January 29, 2022 | by Eriс

Killing Two Birds with One Stone. Putin vs. Ukraine, January 2022

We are witnessing unprecedented build-up of Russian forces along the borders of Ukraine these days.

It is our prediction that they will imminently attack that country. Why do we think so? Because the troop build-up had not stopped for one minute even when talks on various levels were conducted between the Europeans, Americans and Russians. Not for a moment.

It’s all on Youtube. The railroad trains with all sorts of heavy armor, troops, support vehicles and engineering elements of invasion force have been rolling from many places (some as far as Russia’s Far East) to the most western of its lands, bordering Ukraine on all sides. China should take the opportunity to take away some Russia’s land there, as Russian troops have been depleted along its border. We say it in jest of course, but there is a bit of joke in every joke.