Mutiny in America. Red vs. Blue

We all would like to think that on January 20, 2020, when our President is sworn in for the second term, all of the troubles are going away; with happy end, peace and forgiveness and universal love.

No, not really.

On the same day, some place, Joe Biden will also be sworn in as president, by some judge. Democrats will be celebrating victory and their new era. That celebration will be short. It would not be about the country and its future. It would be about power grab and about war on America.

We are talking about a real coup d’état. The unforgivable act of mutiny and of treason. We cannot have two Presidents therefore one of them will have to go.

What you would read below is a wild play; completely made-up scenario, based purely on our imagination. But on analysis, it’s what we know about the adversary, of what they are capable of. On hints and bits of information we picked up here and there.

We have no information to back it up. But it’s not impossible. Actually, it is quite possible, although no one is talking about it just yet. We all love happy ends. But unless we are vigilant and take pre-emptive action, there is no happy end here. It would be too late to do anything when the house is on fire. We cannot let the Democrats and their goons succeed. Or even try.

Can we safely bet they don’t have a plan? Or that plan is peaceful and doesn’t include violence? They have already hinted on removing President Trump from the White House by force if he doesn’t leave. Donald J. Trump isn’t leaving once he is sworn in. Therefore, they must have a plan.

Under a different set of circumstances, our government has enough manpower and firepower to take care of just about any trouble, even before it begins. This is what most of us believe in. But we have a divided country. Therefore people in power may not act according to the oaths of offices they took. They may choose to support the mutiny for personal, political reasons and beliefs. For money or ideology, for disliking our President. It’s red vs. blue.

Democrats are going all the way. They are not stopping for anything or anyone. They have enough funding to pull this off, and the “coup money” probably came from rich, powerful and demanding sponsors. These payments cannot be refunded. This means they must deliver the presidency by hook or by crook. It cannot be a half assed attempt at gaining power in America. They plan to succeed. Can they?

When the coup begins, the nefarious roles have been doled out in advance. Everyone involved knows exactly what have to do. Arrest or murder the people in charge; tackle security and law enforcement forces; isolate decision makers, sabotage government directives. Cut communication lines; give orders to anyone who must be kept away. Create confusion that results in inaction. Take over the critical infrastructure elements. Produce potent diversions on the ground, to distract the enemy and have him spread thin so the main attack force can do their work. The element of surprise is crucial.

Yea, all of this reads like a movie script. But wrap your minds around this. How do you go about taking over a large country? They don’t care about you or me.  They only care of how they are going to reach their goal. Who would they enlist to achieve victory?

We think armed ANTIFA and BLM would be right there, creating mayhem on our streets. There will be heavily armed extremists of every kind. Perhaps, some renegade US Military or former military on standby, trained and prepared for this type of task around the country and in Washington DC. Paid mercenaries, criminals who have been promised pardons if they participate, socialist and communist adepts ready to overthrow this country’s government. Devoted revolutionaries and some members of the Democratic Party trained in preparation to this day. What about foreign supporters and actors? The academia, media and social networks would be in on all of this, to offer their support to the fullest extent possible. Calling it “the people’s revolution” and “taking back the power” would confuse the hell out of our population. But don’t be fooled.

Think we are crazy? No, we aren’t. January 20th is not the end. It’s the beginning. And depending on how it’s handled and who has the upper hand and is better prepared, this is how it will go down. Democrats are fighting for their survival. Unless they succeed, lots of their people are looking at jail time for election fraud, corruption while in office and other crimes they committed. It is only natural they would want to eliminate that possibility. They have no place to run; almost no country in the world would offer them sanctuaries if they start the revolt. Some locales or states may, but then we are talking the beginning of a civil war.

How can this be countered? Well, our President and the members of his staff must act in their assigned roles if this is going to go down. The US Military and federal agents must be on stand by and ready to go into action. The nation’s police, fire, EMS units, state and city officials must be ready to give orders to law enforcement and civilian authorities. This is not a game; this can get to be quite real. We hope this is being planned for. But we also have Democratic governors and mayors who may attempt to resist any such action by force.

We specifically avoid talking about any resistance from the people of the country. They will resist any unlawful takeover, but any such action would come much later.

Think of it as an early warning.

None of the above may take place. We hope to be wrong on all counts and this “movie” never plays out.

But can you swear it’s all but a fantasy of a concerned mind? Neither can we.

We invite you to share this “apocalyptic script” with your friends. Some are going to laugh it off and dismiss it. Others may not.

What will you do if it happens? Do YOU have a plan? Or will you helplessly watch from the sidelines, in total disbelief, as it all unfolds in front of you?

Forewarned is forearmed