November 24, 2020 | by Eriс

U.S. President Donald J. Trump: The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour. Remember the movie of the same name? It was about the United Kingdom, waging a lonesome fight against Hitler’s Germany, in the early days of WW II; desperate for anyone’s support.

The parallels are undeniable. The darkest hour of America. This is how we would describe the state of the nation and the U.S. presidency, following the elections. Donald J. Trump is waging a lonesome fight against the party of evil. At this time, a larger part of our country (75% Republicans and 30% Democrats) believes the elections were stolen. That’s a lot of people. There is some serious discontent brewing under the surface. People on both sides of the aisle are anticipating trouble. No matter who’s declared a winner, the other side isn’t going to be happy. In fact, they would be very unhappy. When Biden is declared a winner, we would most likely have an armed revolt against the usurper. If Trump wins, BLM, Antifa, anarchists and some very miserable lefties and liberals would use the occasion to unleash violence on our streets, around the country.


November 15, 2020 | by Eriс

What the Future Holds. Part II. November 2020 Version

We shall continue with our vision for the future of this country. Political upheaval, brewing for the longest time created conditions transforming America in ways not imagined even few years ago. Put it together and the timeline comes out as: Donald Trump elected as US President; Democrats transformed from a political party into a gang bent on removing him from power; black-on-white racist theories propagated by the liberal press; COVID; Floyd the Thug dies; BLM and Antifa, riots and looting; lies, lies, lies and continued censorship of the conservative voices by the Big Tech and MSM, 2020 Presidential elections, voting fraud and legal challenges that continue today.

A lot is happening now that inevitably stays with us as we move forward. Large sections of American society are being transformed from complacent citizens who cared about politics periodically – at local and presidential elections only – into a large chorus of conservative voices that feel very angry when their rights are being violated and their freedoms are restricted. The entire country is up in arms, literally, yet maintains its cool, awaiting the outcome of the voting fraud court challenges by the Republican Party. What was once within a domain of marginal political theories about government corruption, globalists, ‘deep state’ challenging the Trump presidency is now entirely a mainstream popular agenda, fully embraced. The people know.


November 14, 2020 | by Eriс

What the Future Holds, Part I. November 2020 Version

We have no crystal ball to be used for a look at the future. Like everyone else, we observe the events around us, read the thoughts people share online; glean over the news articles of interest and try imaging where this country is going with elections, COVID epidemics; general discontent about so many things that engulf our lives.

Very humbly, we want to look into the near future and speak of what we see in store for America. You may agree or disagree with our line of thinking, as the world around us now becomes highly polarized.

Well, here we go. The future begins today.

A COVID epidemic was and is a double-edged sword. It uprooted our lives as few things can. It also accelerated us into new directions. Gone are many familiar businesses, services and conveniences we enjoyed for many years. Gone are the freedoms to travel, to eat out, to shop in person, familiar ways of conducting one’s affairs – in work, study and meeting others; a lot of real life events have moved online and switched to remote access. Plenty of it shall stay in that form, accelerating our transitions from real to virtual; whenever necessary, more convenient and economically feasible. Business centers are standing empty in towns and cities around the country. Many will continue to be vacant for a long time.


November 12, 2020 | by Eriс

Beyond the Biden Era

While our self-proclaimed President-elect and his supporters continue to celebrate their brief, amazingly honest victory in the Presidential elections of 2020, the rest of the country is a bit less festive. Joe Biden and his cohort Kamala Harris (or is it the other way around?) have big plans for this place. While the description of their aspirations can be found elsewhere on the internet, the significance of their temporary ‘reign’ is not about them, but in who they would attempt to bring into the ‘ruling class’ of the United States, as our future policy makers. As the old saying goes ‘the king is made by his entourage’. Indeed, a man or a woman is judged by the company they keep.

Criminal Democratic Party is bad company.

Characters like avowed socialist Bernie Sanders are clamoring for jobs in the new administration. BLM leaders shamelessly claim it was them who brought Biden votes of the entire black population (~40 million people), which an outright lie. But for their leading role in fires, looting and riots, they want political concessions and influence from our future king-not-to-be.


