The United States: Abject Failure in the Face of Evil

January 25, 2021   |   by Eriс

About 20 years ago we knew of a large sea vessel, permanently moored in a quiet bay, in one of New York’s outer boroughs. It was there for many years, hooked to an on-shore electrical distribution panel, serving as someone’s comfortable houseboat. A large one, probably a 100-120 footer, built in the 1920’s, it was once a military ship. So it sat there, solid as a rock and most people didn’t pay much attention to it. One beautiful morning, in quiet weather, it suddenly sank, in front of many amused spectators, without any obvious cause. No lives were lost, as the owners weren’t home that day. We later learned that the old ship rusted so completely that it simply cracked, took water and quickly went to the bottom of the bay, without any outside meddling. It was a sorry sight to see.

We believe the vessel was never properly inspected. If it was, no one probed the rusty spots, as the metal was thick and looked solid. Just like a large country we live in, a nation having a stable democracy and with all sorts of laws and safeguards to guard its venerable institutions and political traditions. Plus the solid foundation on which everything rested. The country couldn’t be shaken in its belief that it was protected on every level, looked after by the people in charge of law and order: our elected administration, massive law enforcement layer, the state and federal courts; the states with a slew of legislators who knew how to deal with any matter at hand. Especially, using a simple and straightforward time-tested process. Presidential and Congressional Elections where Presidents serve a four year term, House of Representatives serve a two year term and Senators serve a six year term. With few exceptions (Donald J. Trump was one of them), no one predicted any trouble or problems.

But guess what? The TROUBLE came calling. Big and ugly, it breached just about every institution that was supposed to stop it from happening. Think of Titanic. We had a failure of massive proportions, first time in our country’s history. Millions of people are now asking “why?” How could we surrendered ourselves to the mob that stole our elections; the gang that is looking forward to conduct one of the grandest socialist political experiments of all times? With spending trillions of dollars on populist agendas; inviting hordes of migrants across our recently secured borders; granting citizenships to 10-20 million people not admitted here legally; looking forward to thought control and “purging” of undesirables. The scary part:  they want to have “white supremacists” and “Trump supporters” re-programmed and re-educated (no, we are not making this up). They are bent on persecuting any political opposition by calling them “domestic terrorists”. This is only a start. Where were all those people who had to impede the thieves from stealing our future??

They failed. Gone soft. Slept on the job. Were coerced, threatened, terrorized and bought off. Gave in to temptations, bribes and cushiony political appointments. Had a bone to pick with Mr. Trump and sabotaged their sworn duties because of it. They turned their backs on all of us. Some of them belonged to so-called “Deep State”, sort of an alternate hidden government with its own agenda. Before, we doubted it existed. We have no doubts now. They looked the other way when evil conducted its affaires unhindered. They sank the ship, sort of.

Our vessel was rusted to the core, but no tests of its sea-worthiness were ever conducted. People took assurances for face value, that “all is well”. Now, over half the country are asking themselves and anyone who would listen “how did this happen?” The answers are not forthcoming as long as the goons are in power. Exactly who did this to us, shamelessly and in broad daylight? It took years to prepare the triumph of evil over the good people of America, but no one saw or heard anything. And when they did, it was too late.

We are far removed from the hidden political mechanisms that make things happen here. We don’t know any of the players and have no understanding of exactly who pushed buttons and what price was paid to put our republic into the state of knockdown. We are shell-shocked, along with millions of others. The first battle round is lost to the enemy.

People who know much more about politics than us are probably doing the digging right now, to come up with theories and facts; to get eyewitness accounts and documents to serve as undeniable proof that out elections were stolen. A lot of information has been collected already. It wouldn’t carry a historical value alone. On the contrary, an exposé of this kind is desperately needed, the sooner the better.

We must know exactly how the corrupted chains of commands worked; who managed, financed and controlled everything; who were the perpetrators and operatives. What were the foreign powers that interfered and paid for it? Who betrayed us in Congress and Senate and why. Exactly how did they silence our Courts and put them out of action. The mosaic of deceit is vast; collecting the pieces would be extremely dangerous. But it must be done, so it can never be repeated. The debilitating crumbling corrosion must be removed from the society and all holes patched. This is a task that cannot wait. The person occupying the White House matters not, we MUST know, now if we are to bring these people to justice, all of them.

And we have a bigger problem still. The social networks and messenger applications shall permit no patriotic voices. Our own institutions and elements of government will violently resist anyone who calls for any type of resistance or uprising against the usurpers. Our three-letter agencies, under the control of the mob, shall spare no expense fighting “domestic terrorism”, i.e. armed resistance, from emerging. Look for future loud public trials and the lefties gleefully using these events as proof of “terror” that must be swiftly dealt with.

People vote. This is how things are done here. But Democrats wouldn’t ever give them a chance to elect anyone from the opposing side. Their fraud machine shall work 24/7 to deceive the voters and to silence any descent come next election time. We said it before and will say it again: removing the criminals from power now can only be achieved through the power of the states. They must reject federal socialist dictate first and protect their population from search, arms seizures and arrests. The like-minded states must then band together to form union or unions, all to resist the tyrannical powers. We are not advocating secessionism here. It would be tragic. But this is the only open outlet. Guess these theories will soon undergo “trial by fire”.

Blood is going to be spilled because someone or we should say, many slept on the job. The abject election failure shall drag with it long chains of events, resulting in calamities of unknown proportions.

Then Civil War would be the only way out.  May God save America and its people if it should happen.

Yes, criminals have taken over the United States of America

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