September 8, 2023 | by Eriс

The Hand that Giveth

The Russian-Ukrainian war drags on for the second year. It could have been over by now, if it wasn’t for the infinitely cautious, weighted, measured approach by some countries that support Ukraine. We can’t say we have a deep understanding of how it all works. Yet, if our judgment is to be based on how it all unfolds, we can say this: while Ukraine is getting significant military support, it is not getting military aid in the volume that would permit it to win.

We are past the cautious “lets see how it all unfolds before we commit” stage, of February-March 2022, when Russia invaded. Ukraine and its people proved themselves to be very capable of defending and winning back their country, slowly but surely. Despite significant military losses they don’t talk about and with civilian losses they do inform the world about.