November 10, 2020 | by Eriс

Democratic Party Agent Network Revealed. Right Here, In America

If you follow the latest ‘unpublished’ news around the internet, you find a lot of interesting materials being passed around. Of course, all are ‘unproven’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ claims of fraudulent voting activity. Well, at the moment, at least. American people from all walks of life, pissed off over the voting ‘irregularities’, reveal what they saw and heard during 2020 Presidential elections.

Most are small odd things they noticed here and there. By themselves not amounting to anything large. A strange van pulling by one polling center where the votes were counted, in the middle of the night. Then moving lots of boxes inside. Prevention of outside observers’ access to the centers where the votes were counted. Strange findings of some large ballot mail batches at the post offices, here and there. Envelopes containing mail-in ballots being trashed in odd places prior to the elections. Yet to be explained instances of computer crashes during the elections at some polling places, conveniently preventing Trump supporters from voting. Equally unexplained voting machines’ software updates on Nov 2, 2020, a day before elections were to take place. This never was or is common.


November 6, 2020 | by Eriс

The Unfinished Business

American Presidential election process is almost over. The word ‘almost’ is the crucial one here. It would not be over for some time to come. Major TV networks are itching to name Biden the winner in these elections, and will probably do so before Trump has the time to gather full evidence and launch his legal challenge.

Think all you want, but we are all witnesses to the most massive fraud imaginable. We are of opinion that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fraudulent ballots were injected into the system to bring about Biden’s victory. This is obvious to anyone who saw the ‘crowds’ Biden gathered at this campaign meetings. How little effort he made to reach out to the voters across the country. Votes don’t grow on trees. One must present a coherent political program to be elected. Biden had none, whatsoever. One might say he was a piece of furniture in front of the cameras.


November 3, 2020 | by Eriс

American Liberal Press, Instigators of Racial Tensions

Have you even wondered how it all began? No, we aren’t talking about world creation or the origins of men. Our concern lies with the events that are still shaking and shaping America in 2020 – riots, looting, BLM bursting to the public scene; ‘white privilege’ nonsense, “1619” crap, reverse racism rearing its ugly head; black victimhood chips being cashed by the Democratic political casino. And most importantly, we want to know who and how created the fertile environment in which these despicable events could take hold of people, one way or another.

Another study by Zach Goldberg we encountered (How the Media Led the Great Racial Awakening) shines a powerful light on the matters at hand. In our opinion, this long, analytical, very detailed work is statistically unassailable. But it hardly makes up for family entertainment and few people will ever read it from start to finish. Yet it gives guys like us something to think about.


November 2, 2020 | by Eriс

On Immigration

We have decided to start posting links to interesting articles we occasionally find, when they fall within our own line of thinking. They may be of interest to our visitors.

The one below, titled ‘Democrats Are Turning Immigration Into a Moral Ultimatum’ is by Zach Goldberg. It offers deeps insights into the Democratic way of thinking, by permitting illegal immigration into this country; immigration driven by our neighbors south of the border.

An author makes an excellent case of where Democrats are going with this, but misses one important point. Those ‘moral’ convictions Dems are being driven by are false and deceitful. They simply want to import the future voters, to eventually tip the power balance in their own favor. Poor and uneducated aliens are always in debt and waiting for the handouts the criminal Democratic Party would be all too eager to organize. One votes for the people who put bread on your table, no? We think the dependency is very obvious. But you draw your own conclusions.

Read it here:


November 1, 2020 | by Eriс

Surprise! Millenials Choose Marxism and Socialism

The report by The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation outlines a totally inconceivable reality scenario for our country.

A large percentage of our youth look favorably at Marxism and Socialism. Full third of all millenials (born between 1981-96) and Gen Z, (born after 1996) support eliminating capitalism in favor of socialism.

Find it here:

The report carries much more detailed numbers reflecting political views and demographics of the young Americans.