Another day and another war. And more.

People, we got World War III in the making. It flared up in the Holy Land, as Hamas killers attacked Israel and murdered its citizens. The carnage was unbelievable and retribution is a must. Supplied, trained and guided by Iran, Hamas must be no more, now or ever. But all sorts of players are now jumping into the ring, some directly and some through proxies. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen are being drawn in on the side of Hamas; China and Russia will surely take part for their own vile political reasons. North Korea will, without doubt, supply weapons to the parties wanting to hurt Israel. Some countries, like Turkey, are casting an angry eye at the “Zionist entity” and will probably jump in when the time comes. On the other side – the USA, Britain, France and several other European nations are likely to lend military support and intelligence to Israel. In for a dime you’re in for a dollar. They will all be rapidly drawn deeper into the bigger war that is about to break out. No one will stay put or at arms length.

Iran has opened up a website where it invites individuals from all over to sign up as volunteers, to fight the Zionist enemy. In a few short days over 4 million militant individuals, most of them from the Muslim world no doubt, had expressed desire to attack a country they hate with a passion. Even the Taliban, the entity that rules Afghanistan these days, had expressed desire to join in. This doesn’t look good and the big war hasn’t even started. Russia surely has a hand in all of this. It has always openly supported Hamas and can now reap some dividends by diverting attention from itself in the war it wages in Ukraine. China is testing the waters of the Western resolve, in case Taiwan becomes its future target.

Instead of quickly bringing war in Ukraine to the end, defeating Russia, the collective timid West now has two wars on its hands, splitting attention and material resources it must divide between Ukraine and Israel when this moves further. Iran issued a statement that it will partake in the action of its proxies against Israel. The shadow war between them would soon become an open one.

Our world is full of hatred, vile anti-Semitic hatred. Hatred is manifesting itself on the Internet with postings both real and fake videos, photos and outright lies. Baseless accusations and historical facts are inverted to serve the accuser. Rallies and marches in the Western capitals under Palestinian flags and ISIS black banners, spewing unmitigated anger and desire to kill all Jews any which way they can. It is highly disturbing to see violent confrontations and endless pro-Palestinian crowds in Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, New York and assortment of smaller towns around the globe. Anti-Semitic incidents in the City of New York alone are up 500%. Around the world young people are supporting the destruction of The State of Israel. Many of them are not even of Islamic faith.

There are some people out there, who are against the war, but they don’t call for the release of hostages. Much pressure is applied to the nation of Israel and the country’s politicians to stop acting against the enemy. But they say nothing about condemning Hamas for the murdering crimes. They choose to ignore Hamas. They are laying blame upon Israel.

What is happening people? We will tell you what is happening. They all grew up on a diet of mass media claims of “balanced coverage” of “Palestinian struggle vs. Israeli aggressors.” It never was balanced!  They imbibed leftist ideology taught by social science professors in colleges and universities. Fond of medieval savages that live in Gaza, they are looking for a final solution. Ilhan Omar, a US congresswoman from Minnesota openly suggests that when they kill all Jews, there will be no more anti-Semitism. How is that different from the ideology of Hitler, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas or Hezbollah? It isn’t.

Can we draw any conclusions from the endless marches around the globe with ‘Death to Israel” posters?  Yes, we can, indeed. We need a divorce. Western Judeo-Christian world must physically divorce itself from the one of Islamic faith. We can still trade, visit and live side by side, just not in the same house, a Western one that is. Seeing anti-Semitic crowds of people of Middle Eastern origin attacking natives, fighting with local police brings out the realization that Western kindness and humanitarianism must have its limits. By saving people from the ravages of the civil war in Syria we screwed up their own societies. Through accepting economic and war refugees from destitute African and Asian countries we have poisoned ourselves to the point where we can no longer govern or even continue to be democratic. There are crowds of men marching across US southern borders, Muslims among them. Who are they? Do we accept and accommodate everyone? How will they pay us back?

