December 7, 2021 | by Eriс

Fear In – Fear Out

Have you noticed just how much fear has begun dominating our daily lives? Not the fear of something that would cause pain and discomfort. More like that primal, innate, evolutionary fear programmed into our brains.

Fear as instinct was given to us by Mother Nature to improve human survival, as an evolutionary tool. Unfortunately, fear is bad for you. Like an acid, it erodes one’s self-worth, deprives you of clear thinking and fast acting; it introduces stress which can lead to heart attacks and psychological trauma. It is also a dreadful advisor at the time of trouble.

We are living through perilous times. Yes, an unfortunate set of ALMOST natural circumstances that just happened, affecting most of the worlds’ population. Western world lost its generally careless, free-wheeling life – where things were simple, affordable and available if you worked or ran a business that paid your bills. You didn’t have time to think about domestic politics, lack of products on the shelves, long delays for something you ordered online, pandemics (“what’s a pandemic?” was probably a good question without a specific answer in early 2019), “woke” pestilence, black racism, perennial guilt that white people must carry around forever. You didn’t have to think much about price of gas or what they taught your kids in school. Neither were you concerned about China, which was another country where they sold you low-priced products on eBay. Marxism was not something to fear – it was just another political theory and ideology from the twentieth century – it failed everywhere they tried it; Marxism had no place in your life.