January 28, 2021 | by Eriс

The New Army of Citizen Detectives. A Terrible Escalation

We never seek out ‘hot’ subjects to address. It isn’t what these pages are about. The topics find us. They simply barge in, uninvited. Threatening to upend our collective lives. Speaking about them – and often against them – becomes our duty. In this court of public opinion, it’s our word against theirs!

We didn’t have to wait long until something terrible popped up.

A louse by the name of Don Winslow called upon U.S. citizens to become cyber detectives to monitor and report fellow citizen Trump supporters to authorities. He is certainly not the only one out there to invite this type of action. Katie Couric, a TV personality, wants de-programming of the Trump supporters. Others of the Leftwing, have raised the same issue, viewing people with opposing political views as a threat to themselves and the country. Read about this here with your own eyes.

MSNBC analyst Eugene Robinson and New York Times columnist Nikole Hannah-Jones recently discussed how they would be able to “deprogram” Trump supporters once Biden is sworn in. “There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed,” Robinson said. “It’s as if they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and have to be deprogrammed.”

In their minds it’s a done deal, awaiting practical implementation.


January 25, 2021 | by Eriс

The United States: Abject Failure in the Face of Evil

About 20 years ago we knew of a large sea vessel, permanently moored in a quiet bay, in one of New York’s outer boroughs. It was there for many years, hooked to an on-shore electrical distribution panel, serving as someone’s comfortable houseboat. A large one, probably a 100-120 footer, built in the 1920’s, it was once a military ship. So it sat there, solid as a rock and most people didn’t pay much attention to it. One beautiful morning, in quiet weather, it suddenly sank, in front of many amused spectators, without any obvious cause. No lives were lost, as the owners weren’t home that day. We later learned that the old ship rusted so completely that it simply cracked, took water and quickly went to the bottom of the bay, without any outside meddling. It was a sorry sight to see.

We believe the vessel was never properly inspected. If it was, no one probed the rusty spots, as the metal was thick and looked solid. Just like a large country we live in, a nation having a stable democracy and with all sorts of laws and safeguards to guard its venerable institutions and political traditions. Plus the solid foundation on which everything rested. The country couldn’t be shaken in its belief that it was protected on every level, looked after by the people in charge of law and order: our elected administration, massive law enforcement layer, the state and federal courts; the states with a slew of legislators who knew how to deal with any matter at hand. Especially, using a simple and straightforward time-tested process. Presidential and Congressional Elections where Presidents serve a four year term, House of Representatives serve a two year term and Senators serve a six year term. With few exceptions (Donald J. Trump was one of them), no one predicted any trouble or problems.


January 25, 2021 | by Eriс


“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The poem below was sent to us by a friend. Don’t know who the author is. Enjoy and share with others.


Patriot Manifesto

We are the face of our land
The folks who made this country grand
Believe in truth without lies
The proud ladies, honest guys

We come from every walk of life
And are against hate and strife
In God and country is our faith
Fit looking danger in the face

This Nation won by guts and guns,
Beloved daughters and the sons
Not to give up or to give in
To foes out there and within

Born free, forever living free
When facing menace wouldn’t flee
So “We The People” right the wrong
Stay indivisible and strong

We’re not afraid to wage a fight
For kids the future must be bright
With peaceful heavens high above
Long live America, our love!


January 21, 2021 | by Eriс

Deprived by the Depraved

“Tell us now, did you vote for Trump, the inciter of riots and good-for-nothing President? Did you? How can you live with yourself then? We are investigating his crimes and must cleanse our society of corrupted elements, which is you. You supported Donald Trump and his policies, both domestic and international. You are as guilty as he is. This administration intends to make your life a living hell. In the “land of the free”, we don’t need people like you. We are going to make you suffer.”

We totally made up this brief monologue. It hasn’t taken place just yet.

The way things are going with our stolen, tyrannical powers of a “one party” system, coming up, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Real possibility. What? You think we are exaggerating?

By the time you read this, President Trump and his time in power will be history. He wasn’t perfect, but he mostly accomplished what he promised. He departs an invincible warrior. History shall always remember him as “People’s President”.


January 20, 2021 | by Eriс

The Lore of a Lonely Knight

Sit down around the bonfire, boys and girls. We have a good old story to tell you. Ourselves, we aren’t so young anymore, and heard it from our elders. It is being passed down from generation to generation. It is a story of the loneliest knight who fought for the common folks.

Long time ago, in a strange land called America, there was this powerful man named Donald. He lived in a kingdom with a big town at its heart, full of people. The town was on an island, abutted by a big river on the East and the mighty ocean elsewhere; was famous for its many castles, trades and crafts; and the power it spread around the land and even the entire world. They say the town still exists, but nobody remembers its name. His dad made his fortune building castles and homes for everyone who lived there, both rich and poor. It was hard work. Unlike today, when a house is up in a couple of days, it took months and even years to gather the now-forgotten paper money and to fight the enemies to complete the job. The rich and powerful people subservient to the local lord ruled the town and didn’t want anyone to equal them in prestige and influence. So doing anything was not easy.


