BLM – Democratic Party Stooges

December 28, 2020   |   by Eriс

Hey, what is happening to the BLM movement lately? They were so loud, obnoxious and menacing in the days after George ‘The Thug’ Floyd died while in police custody. You don’t hear much from them these days. Of course, this means they re-group, get ready with new demands, draw new slogans; getting ready to march and torch, when the circumstances give them an opening. Or, perhaps, the need in their dirty services has diminished?

When our glorious not-so-very-elected-president Joe Biden was having his future policy meetings with various political players, me-too-me-too BLM leaders used the opportunity to remind him it was their support and relentless assault on the people of the United States that brought him black voters and ultimately got him sort-of-elected. It is a lie, of course, but they wanted concessions and political favors from him and the Democratic Party. Don’t think the meeting went well, though. Socialist ideas are scaring some voters away. Once used, a condom is not re-useable and must be discarded. In case of BLM, perhaps not fully discarded, but frugally preserved, just in case. Democrats can always use some lightly worn scumbags. It takes one to know one.

We read that BLM collected over 10 billion dollars in corporate and private donations around the USA. This amount is being disputed. Not everyone is happy with how the funds are being handled. BLM future is being questioned. We heard (but have no proof) that some of the money may have gone to the Democratic Party. What does it mean? A pro-communist gang bent of hell and destruction easily parts with huge amounts of money, just like that? If true, it can signify one thing only – they were never on their own. They are the extremist wing for the Democrats set with tasks of creating mayhem on the streets. Being impostors for the genuinely aggrieved population of black Americans. Operating as hijackers of the black causes in this country. And acting as front men collecting donations possibly fueling Democratic candidates and their socialist agenda. Stooges controlled by the Democratic Party, trying to mock our political processes; they attempted to scare us into submission and reverence to the frightening future they unfolded in front of us. And even if they didn’t donate directly to the Democratic Party, following the corrupting doctrines of historically evil characters such as Marx, Lenin and Mao, they are a major danger and disaster for America and, ultimately, the entire free world’s society.

Sadly, BLM’s evil theories still enjoy continued support among the leftists of this country. One Miguel Cardona, the current Connecticut commissioner of education and Joe Biden’s likely pick for education secretary, played a key role in creating the curriculum that is rooted in “critical race theory,” which claims that America is intrinsically racist. In early December, Connecticut State Board of Education unanimously approved the curriculum for the mandatory course. The United Federation of Teachers “reaffirms Black Lives Matter” in the New York City schools, too. UFT “proactively encourage its members to invest in critical reflection and honest conversation in school communities for people of all ages to engage with issues of racial justice”. Read about it here. Closely followed by the NYS Education Department “Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment”, with “opportunities to learn about power and privilege” and “de-centering dominant ideologies”. 

The end result would be a slow but relentless departure of the City’s upper and middle class families not bent on the socialist agenda and suffocating “diversity and inclusion” doctrines. It has nothing to do with true justice and equal opportunities for black Americans, and everything to do with reverse, black-on-white racism and no-longer-theoretical discrimination of the white population. We totally disagree with this political program. Sadly, poor lost, brainwashed kids.

Not everything goes as planned with the leftist, BLM-inspired ideology. In Nevada, a black mother of a bi-racial child filed a federal lawsuit against a school that was forcing her son to “make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments”. We trust she wins and her case sets a legal precedent (and not a limited one, either) to slow down the propagation of these despicable theories. On another bright note, Latinos and Latinas here hate the word “Latinx.”

And a cherry on the cake:  BLM is having internal problems, breaking up somewhat under the strain of its own success and mutiny in the ranks. We honestly and sincerely wish them rapid advancement in this downward slide. Need BLM around like we need a hole in the head.

The big test of their vitality and venomousness is quickly coming up when our elections are finally decided (we hope) on January 6, 2020. No matter who wins, we expect them to take to the streets and be a part of the riotous gangs. Wouldn’t make any bets, but they are dangerous and predatory.

They are not done with America, and we are not done with them either.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America

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