December 28, 2020 | by Eriс

BLM – Democratic Party Stooges

Hey, what is happening to the BLM movement lately? They were so loud, obnoxious and menacing in the days after George ‘The Thug’ Floyd died while in police custody. You don’t hear much from them these days. Of course, this means they re-group, get ready with new demands, draw new slogans; getting ready to march and torch, when the circumstances give them an opening. Or, perhaps, the need in their dirty services has diminished?

When our glorious not-so-very-elected-president Joe Biden was having his future policy meetings with various political players, me-too-me-too BLM leaders used the opportunity to remind him it was their support and relentless assault on the people of the United States that brought him black voters and ultimately got him sort-of-elected. It is a lie, of course, but they wanted concessions and political favors from him and the Democratic Party. Don’t think the meeting went well, though. Socialist ideas are scaring some voters away. Once used, a condom is not re-useable and must be discarded. In case of BLM, perhaps not fully discarded, but frugally preserved, just in case. Democrats can always use some lightly worn scumbags. It takes one to know one.


December 23, 2020 | by Eriс

The Parallel Worlds of America

In case you haven’t noticed, there are at least two parallel worlds here, in America. Each exists in their own reality, with its own people, problems, aspirations and expectations. They share the same physical space most of the time and occasionally cross into each other’s territory. Both are concerned with raising kids, meeting payments on time and health issues in today’s turbulent world. They look at surrounding reality through two separate sets of glasses. These worlds mostly exist in people’s minds.

A good number people of the first world think of themselves as the cultured elite; the thinkers; sophisticated, highly educated; the trendsetters for everyone else. Their liberal views are what might be defining America as the place of freedoms, of societal initiatives, of defending the weak and oppressed, of protesting the injustices as they see them. The freedom of religion was somewhat important here, but not as important as the freedom of speech. Of fighting the big government every step of the way on just about anything the government did. Here they tolerated, but generally abhorred the firearms and always wanted a society where arms would be regulated and ownership restricted. Light drugs use was never truly frowned upon, as something evil. Abortion rights were and still are a woman’s choice. The critical thinking for this side is pretty much expressed by the New York Times; it’s here world and national trends find a fair reflection through the eyes of its reporters and contributors. Politically, the Democratic Party had a solid support base among the first world’s population, most closely reflecting their individual values, income levels and concerns, fights for civil rights and equality, taxing the rich and supporting the poor through a variety of programs paid by the general public. These views are still here today, more or less, albeit mirroring the modern trends and advancements in technology and its global reach.


December 20, 2020 | by Eriс

Mutiny in America. Red vs. Blue

We all would like to think that on January 20, 2020, when our President is sworn in for the second term, all of the troubles are going away; with happy end, peace and forgiveness and universal love.

No, not really.

On the same day, some place, Joe Biden will also be sworn in as president, by some judge. Democrats will be celebrating victory and their new era. That celebration will be short. It would not be about the country and its future. It would be about power grab and about war on America.

We are talking about a real coup d’état. The unforgivable act of mutiny and of treason. We cannot have two Presidents therefore one of them will have to go.


December 16, 2020 | by Eriс

The China Syndrome of American Elections

Those of you with long memories may recall the 1979 movie “China Syndrome.” The movie is about nuclear reactor meltdown. “China Syndrome” phrase allegorically of course, refers to disintegrating reactor components that would melt through protective concrete layers and the earth beneath it, all the way to China.

The term stuck in our popular culture. This online publication calls it “idiomatic” and refers to it as “countable behavior, policy, or situation characteristic of or involving China; an actual or potential catastrophe, especially one involving China.” This is an easy way to describe the major disaster.

So much is happening today in political life around us. Discoveries of Democratic Party fraud, deceit; fake Republicans revealed and graft exposed. Among the things being tossed around there is something that receives enough coverage and yet it seems no one had looked at it in depth.

One thing sticks out. China is in the news, much more often than before.

To be clear:  Here we are only referring to the country overseas and not to Chinese Americans.


December 12, 2020 | by Eriс

Sliding Into War

It’s an early morning hour, just after midnight. We couldn’t sleep for some reason. Read the news. And they are not that great at the moment. There will be no judicial process resolving fraudulent election results. Every court, including the Supreme Court of the United States had rejected lawsuits related to the important matter at hand. They all rejected it on technicalities, despite overwhelming voluminous indisputable evidence that major cheating took place. Not one of them looked at the evidence. NOT ONE.

How do you get justice here? You go to court. But you cannot get justice when the courthouse doors are locked and no one will accept your complaint. So, you would be standing there – dismayed, confused and angry. Your belief in the system is shaken, because the justice route is not for you. None of courts wanted to be involved in politics. Or they have reasons they wouldn’t explain to the public. This only means that politics will get involved with them.


