November 4, 2023 | by Eriс

Another day and another war. And more.

People, we got World War III in the making. It flared up in the Holy Land, as Hamas killers attacked Israel and murdered its citizens. The carnage was unbelievable and retribution is a must. Supplied, trained and guided by Iran, Hamas must be no more, now or ever. But all sorts of players are now jumping into the ring, some directly and some through proxies. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen are being drawn in on the side of Hamas; China and Russia will surely take part for their own vile political reasons. North Korea will, without doubt, supply weapons to the parties wanting to hurt Israel. Some countries, like Turkey, are casting an angry eye at the “Zionist entity” and will probably jump in when the time comes. On the other side – the USA, Britain, France and several other European nations are likely to lend military support and intelligence to Israel. In for a dime you’re in for a dollar. They will all be rapidly drawn deeper into the bigger war that is about to break out. No one will stay put or at arms length.

Iran has opened up a website where it invites individuals from all over to sign up as volunteers, to fight the Zionist enemy. In a few short days over 4 million militant individuals, most of them from the Muslim world no doubt, had expressed desire to attack a country they hate with a passion. Even the Taliban, the entity that rules Afghanistan these days, had expressed desire to join in. This doesn’t look good and the big war hasn’t even started. Russia surely has a hand in all of this. It has always openly supported Hamas and can now reap some dividends by diverting attention from itself in the war it wages in Ukraine. China is testing the waters of the Western resolve, in case Taiwan becomes its future target.

Instead of quickly bringing war in Ukraine to the end, defeating Russia, the collective timid West now has two wars on its hands, splitting attention and material resources it must divide between Ukraine and Israel when this moves further. Iran issued a statement that it will partake in the action of its proxies against Israel. The shadow war between them would soon become an open one.