Woke Slang, Lingo of the Racist Revolution

October 26, 2020   |   by Eriс

This subject is simple and difficult to us at the same time. It is found everywhere these days – on the social networks, in mass media, dictionaries, on TV channels and within academic publications. But when one is not part of these emerging ‘woke masses’, it’s hard to see why it got a foothold in the society, which it’s not about to give up. We are not the experts or devotees of the new emerging reality supported by the new lingo. On the contrary, we are dead set against it and everything its stands for. There is so much more to it than new words and phrases.

Before moving further, we wish to post this disclaimer: we are consciously trying to offend individuals who define themselves as woke and trying to become ‘enlightened’. They are the conduits of the racist and political revolt in this country.

You are witnessing the early stages of the cancerous spread being unleashed upon the American society. We, much like the rest of America, missed the beginning of it. But now have a theory on how it all developed, though you can draw your own conclusions. At the start it was political correctness. Then social justice quests brought about angry mobs who felt they must drown their opponents in loud arguments and have them removed from the public eye. Both came with their own terminology. Both galvanized the groups of people who strongly felt they were wronged. The social networks provided the nutrients and protection; a Petri dish comes to mind. Factions grew in sizes and influences. The people who bought into that were not stupid; they were using all of it to their advantage, oftentimes political.

But it was happening to someone else, elsewhere. So who cares?

It was not about someone else. It was about all of us, without exception. We should have caught on, but we didn’t. Few people had, but many just shrugged it off.

The left finally had a place to manifest itself, sharpen its teeth and gain strength. For those who missed it – Black Lives Matter, aka BLM, is almost as left as it gets.

Black Americans strenuously fought against segregation – and won. They are fully a part of our society in every respect imaginable. Under the Marxist banners of BLM, the ‘chosen ones’ are now fighting to be segregated from the rest of our nation. Segregation equals racism, no matter who is pursuing it.

The-never-happy-ones needed something that would set them apart; not only in ideology, but also in ways they expressed themselves. They need to wake up the complacent middle class Americans, both black and white, to drive them towards the revolution they have in mind. What better way than bringing up a new lingo, than one that distinguishes the anointed ones, and their supporters, from the rest?

Any new lingo is the most colorful element of the novel trends in the midst of any society. Mostly attributed to ‘the young and the restless’. They are the ones who bring about terms to describe new cocoon-emerging life for which no existing vocabulary is sufficient. It’s a reflection of the fledgling technology, fresh political views; the undercurrents, struggles, hatching new ideologies or societal changes that follow. Use any new word enough times and it gains legitimacy within Merriam-Webster or Oxford English dictionaries.

The precursors of the ‘woke’ slang began to appear several years ago. So what is this ‘woke’? It’s not that new, various sources point that it has been around for a good number of years. Most of us have never heard of it. It had a propelling jolt in 2012 and had been in the public eye since then.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary “woke” is defined as: “Originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.” The Urban Dictionary, defines it as ”… being aware… knowing what’s going on in the community (related to racism and social injustice).” Woke means a person is consciously awake.

The new language acts as a filter. Speak and write wokese – and you are in. Cast a quizzical look – and your place is on other side of the revolutionary barricades, with the despised opposition.

Ever wondered what those words are? Besides some articles noticing the new phenomena, surprisingly little can be found on the internet these days, perhaps because it is new and confined to the social networks where hate and intolerance lives.

Serious version, long https://sacred.omeka.net/glossary

Somewhat Ironic version, short https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/afr8du/the_retarded_satans_dictionary_of_woke_slang/

We have been noticing these things, but only now begin to see a bigger picture. The new language reflects much deeper issues with the American society. They are cultural, political and religious. A large number of people are affected. It began at the educational system of our country, in colleges and universities. Disciples are now found anywhere they can effect societal changes – like in mass media, newsrooms, social networks and politics of all levels. What started as ‘social justice’ now extends itself to become a quasi-religious ideology. It is hardly of religious nature, but demands adherence to its principals much like a religious cult. The so called ‘cancel culture’ is a punishing arm of the cult. It attacks anyone who even hints they disagree with the norms of the cause. The adepts are fiery, unyielding and vicious. History had seen these types before. They called themselves the ‘revolutionaries’. The word ‘communism’ instantly comes to mind. Only this time the revolution is going to be based on racial hatred and reverse racism. The disciples shall fan the flames.

Awoken scoundrels instill guilt, demand repentance and allegiance, but don’t offer forgiveness. They want people live in the state of constant struggle: against authority, against accepted norms of our society, against our culture, against family values, against perceived racial injustice. Progressive woke ideology is about hate, not love. Race is a convenient card to play. Inflame the racial passions and ride the wave. Use the race as a battering ram. And they have been doing it successfully, because they exist and they act. We, as society, have very little to offer in a way of resistance. Guns are not the answer at this stage, but few people understand it fully.

They want to rule by forcefully imposing their will upon us. And look at the assholes supporting the cult: our own Democratic Party, some of the largest corporations, the cult-ural elite (pun intended) and Hollywood personalities; the academia that perpetrate this ideology upon the masses. We, the people, are being betrayed by the very types who should otherwise act as the pillars of society. Wokeism and its language are so much more than the ideology of the poor, downcast and oppressed. It has become the gateway to the elite club, where borders don’t exist, law and order are no longer priorities, religious beliefs are frowned upon, the constitutional rights take a back seat and gazillion new sexes are a norm. They want to export this ideology anywhere they can. Sounds scary? You bet. 

We were fortunate to locate a much more in-depth analysis of the above, along with the origins of wokeism and hints of possible solutions. Your can read it here, albeit from a more religion-sensitive position https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/woke-religion-america.

Defeating the criminal cult would be neither simple nor fast. It would require great persistence, political action, reaching consensus among many parts of the American society. Yet there are no shortcuts and no simple choices. We, as society, must not permit the cult and its adepts to become the new norm, defining our lives and the future of America.

It all started with strange new words hiding the darkest abyss. Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America

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