The New Army of Citizen Detectives. A Terrible Escalation

We never seek out ‘hot’ subjects to address. It isn’t what these pages are about. The topics find us. They simply barge in, uninvited. Threatening to upend our collective lives. Speaking about them – and often against them – becomes our duty. In this court of public opinion, it’s our word against theirs!

We didn’t have to wait long until something terrible popped up.

A louse by the name of Don Winslow called upon U.S. citizens to become cyber detectives to monitor and report fellow citizen Trump supporters to authorities. He is certainly not the only one out there to invite this type of action. Katie Couric, a TV personality, wants de-programming of the Trump supporters. Others of the Leftwing, have raised the same issue, viewing people with opposing political views as a threat to themselves and the country. Read about this here with your own eyes.

MSNBC analyst Eugene Robinson and New York Times columnist Nikole Hannah-Jones recently discussed how they would be able to “deprogram” Trump supporters once Biden is sworn in. “There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed,” Robinson said. “It’s as if they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and have to be deprogrammed.”

In their minds it’s a done deal, awaiting practical implementation.

How did America become so intolerant and hateful? Out there, in the Leftwing media with Biden / Harris it’s now “our way or the highway”. We are in a national psychological war environment at this time. If you are not one of them – “Woke”, progressive and enlightened to the Leftwing way of thinking – you are a threat. And what do we do with threats in any war? We eliminate them. The next step will be a physical action by the government and that’s only a short distance away. They will do away with those they consider socially and political ill. Disable, incarcerate or kill. As needed.

Let us take it a step further, to illustrate our point on how absurd this whole environment has become. Imagine the following scenario:

Say, you have a next-door neighbor. A regular guy, with wife and two kids. He works long hours, pays his mortgage off and often chats with you over the hedge about matters of concern. Over the years you have become good buddies. You help him out with small projects, and he invites you and family over for his annual barbeques on the Fourth of July. Your children play with his, splash around in his in-ground pool during the hot summer days.

And then you learn the frightening truth. He and his wife voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential elections and you didn’t.  They are Conservatives, the enemy.

What should you do with this sudden and terrible knowledge? They are a threat to society. It’s people like them they are talking about on TV. They are violent, right-wing extremists who want to destroy our way of life and take over. Given an opportunity, they are probably going to harm you and your family, destroy the nation. They are all armed and dangerous. What should you do, what should you do?

But now you are a detective fighting the enemy. Without other means of action (driving over them is not an option at this time), your duty is to report him over to federal law enforcement. Dropping the dime works. Thanks God for lawmen who has now become attuned to these types of citizen actions. Special federal agents show up, arrest him and his wife. Children are placed with “State Child Protection.” The agents tell you how lucky you are. After searching their house they found no firearms.  You are totally relieved and now you and your family feel safe!

The agents did not ignore you when you spoke to them, nervous and fearful. They knew exactly what they have to do about the enemies in our midst. After spending a night in jail and a brief court hearing, your ex-buddy and his wife are sentenced under recently enacted law. After subpoenaed voting records confirm they voted for Trump, your friendly neighbor and his wife are sentenced to six months of confined treatment in the new State run re-education facility.

Your neighbor and his wife return home to their boarded up home upon release. Their children are reunited with them, having been “de-Trumped” and reprogrammed. Both parents are very bitter, very angry and meaner towards you and the government. During that time he has been black-balled, lost his job (can’t have extremists in workplaces), and is now unable to find another. Their financial and personal matters are a huge mess and the house is in foreclosure. Spent all this time confined to re-education camp with others like them, where they attempted to make both into new, benign persons. Our government worked hard to eradicate their extremist views with daily brainwashing sessions, prayers and group meetings; to make them both understand why they hate our country and our institutions. On camp TV they had to watch special programs (made in Hollywood), where known entertainment personalities infused these people with correct look at things. The man had to confess his “white privilege” in front of everybody and admit his own racist convictions he didn’t know he had. They had to study “woke” doctrine taught in classes and be tested.  Got passing grades to be released.

Our Democrat authorities tried to help these people. But it didn’t work. They couldn’t break them. From what you hear, this is now a family of hardened criminals. No more barbeques and happy time together. Their combined hatred for the liberal left has been amplified a hundred-fold. He is definitely very bitter, ready to kill you for betrayal and destroy people who imposed this hardship upon him and his family. He has little to lose. This guy wants to be avenged. It’s now far beyond his voting choices. No longer peaceful neighbors you once knew. Perhaps you should move elsewhere to be safe from him and others like him. The end.

It reads like a horror movie script. Yea, we have vivid imagination, but we are not blind to what is about to take place. This described future scenario has not happened yet, and it must never happen.

Multiply this story few million times. As if it is happening all over the country. Can you correctly guess the results of these re-programming and re-education efforts?

Ask yourself a simple question: what are the odds?

Given time, the little story we opened in front of you is not at all impossible with the criminals in power and the left-minded scoundrels like Mr. Winslow and his followers. Thought control is not something America is famous for. But once you move forward on this path, there is no going back.

If you want to understand where we are heading think about the Uyghur “re-education” camps of China today; and before them – concentration camps of Nazi Germany and those of the Soviet Union. Hutu people massacring Tutsi minority in Rwanda in the terrible days of 1994. Still before that – Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) in 1938, when hundreds of German Jews were killed and thousands were arrested and interned. And even before that – Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in 1572, which saw murders of up to 70,000 Huguenot Protestants by the French Catholics, in a single day. History holds many more such examples.

And what do all of above events have in common? These atrocities have been committed by the ruling classes against their own population.

Political, ethnic or religious intolerance kills people. Once it gets its momentum it’s all but impossible to contain and stop. Violence is unacceptable!

Do we want to try unfolding hate, here in America?

Every single one of you holds the answer.