up their guns. Thank you, Democrats, for the goons you unleashed upon all of us.

When Donald Trump is confirmed as our next President, expect to see a number of new state and federal laws protecting the electoral process against the fraud. The public calls for investigation, arrest and prosecution of everyone involved in fraud. The government must not stop until this is done. The fraudsters cannot get off the hook; the public would never forgive that. Democratic Party, once its criminal intent is proven in the court of law, must be censured, and its leaders go to jail. The truth must make the history books, naming all of the colluding co-conspirators including the left press and MSM. They acted in unison. This amounts to elections’ interference. It cannot be tolerated. Stern housecleaning must take place, in Congress and Senate, if members are proven to have participated in these nefarious activities.

The world is watching and we must show we are very serious about it.

Voter ID had been long proposed by the Republican Party, but always challenged by the Democrats. We need one, Electronic Voter ID. Once it validates the citizen’s ability to vote, it can also be electronically read (or swiped) through the voting machine prior to bulletin scan, certifying that the voter had completed the process. Further attempts to use a particular Voter ID in the same election would be useless. The same functionality may be imbedded in the driver’s licenses country-wide, although it would be a bit more complex. Identifying a valid voter is important. For example, the City of New York had not asked for us for a valid ID during this year elections, relying instead on the scan of the letter barcode they must have mailed most voters. Mail-in ballots must undergo stringent validation to be accepted.

President-not-elect Biden has shown his hand with plans for this country. They want open borders, illegal immigration, admitting aliens from countries where Muslim extremism is not actively challenged; ‘execution lists’ of people in the Trump administration who should be punished one way or the other; re-joining political and trade alliances detrimental to the United States; return to failed Middle Eastern policies and much other crap that must not happen under any circumstances. Unsustainable social policies. Socialist States of America in the making. We say NO to that future. We must also challenge anything related to race theories in our society and black-on-white racism. Its promotion must be declared illegal and openly ostracized, just as white-on-black racism is not tolerated here. Zero tolerance. BLM and racial theories must be smashed and defeated. America cannot let it slip by, or afford to ignore it. BLM leaders must be put to trial for the looting and mayhem they brought.

We must educate our kids to be proud of the country they live in.

This is the most important part of our future as the nation.