June 13, 2022 | by Eriс

German Tank

Latest news out of Germany makes us feel very angry.

The leadership of that country is playing every game to preclude heavy weaponry from being delivered where is needed the most – Ukraine. They pledged to supply the armaments that can turn the tide of war. Yet, none had been delivered in 100 days, none. We wrote about it before.

Germany prohibits other NATO members from transferring German-made tanks and howitzers to Ukraine. Several have tried and failed. “German Tank” is becoming a meme, as something promised but unobtainable.


June 7, 2022 | by Eriс

A Divided Europe

Europe is one, and yet it is divided in more ways than we care to count.

The countries of the European Union share common currency, common trade space that implies free flow of goods and services as well as commons bureaucracy. They share common political views and aspirations, at least on paper.

But reality is quite different

Not all is well there. The war in Ukraine has revealed fissures and how ill prepared and partitioned the countries are in the face of a common enemy. Each nation has their own political agenda and in many case it is different from others.