December 10, 2020 | by Eriс

American Revolution of the Year 2020 and beyond

Unless you were hiding under a rock someplace or went into winter hibernation, you cannot not notice the events unfolding in front of our own eyes. American Presidential elections of November 3, 2020 have transformed the country. We are largely in the state of hectic agitation now. First it was disbelief, then frustration, followed by rising tempers. As of this writing, lots of people are getting angrier and angrier with existing, and very dysfunctional political and social order. What was as solid as a rock for generations is coming apart at the seams. We are no political scientists, but it becomes very obvious that


December 9, 2020 | by Eriс


On the second day of December 2020, NASDAQ, that is the American stock exchange, second most powerful after NYSE, made a demand of every company listed there. It wants them to “include on their boards at least one woman and one person from an underrepresented racial minority or someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-queer, or identifies with the myriad of sexual identities activists include under the rubric of “LGBTQ+.”

This is a great leap forward in how business is conducted. Listed companies must meet this move with standing ovations. They were waiting for this with baited breath. Well, probably NOT!

We openly wonder who got to NASDAQ. What “minority” group came in and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse? Was it the Social Justice Warriors, BLM or some gay/lesbian organization? Or was it some of the largest firms and corporations in America, who preached “Woke”?


December 8, 2020 | by Eriс

White Actors Need Not Apply. Reverse Racism in Hollywood. Part 3

We took the liberty of randomly selecting some famous people fit to be in movies (and many had already been portrayed in films): Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Elis Presley, Mother Theresa, Mata Hari, Christopher Columbus. Ask yourself: how many could be played by an actor or actress of another race? And the answer is simple – none. The history of the world, until very recently, has been a story of a white man; his failures and victories. In many ways it still is. Nothing to do with prejudice. It’s just the history of the world, folks. Can Hollywood invent an alternate, say, black Christopher Columbus? They could if they want to. Any truth to it? Not one bit.

So where are we going with this? Anyone in this industry can do what they want. Studios can approve of any screenplays and actors can certainly play any parts they choose or are being chosen for. And may their creative talents shine brightly and win them public recognition and, ultimately, the Oscars. The color of their skin matters not.

It becomes an issue when ‘quotation norms’ develop into accepted standards; when good people are being discriminated against in the name of ‘racial diversity’. When the word is out that ‘white men need not apply’. When someone is selected not for talent, but for color of his or her skin. When raising voice in protection of one’s dignity makes one an instant outcast and an unemployable racist of record. That is clear discrimination. We desire to see people practicing this vile ideology fall on their asses and lose everything. These subversive plots should have no place in our society. We must vote with our wallets. That gets the message across.


December 5, 2020 | by Eriс

White Actors Need Not Apply. Reverse Racism in Hollywood. Part 2

Someone in the industry we spoke to told us the Academy made a smart move by codifying existing status quo and nothing is going to change for the majority of studio operations. That announcement puts them out of critics’ reach. Yet it shows us the trend of where Hollywood is going. The new Oscar rules can be challenged in courts, as laws don’t allow anything resembling percentage quotas in the work environment.

Let us not bore you much more with these industry details. They can sort it all out themselves, maybe. We, the public, know little (and cynically care little, too) of all of these happenings. Let’s leave the Hollywood movie-making lots alone for now. We, the moviegoers, the video watches, actors’ fans and groupies are the people who ultimately determine if a film is a ravishing success or a dismal failure. Our likes and dollars make or break the studio budgets, affect how they award Oscars, propel actors into stardom and sell merchandise.

“If it works, don’t fix it”. That old adage nicely sums up age-old wisdom. When something you got is functional, reliable and makes you money, don’t fiddle with it. The end-result is rarely what you would expect. In our opinion, Hollywood is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. We are not about to tell anyone how to run their business, but questions remain. They hire less experienced personnel to do movie production only because they are black or members of ‘underrepresented’ minorities; kick out the actors and producers who made them money for many years. Why, but why do they want to screw around with established chains of command, with bankable stars, dedicated personnel that guarantees studio projects would be completed on time and on budget? What drives the big bosses into taking such risky steps? They are cynical, fearless, pragmatic business people; they wouldn’t do it on a whim or bend to anyone’s demands easily. There are very cold calculations behind all of this.


December 1, 2020 | by Eriс

White Actors Need Not Apply. Reverse Racism in Hollywood. Part 1

We’ve been itching to write about Hollywood. They are the people that create the “movie magic” for the entire world and are synonymous with American culture. The place is a powerful center of soft American influence on the planet and one grand moneymaker. Hollywood is the face of America to the world.

A true New York story:  First-time guests from faraway land, staying with us, once looked out the window onto a quiet street and exclaimed: “Where are the screeching police cars, gang shootouts, fires and explosions? The roving helicopters overhead? Is this the real America?” We both had a hearty laugh, but it illustrates one important point – people around the globe subconsciously see us through film, made in Hollywood.

If anyone resembles “royalty and nobility” in the USA (officially we have none), it would be Hollywood’s rich and famous, actors and producers, eagerly followed on social media by millions of people. It is a well oiled, 50 billion dollar a year machine, an industry where production risks pay back handsomely at the box office. Occasionally they make mistakes, lose money on a flop of a movie, but always find a way to recoup their losses. The general public, of which we are a part, have little knowledge of how the deals are made; what hoops actors of all calibers have to jump through to get the picture parts. But we watch the movies and all of it matters little when we walk away shaken and oftentimes a bit wiser, thanks to the magic of moving images.