December 16, 2022 | by Eriс

Other People Thoughts

You probably have heard this all before in loose tidbits, here and there.

Much is being said about the war in Ukraine these days. So much thinking and re-thinking is going on into what takes place it is hard to come up with something original. Yet people do. A good portion of what is being described below was collected on Twitter, so some of the original thoughts are not our own. But we found it fascinating enough to mesh it with our own thinking on the subject.

The war is a litmus test of a kind. It is revealing what was hiding in plain view. It is as if a cover was removed from an old mirror in the far corner of a house we live in, and we get a good look at ourselves. This careful examination of the world’s face was long overdue. It is quite revealing.

What we once considered solid turned out to be rotten to the core (Russia). Where we expected to see weakness we found fortitude and strength (Ukraine). In place of unquestionable unity, the European Union, there exists a bunch of states, driven by their individual agendas, some good and some not so honorable. We learn that rigid neutrality can be as bad as evil itself (Switzerland). State-level duplicity is something that lives everywhere (Turkey, India, Germany, Hungary, Israel, China, even in the U.S.A.)

We learned that President Biden and his administration are totally unwilling to take any political risks to end the war sooner. They help Ukraine, yet deny it the kind of weapons that will tip the scale, afraid to get involved beyond carefully measured participation. It’s cowardice. History shall reveal if it was political caution or something more sinister.

The UN continues to be impotent.  When it needs to be powerful it is not, and this isn’t about to change.

That “Amnesty International” organization must live on subsistence from Russia, else it would not be saying what it does. The self-serving weak “International Red Cross” is concerned with its own viability only; and the funds it collects in the name of good causes are mostly spent on itself. The support it lends to the people in need is incidental and rare.