This is a dilemma that has ceased being one. We shouldn’t save someone who will eventually murder us, our children and burn our homes to the ground. We mustn’t accept aliens who will in a few short generations procreate in large numbers; bring slavery to the natives and make everyone not if their ilk and faith into subjugated servants. Islam uses the democratic voting processes to make itself dominant and then it’s all over for the host. Hamas got itself elected in Gaza, remember? This is happening as we speak. When the Prime Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf suggests that his land must accept Palestinian refugees without limitation, it is not a gesture of kindness. It’s a societal suicide. No one protests, the media is generally silent and everyone is scared to be branded right-wing white Christian racist. Governments around the Western world eagerly prosecute “the voices of reason” that speak out against Muslim expansion in their own countries. High birth rates, desire to be separate and not integrated into societies; they commonly live off public assistance; they create “no-go” zones in the European cities where police cannot come without being physically attacked. Crime and assaults on the locals, open disdain towards the Western values, wild proliferation of mosques, Muslim imams agitating the faithful crowds with anti-Westerns and anti-Semitic sermons. It all adds up. This is the world you and your descendants are going to live in. Should you silently and impotently accept it?

Individuals who hate the countries that gave them asylum at the time of need must return to the nation of origin. On their own or if need be, with nudging and strong persuasion. Do you support militant Islam? Return or be returned to places where this is the norm of life but don’t live here, you are not welcome. Imams speaking in mosques about how to bring the end of the West must be instantly deported to their former homelands. This would be very difficult to do with second and third generations, already born and living in Western countries and not possessing secondary citizenships. But you must start the process of righting the wrong.

There is a very fine line here. Islam is a religion, political ideology, lifestyle and a mindset, all in one. When Muslims choose to live peacefully among us let them be. Unfortunately, all it takes is a spark of anger and the former good neighbors quickly become our worst enemies. Israel’s fight for existence provides the indignation that turns most Muslims violent. Think of it as a virus. It can be dormant for ages and then, given the right conditions, causes an epidemic of death and destruction. There is nothing anyone can do, but live separately and not mix. Anyone who advocates and permits their immigration is blind, treasonous or stupid – not benevolent, loving and democratic. We don’t hate the Muslims per se, we just don’t want to be exposed to their violence, disdain, hatred and deep-rooted anti-Semitism in our own societies. No one should be physically attacked for being a Muslim; we simply think they should live elsewhere. 

This is a very tough call. Our societies are deteriorating under the strain of poisonous hate. It will not get better if left to its own devices. Something must be done unless we are looking forward towards religious civil wars in the future. Democracies must defend themselves or there will be none left.

The collective West must never lose sight of their core values and who their constituents are. “Christian” countries, although diluted by transplants of other faiths, must remain true to Christian values, no matter what, to maintain democracies and way of life. As a matter of “life and death” this is not negotiable. Democracies grant their citizens freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The countries of Islam would have none of it. We believe this status quo must be part of all Western constitutions (is it?), not to oppress others, but to guarantee the respective societies that they will continue to exist. Anything or anyone trying to subvert this must be exposed and harshly dealt with.

So, there we go. Any future political and military action will be conducted on the colorful background of Israeli and Palestinian flags unfurled, posters of kidnapped and killed Israeli citizens and Gaza martyrs; marching crowds – pro and contra; escalation here and there, shameful censorship of the truth and tons of hateful messages posted anywhere one can leave them, for the others to read and comment on. 

And in conclusion: mourn the Israeli dead, hope and pray for the hostages’ safe return. Donate money to the State of Israel; God knows they can use them, for tens of thousands of their people have been displaced by the war. The Israeli government just cannot cope with it yet.

Donate NOTHING to Gaza, they were gleefully celebrating in the streets when Hamas rockets were raining down on a peaceful country next door. Their “innocent civilians” are Hamas. Let them take care of themselves from now on. Israel is ending any and all associations and economic ties with that stinking swamp.

You are either on the side of good or evil. It’s simple. Anyone, and we mean anyone, who remains silent in the face of Hamas crimes or skirts the subject is on the side of the world’s worst evil-doers. Ditto for claiming Israel is somehow responsible for Hamas transgressions. We sincerely hope Israel finds political will to ignore the nasty chorus from all over and just do it – finish the job despite hateful howling, yelling and demands to impose limits on her military action. Now is the time to be nasty, unyielding, tough, determined and goals-oriented. Much is at stake. Conclude the difficult job.

Stay safe out there!