U.S. President Donald J. Trump: The Darkest Hour

November 24, 2020   |   by Eriс

The Darkest Hour. Remember the movie of the same name? It was about the United Kingdom, waging a lonesome fight against Hitler’s Germany, in the early days of WW II; desperate for anyone’s support.

The parallels are undeniable. The darkest hour of America. This is how we would describe the state of the nation and the U.S. presidency, following the elections. Donald J. Trump is waging a lonesome fight against the party of evil. At this time, a larger part of our country (75% Republicans and 30% Democrats) believes the elections were stolen. That’s a lot of people. There is some serious discontent brewing under the surface. People on both sides of the aisle are anticipating trouble. No matter who’s declared a winner, the other side isn’t going to be happy. In fact, they would be very unhappy. When Biden is declared a winner, we would most likely have an armed revolt against the usurper. If Trump wins, BLM, Antifa, anarchists and some very miserable lefties and liberals would use the occasion to unleash violence on our streets, around the country.

The tension is not going away any time soon. And there is no middle ground, no truce to be had, and no place to hide. Pro-Trump patriots are very angry with the voting fraud; with further proofs being exposed almost daily. People from the opposite side are annoyed by this resistance to the ‘obvious win’ of their candidate; with what they perceive as Trump’s arrogance and unwillingness to concede the elections. They see no evil. Court fights are being waged at state levels. One federal judge in PA has quickly ruled against Trump, thus earning his lawyers’ ‘thanks’ for not dragging it out, when the time is so short and precious. Apparently, the judge, aside from being of Democratic persuasion, was smart enough not to put himself in the middle of public scrutiny. He’d rather see that the atomic bomb of a case be ‘disarmed’ by the Supreme Courts of the United States. And so it moves forward. As someone noticed recently, Trumps’ team needs a single win in one of the courts to create a precedent that would be used by others. Most lawsuits are similar in nature.

Trump enjoys broad support among the people of America, almost to the point of exuberance. It may not be visible from outside of the USA, but he is wildly popular here, despite his brashness and stern management style. He is viewed as someone who got tough with the country’s adversaries, both external and internal. Especially internal, found on all levels of the government. It is a popular perception that he is surrounded by individuals who sabotage his efforts to reform the country, its political and economical structure. Despite stepping on many toes, he did much good here, and people just love it. Democratic Party, on the other side, has spent the last four years fighting Trump tooth and nail, and not doing their job as political entity. Their efforts culminated in the elections they so masterfully attempted to steal. They had many years (even before Trump) to game the system to their advantage, while the Republican Party slept on the job. No one had any idea what is coming down the pike. So, truth and deceit collided on November 3, 2020.

Late U.S. Senator McCain once called Russia “a Gas Station Masquerading As a Country”. We wish to paraphrase his excellent thought in respect to the Democratic Party of the United States. They are a truly a mob masquerading as benevolent political force. This is what irks the people so much. This hasn’t come to pass yet, but we dream of a day when the entire Democratic political establishment would be put on trial for what they did. It would not be easy. In fact it would be very difficult, but it must be done once Trump and his supporters prevail. It may never happen.

What we find most appalling is how little help the US President gets from his own Republican Party. In fact, so little, that it amounts to a betrayal, a treason, in our view. Very few Republicans dare to support THEIR president, waiting instead for the outcome of the trials before lending any support publicly. Many quietly and privately went on to offer their congratulations to Biden and his ‘upcoming administration’. Yes, they are lawyers and are careful not to say anything that can be used against them in the future (out of 535 current congressmen 315 are ‘legal eagles’; ditto for the 66 out of 100 senators). Politicians are afraid to say anything that can cost them future congressional or senatorial elections. But you know what? It will cost them anyway, when they are hiding at the time entire Republican Party must be united, speaking with a single loud voice, standing firmly by their President. Cowardice cannot be forgiven or forgotten, no matter the reason.

A man, fighting entire country’s battle, is alone. ALONE. At least this is our perception. Of course, he has a team that supports him in his quest for justice, but this is not the same as having members of Congress and Senate publically state they oppose fraud, voting ballots manipulation and deception. The entire nation is looking up to them, to what they say and do. And very few have raised their voices for the cause. This is their political and personal future, too. Staying silent in the face of evil’s onslaught amounts to surrender. They are in tough positions. Speak up now and be punished by the next administration if Trump ultimately loses. Stay silent and be cursed by the people they represent. People would not forgive or forget, and in the next elections it may cost them their political careers. Donald Trump hardly needs or wants anyone’s pity. But knowing he is not standing alone on the crossroads of History is a BIG DEAL. Most people don’t yet comprehend this fully. It will come, gradually.

When you are in a fight, having someone who is alongside you, fighting the same enemy is no small matter. You can have your differences with someone, but when that other person comes to your defense at the darkest hour, your differences no longer matter. The sooner members of the Republican Party realize that, the better. Political considerations must occasionally take a back seat to ‘doing what’s right’. We have seen support for the President coming from ordinary people. We haven’t seen the same from the Republican Party.

We may be too idealistic. Perhaps so. We live in a very cynical world. Anyone and anything is disposable, can be sold or traded. Yet loyalty, decency, devotion, integrity, honesty, personal courage must never be for sale.

Donald J. Trump may not be the most likable character around. And you don’t have to love him. But he is very serious about what fights he picks. The outcomes of his battles shape the country and its future. His own party must support him and not betray him because it is politically expedient. Don’t wait until it is safe to crawl out.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

The History may never forgive those who ran for cover and dodged a fight in the hour of need

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  1. Marvin Irving

    November 29, 2020 @ 4:51 pm

    The swamp is deep. I’ve seen no one except Trump that can begin to drain it.

  2. jerryanne` Cameron

    December 28, 2020 @ 4:27 pm

    Well said. But how do we fight such evil, if even the judges of our country are against us. Why can’t they see how Trump has changed America. Years ago everyone fought to keep America from going to Communism, now they have their eyes shut and their ears closed. God Help Us. God Bless America!!

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