Mid-Term Fraud

November 17, 2022   |   by Eriс

Our country just had its mid-term elections, which precede the general elections in 2024.

There isn’t much to say, except that they were fraudulent, again.

We are not basing this statement on any specific knowledge, except, perhaps, understanding on how this all went down. What took place during the previous Presidential elections, is being re-played. Unsuspecting public is expected to imbibe at all.

Several states have declared power failures on the date of the vote. Those power failures had specifically affected voting machines. In multiple jurisdictions, results were not announced immediately. Instead, it took days for them to be tallied and published. And surprise, Democrats won in those places. Certainly, there were other irregularities we are not even aware of.

We have seen this before. Lately, when there is an unusual delay in producing the result of the voting process, you can be certain, fraud is being committed. When you give it the benefit of the doubt, the likely benefit goes to the Democratic Party of the United States. This is how it is structured; this is how it plays out now and will in the future. Call us any names you want (trumpist, rightist, brainless, plot junkie, emotional), but one thing stays unchanged: we are being duped. In the country where exit polls show 70% dissatisfaction rate with the current President and his party, you don’t get to retain power like Democrats just did. They kept control of the Senate and have ceded some seats in the Congress.

Something here doesn’t add up. The NY Times is quietly gloating about the “red wave’ that never materialized. Do you believe American people are being docile and not angry with what is going on here? Do they approve of prices going up and stock market going down? Are we stupid or what? Well, it’s neither. It’s fraud – complex, rooted in places, institutionalized, subversive, shameless elections’ fraud being perpetrated against the entire country by the Democrats.

We are being denied a shot at the future that reflects the will of the people. We are being saddled and controlled by the party where “fraud” should be its middle name. Republican Party leaders had either been neutered or they prefer to look the other way, for reasons only they know. And it is accepted by the voters

With the way things are going Biden is going to win in 2024

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