“Woke” Dissected

January 6, 2021   |   by Eriс

Beautiful things occasionally happen to those who are trawling the Internet for answers. Frequently, Google isn’t at all helpful. You cannot always spell out what you want. Sometimes you aren’t even looking for anything specific, but find a gem. Foul droppings belonging to the screaming adepts of critical race theory and Social Justice Warriors are plentiful. But calm, thorough, balanced conservative voices are hard to come by. And then, suddenly, you stumble upon the sounds of reason, and you feel like you’re no longer alone. Even if you never met or will ever meet these people. But just like you, they are there. Radiating hope, they light the way for others.

Everyone has their angle, unique viewpoint and a story very much unlike your own. Meet the type of thinking you can eagerly agree with. Some offer the depth of subject coverage only few of us will attain. Others are located on academic thinking plateaus most folks would have difficult time ascending to. Very intelligent people, utilizing highbrow language; they are the true intellectuals who rarely come down from their perches. They are the thinkers. The ones who often devise the magic “cement formulas” most of us would use to put the societal building blocks into place.

We recently found something we want to share you. The story is long, detailed and disturbing. We sort of doubt most of you out there would read it from start to finish, including interesting commentaries. It isn’t written for a popular magazine. But it is written from the heart. It offers a diagnosis, an in-depth review and possible treatment methods; from an anonymous someone within American academic society. Someone who exposes the origins of the acid “woke” phenomena rapidly eating into the core of our values. If you were ever curious where this scourge comes from and where it’s taking us, give yourself some time to slowly examine it. 

Nothing is in short supply in America. If there is one thing we lack in this country, it’s an “official ideology”. We read someplace how surprised were WW II German commanders in North Africa. They reported back to Berlin of “…American POWs being totally devoid of ideological indoctrination of any kind”. It was true almost 80 years ago. It is still true for our society today. Ideology is a sign of an enslaved society. “Woke” is a creeping ideology. It must be stopped if we are to remain free. 

Some say we missed the boat. What started in the 1960’s had poisoned the society we have today.

Stopping ideology is hard once it gets a foothold in any society. It gets propagated by those “believers” and the ‘revolutionaries”. Diseases most often cannot be diagnosed by just viewing outward signs. The Social Justice Warriors don’t necessarily shave their heads or begin wearing uniforms, armbands, leather jackets or jackboots. That comes later, when they gain power. It happened in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. By then it was too late. Anyone who tried to oppose it was rotting in concentrations camps or had been exterminated. And no, we are not exaggerating.

“Woke” is a form of communism. Believers are in constant struggle with imaginary injustices, finding new issues or people to attack. They want their views imposed upon everyone and they want total control. Like cancel, eliminate and destroy all the un-woken. “Woke” corporations make sharing “woke” values by prospective employees a must for hiring and continued employment. Step out of line and you are done. In some industries or academic circles that makes you a bad apple, never-to-be employed again, blacklisted.

“Woke” is discrimination. It must be recognized as such and perhaps be considered an illegal practice. No legal entity, no office of the U.S. federal, state or municipal government on American soil or overseas should have the right to impose or force political views on any employee, customer, supplier or contractor with whom they have a financial relationship. Forcing “official” political agenda must be punishable by dismissal, fine or imprisonment. Currently, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits decisions made upon Race, Skin Color, National Origin, Religion and Sex.  But, Political Views are not covered by this Act. Should it be amended?

Making this issue more complex, some States have “Employment-at-Will” laws that can legally allow at anytime the firing of any employee at will.  This means, for example: if you express a political view on Social Media that your employer doesn’t like, you can find yourself fired! One can wonder if those States are in violation of Title VII.  Well, this State law affords the Employer the right to not disclose WHY a person is fired.  So, who knows?  For America this is a complex matter. Where do you draw the line between free speech and free expression for some and not for others?  The one thing in American that still stands strong, is the “Right to Think.”

Any educational institution, public or private, not allowing freedom of expression of ALL politics views should not receive any Local, State or Federal taxpayer funding. It would not be easy to enforce, but it must be done somehow. This is the only way to combat “awoken” – with free flow of all political factual and honest information – the truth will always prevail. Indoctrination vs. studying politics are two different matters, they are not the same. We don’t advocate censorship on one hand but can’t condone single-minded views and expressions while prohibiting other points of view. Exposing our children and young adults to only one view is the definition of “Brainwashing.”  It needs to end!

People who commented on the story we referenced above made some valuable suggestions. Like stopping alumni donations to one’s former alma mater if it subscribes to the “woke” ideology. Stopping the endowments. Banning the diversity programs is another option, leaving “woke” without a foundation for their claims of injustices being done. They must return honest and truthful Western Civilization curriculum back to the schools. They banned it years ago and filled the void with socialist and communist propaganda.

Another way to defund these places, despite their big names, would be finding more colleges and universities that allow free expression for all and promoting student funding there. Allowing them to compete at the honest level of free speech, free thinking, Capitalism 101, conservative Western values being worth something to the young people starting their college education. It is hard to find professors who would teach them rightful values these days, but trying to, we must. “Project 1619” is not a solution to our nations’ trouble. it’s actually the ultimate historic lie! Merit is the correct criteria for college admissions at this point in history, not one’s Race. In fact rejecting students solely upon not being the “right” Race in itself is a violation of Title VII. These days it goes both ways.

Thinking humans respond well to the “cause and effect” logic, unless they have already been indoctrinated. Prevent this by requiring “inoculating” them against propaganda; by offering young men and women ways to recognize political manipulation and brainwashing; by giving them tools to filter out the communist filth and discover the truth on their own. By showing the young people that dangers exist and they can do something about it by having open minds to true diversity of thought.  Let the student learn the truth and what follows is real understanding. Only then can our society begin to change for the very best.

Colleges and universities propagating the “woke” filth ONLY and no other ideals should lose their federally subsidized student loans. It would hurt, and couldn’t be ignored. Most universities have more wealth than most countries, all funded by the U.S. taxpayer. It would be wishful thinking to fire the communist sympathizers and professors from academia for practical purposes, but it’s not the American way of doing things. We wouldn’t want to create our own version of Gestapo or KGB and engage in thought control. One fights poor ideas with a combination of other ideas with freedom to choose and fair laws that protect all views.

The “woke” must “croak”. Not a bad rhyme if you think about it.

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