January 15, 2021 | by Eriс

Of Money and Power

We, as society, are moving towards disintegration of existing established norms. Those are not turtle steps; these are rapid motions affecting large population groups.

We are appalled to learn that both Apple and Google have banned Parler (an equivalent of Twitter, minus the censorship) from their platforms, disabled the apps on iOs and Android and have removed them from their stores. While Parler’s website is functional (desktop browsers still work), the access is largely limited. The Parler platform represents one of the last bastions of free speech remaining in America and perhaps elsewhere, available to the people who treasure their First Amendment rights. Those people just happened to be of conservative persuasion, do not speak “woke”. They choose to abandon Twitter where their voices are being suppressed, literally. The above Big Tech corporations made their move to silence these voices. We anticipate it winding up in the U.S. Supreme Court, as First Amendment issue.

This is an act of war on American society.


January 10, 2021 | by Eriс

End of Chapter, Sense of Loss

We feel a profound sense of personal loss. We lost a good and rare man who radiated great hope. We suffered a loss of footing and a loss of a positive predicable future for the country and the world. Our Lady Liberty had not fallen, but stumbled. We trust she will regain her stately composure, but it would not be an instant occurrence

It is as if someone turned a book’s page. The chapter has ended. The next chapter is in front of us and it’s blank. It will not be blank for long.

While we supported President Donald J. Trump and his initiatives for America and the world, many of us never were among his most fanatical fans. This is how we are. We don’t own MAGA hats. Never went to DC where his supporters showed their unity. He was brash; made many errors and enemies along the way, but who doesn’t? We voted for him, quietly applauded the right moves in domestic and foreign politics, the “pandemic checks” mailed to everyone; the “deals” he put together for the Middle East; the bold and gutsy steps he took in protecting American interests elsewhere.


January 7, 2021 | by Eriс

Lies That Lead to War

Lies come in all calibers. Small lies and bigger lies. Like cheating on an exam and attaining a better grade. Being deceitful about affairs to save oneself and the harmony of family life. Lying to police investigating a crime. Lying about an injury to obtain insurance compensation. Do you see where we are going with this?

One of the biggest lies in History is being perpetrated very much in front of us. It is so large and far-reaching that it cannot be hidden. Everyone and his brother are aware of it. Only the liars don’t stop. No amount of public shaming can impede them. They have it all figured out:  How to suppress the voices of dissent, where and who to buy to join their howling chorus. The net of lies was put into place to steal the American elections of 2020 and the country’s HONEST future. They lie to the general public through the images of violence they just created on TV, so to turn the public opinion against a truly peaceful protest.  And to reach the ultimate goal they set for themselves – POWER. They seek unlimited, unbounded political power over this country for years to come.

Anything goes to get there. Sticks and carrots, threats and intimidation, criminal violence, bribery, political machinations, exploring weaknesses of people who should be our guardians and protectors. They’re shutting down and rendering the Courts silent. Stealing the Senate. Falsehoods in the press and MSM, as these entities become fully complicit in the lies and semi-truths (which are lies) they spread. Social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, shamelessly gag our President’s voice. They also censor the facts that contravene the lies. Plus financially support the propagation of their miserable agenda among the general population and the voters.


January 6, 2021 | by Eriс

“Woke” Dissected

Beautiful things occasionally happen to those who are trawling the Internet for answers. Frequently, Google isn’t at all helpful. You cannot always spell out what you want. Sometimes you aren’t even looking for anything specific, but find a gem. Foul droppings belonging to the screaming adepts of critical race theory and Social Justice Warriors are plentiful. But calm, thorough, balanced conservative voices are hard to come by. And then, suddenly, you stumble upon the sounds of reason, and you feel like you’re no longer alone. Even if you never met or will ever meet these people. But just like you, they are there. Radiating hope, they light the way for others.

Everyone has their angle, unique viewpoint and a story very much unlike your own. Meet the type of thinking you can eagerly agree with. Some offer the depth of subject coverage only few of us will attain. Others are located on academic thinking plateaus most folks would have difficult time ascending to. Very intelligent people, utilizing highbrow language; they are the true intellectuals who rarely come down from their perches. They are the thinkers. The ones who often devise the magic “cement formulas” most of us would use to put the societal building blocks into place.


January 2, 2021 | by Eriс

America. Very Large, Fast-Moving Ship

This essay is addressed to everyone, not only my fellow countrymen.

Believe it or not, but the “ship” comparison, above, is an ancient one. It comes from the Greek philosopher Plato, who lived in the V century BCE, from his work “VI of the Republic.” It says the government should be like the Captain of a navy ship. Our Founding Fathers, coincidently, all studied Plato in their formative education. It was their hope the people would elect only the very righteous and honest to be in government, to steer that “Ship of State.”

So, America is a fast moving vessel. This ship’s motion affects the entire world. The ship leaves very large waves in its wake.

Our country is in the state of transition, soon to become a revolution. The shear mass of 330 million people is about to begin a changeover, be it peaceful or forceful; in the course not yet defined.