American Revolution of the Year 2020 and beyond

December 10, 2020   |   by Eriс

Unless you were hiding under a rock someplace or went into winter hibernation, you cannot not notice the events unfolding in front of our own eyes. American Presidential elections of November 3, 2020 have transformed the country. We are largely in the state of hectic agitation now. First it was disbelief, then frustration, followed by rising tempers. As of this writing, lots of people are getting angrier and angrier with existing, and very dysfunctional political and social order. What was as solid as a rock for generations is coming apart at the seams. We are no political scientists, but it becomes very obvious that

  • The Democratic Party is a gang of crooks, a classic mob of the largest, nation-wide caliber.
  • The Republican Party is a bunch of cowards, backstabbers and is apparently corrupt more than we can imagine. Not supporting their President is wrong and speaks volumes about how some people should not be in positions of power under this political party’s umbrella. Their inaction – as their silence – screams louder that any words they can cautiously whisper.
  • Our court system is in need of serious overhaul for various reasons. They cannot be taking political sides and they are. Finding a judge who would agree to look at the electoral fraud evidence is a major challenge. Something is certainly wrong here.
  • Our law enforcement is strangely silent. They should be working behind the scenes trying to untie the post-electoral knot, investigate and arrest the perpetrators who committed the crime of electoral fraud, get them to testify against the entire food chain of corruption. This hasn’t happened yet and no one has heard anything. We wonder why. The lack of any investigative process is mind-boggling
  • State and local governments demonstrate total lack of empathy with the people that let them govern. People are losing their livelihoods, many are still unemployed, businesses are being closed down and the wealthy are running for the exits. The government continues to function and draws paychecks. It should be the other way around.
  • The absolute feudal power of state governors and large cities’ mayors at the time of COVID destroys the social and economic order under their command. They didn’t build this country bit by bit, but their edicts quickly crash what is not theirs. They will never be held responsible for choking the life out of our economy and schooling for the kids; for not wanting to find ways to reopen our cities and businesses. This is totally intolerable and inexcusable.
  • COVID put the country in the stranglehold. This started a chain reaction of anger, frustration, fright, insanity, polarization, violence and uncertainty. The end-product is unknown at this time
  • Racial tensions brought by BLM and its supporters have raised society’s temperature a great deal
  • Upcoming mass vaccination may not end the epidemic. We are being told that we should continue to feel subdued, wear masks and stay home, just in case. No one is telling us when this is going to end.
  • We must rid ourselves of Communist and Socialist influences in our midst, if we are to remain a nation united. Woke capitalism is part of the problem and must be reigned in.
  • The people on the right are prepared to fight for their version of the country’s future, with arms, if need to be. They can never ever accept the electoral fraud. The left side is eagerly awaiting Biden’s inauguration, as a sign that things are going back to normal, in their version of events. The two sides don’t see eye to eye; have no common elements on which they can agree upon; cannot concur what life is going to be like after January 20, 2021.

In the past, entire countries have collapsed over challenges much smaller than what we are facing today. Law abidance shared by most Americans is what has been holding us together. And also trust in the truth that shall be revealed at the end; belief in due process and justice done; in something we can all agree upon. Our faith in the country is still standing. We share badly shaken conviction that the system can be saved, repaired and salvaged from self-destruction. Yet the facts on the ground are telling a different story. America is a very large powder keg. All it needs is a spark.

Presidential elections were a litmus test. Much like a bead of water, they have concentrated and reflected the picture of the world around us. Some of what is being revealed isn’t pretty. It has to change.

The revolution is coming to this country, regardless of who is in power at the White House. It will occur in a peaceful manner. Or in a hail of gunfire, with violence and burning cities. But it is coming, notwithstanding anything else. Soon.

If Trump is in power, the changes outlined below would likely be peaceful; orderly enacted from the top. Else, they will be forcefully demanded for by the ordinary people who find themselves deceived, largely ignored and cast aside by those in control.

  • Reforms of our government, our mostly two-party system,
  • An overhaul of our judicial; changes in federal and state laws;
  • Reduction of the feudal power of state governors; increase of the power of the people;
  • Major changes in electoral laws nation-wide,
  • Massive departures of the federal, state and municipal officials at the next elections – or sooner
  • Trials for corrupted Democratic elite and their henchmen who tried to steal the elections
  • Transformation of our mass media
  • Considerable reduction of Big Tech’ influence over peoples’ lives.
  • The racial tensions must be addressed through legislation, consensus and opportunities. Not violence

It may take time, but it is coming with inevitability of a rolling freight train. You don’t have to be a genius to see it. We wouldn’t speculate about the ultimate outcome, but we are certain about the elements at play.

The revolution has begun. The maelstrom of events is coming to every home in America

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