End of Chapter, Sense of Loss

January 10, 2021   |   by Eriс

We feel a profound sense of personal loss. We lost a good and rare man who radiated great hope. We suffered a loss of footing and a loss of a positive predicable future for the country and the world. Our Lady Liberty had not fallen, but stumbled. We trust she will regain her stately composure, but it would not be an instant occurrence

It is as if someone turned a book’s page. The chapter has ended. The next chapter is in front of us and it’s blank. It will not be blank for long.

While we supported President Donald J. Trump and his initiatives for America and the world, many of us never were among his most fanatical fans. This is how we are. We don’t own MAGA hats. Never went to DC where his supporters showed their unity. He was brash; made many errors and enemies along the way, but who doesn’t? We voted for him, quietly applauded the right moves in domestic and foreign politics, the “pandemic checks” mailed to everyone; the “deals” he put together for the Middle East; the bold and gutsy steps he took in protecting American interests elsewhere.

A lot of the good accomplished will quickly be unraveled by the savages that are taking over at the end of January. If the hateful speech we hear now is any indication of forthcoming actions, we are in for some major political storms. The cheaters now control the White House, and both the Senate and Congress. They can spit on the public opinion and act as the owners of one valuable piece of property (a.k.a. the United States of America).  As landlords, they can give it away, trade and barter, sell some interest in the land they possess to foreign carpetbaggers eyeing the precious territory they wish to acquire for themselves.

New thieving owners want to hear no noise about what they might be doing wrong. We expect them to begin actively and shamelessly shutting down any dissenting conservative voices, on- and off- line. They want us to be scared into submission. It has begun already. Political persecutions are not what America is generally known for. But there is first time for everything. The loss of freedom oftentimes is accompanied by rape and revenge. To make examples of previous administration officials’ and anyone who tried to oppose the power grab. By making daily fear a constant weighty companion for everyone.

We cannot predict what the future holds. Simply don’t know. But as we spoke in the past, the adepts of socialism are likely to inject our society with the worst fundamentals of that political construct: taxation, limitations imposed on personal freedoms; extremism unleashed; loss of business activity, bad political decisions, rampant spending; larger deficits, population flight from larger cities, curtailing Second Amendment rights, unholy alliances with foreign enemies. We will see a quick betrayal of our dear friends around the world. And few more like tendencies. When Donald Trump came to office, these trends were interrupted. They will now resume.

We lament if we sound negative about what we see coming. Life isn’t going to stop. But we happen to know something about the subject at hand.  Socialism is the precursor to a form of Communism that will never relinquish power and this is very bad. Walk far in that direction and freedom might never come back. Its enslavement bonds cannot be easily or peacefully removed. Democrats are in control of the country, without an opposing Party. The Republican Party has betrayed us and died an instant death on January 6, 2021. Democrats are about to unleash their socialistic “one party” experiment on all of us. Only a few Republicans ever really supported Trump with passion and action, the rest just “marched smilingly in place” to stay in office on Trumps coattails and collect a paycheck for four years.  Now it’s back to business as usual, making us all wonder about those photos of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush nearly tongue kissing.  The hate for Trump expressed by the old established, do nothing for the people Republican Party are now damning them to hell.  The rats are the first to abandon our ship of State!

This morning we came across a wisdom bit posted on Twitter, and loved it: “My dad just now: they think they’ve won something. They don’t realize what they’ve given away.” It speaks of hope. The American people are fighters and survivors by nature. We need some time to channel our collective anger into plans to take our nation back to sanity. And we will.

They cannot rule us if we don’t accept their fake president. They cannot impose their laws upon us when they are the ones who callously broke them. We cannot be censored when staying signed off Twitter; or get brainwashed once we forsake their TV channels. Last time we looked, this country was MAGA-red, with few blue blotches here and there. The thieves may have money and influence now, but would see no support whatsoever in many places.

We think our new Revolution is about to begin. It might be slowly starting within individual states. Then as the misery and loss of freedom starts to take hold it will move faster and on, continuing onto higher level.  We can be threatened but not intimidated. Coming to get our guns? That would not be a smart move.

Find solace in violated Constitution and Founding Fathers’ olden wisdom. In those “insurance policies” stored for now inside the gun safes around the country. In believing what’s right. In knowing what’s wrong and how to fix it. Let America be angry but not fearful. In our love for America let us pray for it.

Nothing is over.

A new chapter of American History is about to be written. Stick around to be a part of it.

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