Lies That Lead to War

January 7, 2021   |   by Eriс

Lies come in all calibers. Small lies and bigger lies. Like cheating on an exam and attaining a better grade. Being deceitful about affairs to save oneself and the harmony of family life. Lying to police investigating a crime. Lying about an injury to obtain insurance compensation. Do you see where we are going with this?

One of the biggest lies in History is being perpetrated very much in front of us. It is so large and far-reaching that it cannot be hidden. Everyone and his brother are aware of it. Only the liars don’t stop. No amount of public shaming can impede them. They have it all figured out:  How to suppress the voices of dissent, where and who to buy to join their howling chorus. The net of lies was put into place to steal the American elections of 2020 and the country’s HONEST future. They lie to the general public through the images of violence they just created on TV, so to turn the public opinion against a truly peaceful protest.  And to reach the ultimate goal they set for themselves – POWER. They seek unlimited, unbounded political power over this country for years to come.

Anything goes to get there. Sticks and carrots, threats and intimidation, criminal violence, bribery, political machinations, exploring weaknesses of people who should be our guardians and protectors. They’re shutting down and rendering the Courts silent. Stealing the Senate. Falsehoods in the press and MSM, as these entities become fully complicit in the lies and semi-truths (which are lies) they spread. Social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, shamelessly gag our President’s voice. They also censor the facts that contravene the lies. Plus financially support the propagation of their miserable agenda among the general population and the voters.

They say, “lie has short legs”, but with some serious capital infusion it can stay in the public eye long enough to achieve the liars’ goals.

Our November 3, 2020 elections were one big lie. We were made aware of dead people rising and casting votes; of felons who were apparently temporarily pardoned to participate in our elections. And of youngsters under the legal voting age, who cast ballots in the thousands. Of many that are not U.S. citizens voting. Of men and women born in the late 1800’s and early 1900 casting votes in large numbers all over the place. Oh, the tons of nursing homes’ people of very advanced ages; they went nuts voting for Biden only. Of thousands, never-folded “mailed-in” absentee ballots with Biden’s check box conveniently filled by machines (and no other candidates marked up on the same form). And of ballots that arrived postmarked with dates earlier than the dates they were officially requested by the “voters”. Missing voters, non-existent addresses; voting machines switching votes to the “favorite” (and criminal) Democratic candidate. More votes than people registered to vote in a county or a state, or even the country. Stacks of ballots in suitcases pulled from under the desks when observers went home for the night (caught on surveillance video). There are illegally printed and filled forms; forms printed overseas; trucks full of filled out ballots driven from one state to another. There exists massive recorded eyewitness testimony of the fraud. This isn’t even a complete list of violations discovered. Are we to believe this is normal, acceptable, ordinary and unimportant?

Nothing to see here; move on, folks, it’s business as usual.

Deception overwhelmed the American society. If you don’t believe any of it, don’t read further. You shall find the bloody truth one of these days, in ways you cannot foresee now. For the rest of us, who cannot and will not accept lies leading us off course:  well, we have to do something about it. At the moment our legal representatives, it appears, are working their way down the list of lies to make them the law of the land. Some resist. Yet there aren’t enough honest voices to plug the opening abyss. Evil stages Antifa show on Capitol Hill to scare people into accepting the perpetrators’ version of events.

We never ever believed in any political conspiracies. We do now. Our political representatives are failing us. The evil is unfolding in full color as we write these words. It’s all very massive, ugly, far-reaching, world-shaking dishonesty. It will inevitably and invariably lead us into wars, both civil and eventually, foreign. It will change the face of the world.

A partial quote here, attributable to Abraham Lincoln, says it all: “… you cannot fool all the people all of the time.” They didn’t. In fact they couldn’t. And “We, The People” now have major dilemmas to deal with: Do we let the lies stand or do we take them down? Are we to become slaves or do we dismantle the system? Shut up and get on our knees or do we fight it with force? These are simple questions. Anyone should quickly find the answers. We are being facetious, of course. None of it is easy or straightforward.

Revolutionary war may be the only answer. No one wants bloodshed, us included. But it cannot stand. The prospects of socialism (and imported Communism) are not at all enticing. American people cannot forgive or forget.

As we were finishing this essay, we received word that U.S. Congress had certified Biden as our next president. An important, dramatic page of American History has been turned over. Nothing will be as before.

The liars are making their choices. We are making ours.

Criminals are taking over the United States of America

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