March 18, 2022 | by Eriс

The Long Arm of Corruption

As Russia’s war against Ukraine rages on, we, in the Western world, begin to see things that were hidden in plain view

Corruption kills.

The Russian Federation had been corrupted to the core and that lead to war. War leads to questions of who is responsible. That, in turn, produces an even larger issue of ultimate accountability. It has a lot to do with propaganda dispensed by the Russian Mainstream Mass Media, yielding perhaps a not-so-strange conclusion: every Russian citizen of legal age who voted and supported Vladimir Putin is responsible.

But isn’t collective responsibility too far reaching? Perhaps not. Let’s look at a similar historic example:  Adolf Hitler’s Germany of the late 1930’s.  Yes, history repeats itself and if we don’t learn from it, we might be doomed


March 1, 2022 | by Eriс

I Accuse

We are not the first to say this. French writer Emil Zola used the phrase in a famous newspaper defense of a wrongfully accused person in the bygone year of 1898.

It is now our turn.

The world had been watching a new war for the last few days. Watching intensely. There were and are wars being played around the globe, but none like this one. It’s not a local skirmish either. A war where military might of an entire country is brought against another smaller country. The latter doesn’t want to join the former in a union of sorts. They parted ways over 30 years ago, when the Communist Empire they both belonged to had split up. Both took diverging paths. The larger one took to capitalism for some years, becoming what you would call a modern “western-style” society. So did the smaller, which for better or for worse stayed the course. Not so for the larger country. After toying with “wild, robber-barons capitalism” they got themselves a leader whose earlier life was devoted to preserving Communist rule of the Soviet state.