America. Very Large, Fast-Moving Ship

January 2, 2021   |   by Eriс

This essay is addressed to everyone, not only my fellow countrymen.

Believe it or not, but the “ship” comparison, above, is an ancient one. It comes from the Greek philosopher Plato, who lived in the V century BCE, from his work “VI of the Republic.” It says the government should be like the Captain of a navy ship. Our Founding Fathers, coincidently, all studied Plato in their formative education. It was their hope the people would elect only the very righteous and honest to be in government, to steer that “Ship of State.”

So, America is a fast moving vessel. This ship’s motion affects the entire world. The ship leaves very large waves in its wake.

Our country is in the state of transition, soon to become a revolution. The shear mass of 330 million people is about to begin a changeover, be it peaceful or forceful; in the course not yet defined.

This large ship cannot be quickly turned around or slowed down. It takes time to point it in a new direction. This historical process has begun, except no one knows the new course or the speed to be attained. But when this is completed, others would have to adjust their itineraries as well, be it willingly or not.

Turn right and most everyone will turn right also. The same goes for the opposite direction. It’s an almost subconscious event. It affects global political thinking and raises copycat turmoil.  Allowing people to act. Political unrest around the globe will surely follow.

At least today, where goes America, there goes the world. We state it as a fact, not out of pride or conceit.

We in America make plenty of mistakes, simply by walking the road and living our lives. We can be street-wise or naïve, but we still make them. Those are bold, loud errors, noticed by everyone, friends and foes alike. Other times we are right and light the way for others. We are not an ideal society to be followed blindly. No country on this planet lives or moves forward in lockstep with us. Lots of times, we aren’t right anymore than anyone else. This country pays dearly when our false political assumptions meet the truth.

Our leaders, who mostly change every four or so years, try to impose their version of reality on us and everyone else. Some fail, others succeed with spectacular results.

But we are here. In many ways we, the people, set example to others. By the innate honesty and even some idealism which today is so rarely found elsewhere. Some of us believe in God, others – in the U.S. Constitution; or that all men have been created equal. We mostly crave truth and abhor tyranny.

America is an open showcase. Choices, both positive and negative, are always there. But no one is isolated from the United States – politically, diplomatically, militarily, economically, scientifically, culturally or personally. We have ties to every country and perhaps every person on this planet, both visibly and subliminally, even when other governments make a conscientious effort to picture us as scarecrows.  Major events in America spur mankind’s collective critical thinking about their own societies. Almost by default, that sows the seeds of social change elsewhere. Some will take years to grow.

The world doesn’t elect America’s “ship captains.” Other nations might have wanted to, but cannot. Yet these last American elections are not only about this country. They are very much about the world. Some may say: America is far away and we don’t care. But you should. Don’t for a minute think that because you live on another continent, America’s upcoming events would not have an impact on your life.

You might believe that we stumbled in November 2020. Not really stumbled, but were tripped by the people who think they are the true lord rulers of this America. They think of themselves to be superior and elite. Their citizenships may be American, but their allegiances are not always to the Democratic or Republican parties they may coincidently belong to. Their allegiances are to themselves and their own goals, based on the power they possess and the money they can themselves command.

Some individuals were warning us about them for years, but we didn’t listen. We only now are beginning to learn, in earnest, what those alternate powers want and their intentions for us. We are starting to clearly understand what their political views are and how they see our future. They are fanatical and ruthless; they will allow nothing or nobody to stand in the way, blocking their evil objectives.

The only forces in place that can stop them are “We the People.” The ordinary folks very angry to no end with what they learn and seeing unfold daily.

In their pursuit of power the so called “elites” broke the opaque glass that let them conduct their affairs in secret and unhindered. The entire country is now looking and many are very unhappy with this new view and acquired knowledge. Their lies cannot be hushed up or swept under the rug any longer. They cannot stand in the clear light of day.

When this fast-moving ship breaks a major wave, it’s almost like a tsunami. You may not necessarily notice it where you live.

In reality, very few outside of North America are going to be immediately or directly disturbed by the American elections and their aftermath. For example and to illustrate the point:  The meteorite that struck Earth 65 million years eventually wiped out the dinosaurs.  Their total demise was not instant. But the impact started a chain reaction of cataclysmic events that affected every living creature on the planet.  As the financial experts often say about the worldwide economy, “If America catches a cold, the rest of the world has pneumonia.”

News travel fast these days, and so are the images, words, ideas, drama and occasional tragedy from America. You will be right here, with us, when our dramatic events unfold, even when you live across the border or across the ocean, no matter how far away.

Much like 9/11, our events both good and bad shall produce both sympathy or gloat around the globe depending mostly on where on the globe you are located. In the world, American events will start multiple chain reactions of various complexities, involving assorted subjects and will have a mixture of effects upon all nations.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. But “fasten your seatbelts; we are all in for a bumpy ride.”

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