German Tank

June 13, 2022   |   by Eriс

Latest news out of Germany makes us feel very angry.

The leadership of that country is playing every game to preclude heavy weaponry from being delivered where is needed the most – Ukraine. They pledged to supply the armaments that can turn the tide of war. Yet, none had been delivered in 100 days, none. We wrote about it before.

Germany prohibits other NATO members from transferring German-made tanks and howitzers to Ukraine. Several have tried and failed. “German Tank” is becoming a meme, as something promised but unobtainable.

We openly question the motivation. There has to be one, because they say one thing but walk in the opposite direction. A classic case of “deeds speak louder than words”. Let’s put it in a more succinct form: They do nothing when it comes to weapons. Diddly-squat, shit, zero, zilch, nada. The latest “excuse” – “we cannot supply our weaponry until winter because they are not programmed to fire missiles made outside of Germany”. We know it’s a lie. And they cannot supply howitzers for lack of Ukrainian soldiers’ training, for lack of German-made ammo and for multiple other reasons. They don’t say “no” to Ukraine, they just keep delaying any action. At the time of war this equates to outright sabotage and deception.

This is what we think: somewhere, up the feeding chain, there are Russian monies. Big money. We don’t know the ultimate beneficiaries and are unlikely to find out. But they are there. Else there would be no reason for Germany, the European political and economic leader to behave like they have. To refuse pleas from its own political establishment. To cast aside offers by the military equipment manufacturers. To shore up Russian war efforts instead of helping Ukraine defeat the real Nazis. As they say here: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Germany is a part of the problem

They may think they can go back to doing business as usual with Russia when the war is over. Oil and gas at discounts are more important than freedom and decency.

That they need to be on Russia’s good side, by not providing heavy weapons that will change the course of the war; afraid that German military equipment will be used against Russia, on that country’s territory.

They may think being cowards who run and hide is better that fighting the evil empire head on

They may believe that Ukraine should cede part of their territory to Russia to end the war and to save Putin’s “reputation”.

They may think they are the greatest humanitarians and pacifists who are about to bring peace by hiding their heads in the sand

They may believe that talk, not guns, can bring down belligerent animals destroying Ukraine at this time

They may think of themselves as leaders of the free world, as shepherds to other European countries when it comes to politics, economics and forward thinking

All wrong, on every count

With friends like these who needs enemies? They are just conniving socialist leaders who should be removed from office, the sooner the better.

People are dying. This inaction is criminal. Germany is losing much face and reputation. It cannot be relied upon. That comes with a big price tag. The world is not blind or dumb.

We think History shall dispense the justice of its own. When confiscated Russia’s assets shall be turned into Marshall Plan to restore Ukraine, and countries that supported the war effort will get their respective pieces of that pie, Germany should find itself at the end of that line, not at the head of it. How is that for payback?

Cowards. Traitors. No amount of excuses will suffice. Blistering, unmitigated shame, for everyone to see.

Shame on you, Mr. Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany. You give the entire country under your leadership a black eye.

We hope Ukraine receives what it needs to continue the fight, soon.

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