Deprived by the Depraved

January 21, 2021   |   by Eriс

“Tell us now, did you vote for Trump, the inciter of riots and good-for-nothing President? Did you? How can you live with yourself then? We are investigating his crimes and must cleanse our society of corrupted elements, which is you. You supported Donald Trump and his policies, both domestic and international. You are as guilty as he is. This administration intends to make your life a living hell. In the “land of the free”, we don’t need people like you. We are going to make you suffer.”

We totally made up this brief monologue. It hasn’t taken place just yet.

The way things are going with our stolen, tyrannical powers of a “one party” system, coming up, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Real possibility. What? You think we are exaggerating?

By the time you read this, President Trump and his time in power will be history. He wasn’t perfect, but he mostly accomplished what he promised. He departs an invincible warrior. History shall always remember him as “People’s President”.

Some of our overseas friends are asking:  What is going on in America? Simple answer:  We are in the midst of the “Left” insurrection. Call it what you wish:  Revolt, mutiny or insurgency. It is here.

The world is now laughing at us. Some think it is very funny how our President has been “canceled” by the Big Tech from speaking to the country. How America is going off the deep end. Few find it hilarious and even satisfying. But the last, sad laugh will be ours. If they can disconnect him, they can disconnect anyone and this has to change.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) in his interview aired on OAN January 13, 2021, stated that the “cancel culture” followers are not going to stop at the Conservatives and Republicans. They are going after the country’s entire population and we agree with him. Everyone is in jeopardy, Left or Right.

We were and are deeply concerned for the future of our country.

Dear fellow Americans, you have every right to get angry and rebellious. Look around. There are Democrat-induced changes coming down the pike that are going to deprive you and your children of the basic human and personal rights, so cherished in this country for many, many generations. These Rights are under assault:

  • First Amendment rights, a.k.a. freedom of speech. You can no longer freely express yourself online or share ideas. They will purge your online accounts, but not you. Yet.
  • Second Amendment rights, a.k.a. gun ownership.
  • They want to re-write the Constitution, to change age-old working system and do away with Electoral College.
  • Ability to earn living is in question if your political convictions don’t coincide with the “party line”. Stop talking about election fraud or get fired. And God forbid you worked for the Trump administration.
  • Equality under the law. Still think that “white supremacy and privilege” concept is a joke? Live and find out. Rampant discrimination of the white population is coming.
  • Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020. Criminalization of Political Opposition. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Modeled after China or Russia, no doubt.

Our left depraved “comrades” don’t see it as deprivation. To them this is “let’s even the score”.

Our right to speak to you openly, like we have been doing, would be in peril. We have no doubt. Danger is in the air.

No one is looking at what really happened. Antifa provocateurs for months planned and executed Capitol Hill assault; but they are not in the media’s focus. Everyone is repeating the same untrue mantra about the “Right Coup”, “Trump-inspired assault on democracy” and “crowds bent on violence”. Madness sets in.

Anyone who could jump ship did so. Republicans in both the Senate and Congress, people of the Trump’s administration – both current and past, political operatives, former friends. They are saving their skins by publically distancing themselves; abandoning their affiliation, to stay in politics; to remain employable and electable in the future. They should be remembered as turncoats.

Several companies that used to make donations to Republicans (those individuals who took a stand defending our elections’ integrity) are withdrawing their financial support. That’s “woke” for you.

Fortified by ten foot fences and barbed wire, Washington inauguration on January 20th, 2021, called for 25,000+ National Guardsmen to “maintain law and order”. Scared Joe “The Usurper” Biden demanded military to guard his ill-begotten presidency. National Mall was closed to the public. How symbolic! He and his criminal gang are taking away our rightful future. No effort of silencing the voices of truth is going to change this fact, now or ever.

Lies cannot stand the test of time. When History is wronged, it always finds a way to right itself, in due time, of course.

This is the beginning of a long trend. A want for all of you to be around to see this drama played out with grand finale when it occurs.

Criminals are taking over the United States of America.

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