October 26, 2020 | by Eriс

Woke Slang, Lingo of the Racist Revolution

This subject is simple and difficult to us at the same time. It is found everywhere these days – on the social networks, in mass media, dictionaries, on TV channels and within academic publications. But when one is not part of these emerging ‘woke masses’, it’s hard to see why it got a foothold in the society, which it’s not about to give up. We are not the experts or devotees of the new emerging reality supported by the new lingo. On the contrary, we are dead set against it and everything its stands for. There is so much more to it than new words and phrases.

Before moving further, we wish to post this disclaimer: we are consciously trying to offend individuals who define themselves as woke and trying to become ‘enlightened’. They are the conduits of the racist and political revolt in this country.

You are witnessing the early stages of the cancerous spread being unleashed upon the American society. We, much like the rest of America, missed the beginning of it. But now have a theory on how it all developed, though you can draw your own conclusions. At the start it was political correctness. Then social justice quests brought about angry mobs who felt they must drown their opponents in loud arguments and have them removed from the public eye. Both came with their own terminology. Both galvanized the groups of people who strongly felt they were wronged. The social networks provided the nutrients and protection; a Petri dish comes to mind. Factions grew in sizes and influences. The people who bought into that were not stupid; they were using all of it to their advantage, oftentimes political.

But it was happening to someone else, elsewhere. So who cares?


October 18, 2020 | by Eriс

Being white is a verdict

Being white is a serious mental disease that needs to be cured. At least this is what the University of Minnesota tells anyone who wants to listen. But worry not, the help is on the way.

An interesting article found here https://www.theblaze.com/news/university-of-minnesota-12-step-whiteness-recovery for those who want to know what is taking place in our land.

Did you know you have a problem? We surely did not, but are gradually becoming aware there is something wrong with us. The life we live is tragically incomplete, rife with racism and wrong values long-hidden from the societal oversight. But once you acknowledge you have a problem, there is a 12-step process that can cure you; make you a better person and citizen. Much like with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) therapy groups. Accept the facts, confess the ills, reflect on the newly-found knowledge, become a fighter for justice. Rid yourself of everything that made you a person of white heritage and embrace the new political faith. All of this is promoted by the progressives; a new dawn on America.


October 9, 2020 | by Eriс

A Happy White Woman. Google’s Version

Living these days is fraught with uncertainties. We lost some of the solid ground under our feet. Many are looking for answers in the new environment that is in no way complete and defined. The new landscape is forming in front of our eyes. The mankind is supposed to watch, listen and absorb what is in and what is out. To again become the ‘in’ crowd. Those who miss what is happening do so at their own peril.

The author has been around for some time. Yet, in no period of time he is familiar with, has the racial theme been placed so squarely in the forefront of American societal agenda. Discussions in the mass media and online; within academia and the political circuits. Everyone has something to say. Mostly complementary about defining directions and breaking the barriers for and by black Americans. Some orators are very radical, outspoken and shamelessly provocative. And only sparse, cautious laymen voices are heard about the shape this ‘struggle’ is taking. Speaking in opposition to the ‘revolution’ and the ‘1691 agenda’ is racism. They, the progressive side, will attack you online, and if given opportunity, physically.


October 1, 2020 | by Eriс

The Ohio State University Incident

It happened. Sometime in September 2020, two male individuals of African American origin have assaulted three white students on campus of Ohio State University. It has also been reported that “One suspect allegedly yelled a racial slur at a student and punched him the face”. The suspects were subsequently arrested and charged with “felonious assault and assault” (mind you, not the hate crime they committed). The perpetrators were most likely the students of the same school, but the articles we read don’t go into much details. You can find the particulars here: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15775 and also here https://www.theblaze.com/news/ohio-state-university-students-rage-after-officials-declare-black-on-white-crimes-hate-crimes-osu-is-mocking-their-entire-black-student-body-right-now

There you have it – a couple of bad dudes enjoyed themselves while beating up others. It would have gone unnoticed by the press and the public if it wasn’t for the black students yelling racial slurs while perpetrating their crime. That by itself puts this matter in a category of ‘hate crimes’. By law, the school officials must report the issue.