Sliding Into War

December 12, 2020   |   by Eriс

It’s an early morning hour, just after midnight. We couldn’t sleep for some reason. Read the news. And they are not that great at the moment. There will be no judicial process resolving fraudulent election results. Every court, including the Supreme Court of the United States had rejected lawsuits related to the important matter at hand. They all rejected it on technicalities, despite overwhelming voluminous indisputable evidence that major cheating took place. Not one of them looked at the evidence. NOT ONE.

How do you get justice here? You go to court. But you cannot get justice when the courthouse doors are locked and no one will accept your complaint. So, you would be standing there – dismayed, confused and angry. Your belief in the system is shaken, because the justice route is not for you. None of courts wanted to be involved in politics. Or they have reasons they wouldn’t explain to the public. This only means that politics will get involved with them.

They all had an opportunity to do what is right, to judge the evidence presented, give sides their day in court. To render judgments, one way or another. And that would be fair. It also lets the steam out. This is how it works in small cases and larger ones. But this legal challenge isn’t simply a large one. It is historical. The courts have turned their backs on the future of the country we live in. With every possible consequence of that decision. We find it odd, to put it mildly.

Justice would still be done, just not through the courts. There are still local legislatures that must certify states’ voting outcomes. Then – Electoral College. Further down, there is Congress that must certify the results of that vote. And probably a few more steps here and there. We don’t claim to understand the process in detail, and this must be true for most citizens of this country. The people just know the general outline of what is in store for us. We watch and listen.

America has a dilemma no one wants to think about. Over half of this country knows the elections were stolen and the person coming to power is an impostor. In their minds he has no legal right to the Presidency. In case he is crowned, we are going to have lots of very very angry people. People who can never accept this appointment. No matter how the other side and the media want us to believe that this is all kosher. It isn’t. None of it is. This means the rule of law and the power structure in this country are compromised and would stop working as designed. It never happened before.

Of course, life would try to go on as normal; many people would accept the status quo, and just as many don’t care one way or the other. But this “as usual” way of life would be challenged. By our own citizens who despise tyranny. We, as a country, have never walked this path. The way we see it, protest marches all over the country would eventually violently clash with supporters of the new president. It would likely give way to riots and multiple armed conflicts. This is a natural progression of things in this world. To millions of people this becomes a very personal matter. And there is nothing to stop it.

The courts had their chance, but blew it.

To anyone who wants to gloat about how America is falling apart: don’t hold your breath. We aren’t going away. Yes, we have a problem, but in time it will be solved. We’ve got to have law and order in the house. And the future we willingly select for ourselves. Someone wanted to clandestinely impose their ill will upon millions of people here. It didn’t and will not work. It’s true – the Democratic Party cheaters have millions of supporters. We are going to have to struggle for resolution. Politically or with firearms. Unless, of course, this is resolved through some other means, yet unknown. As of now, we doubt anyone on Earth knows the outcome of this chess game.

We dread the outlook of an armed civilian conflict hanging over our lives. That would be tragic.  The uprooted lives, destroyed towns and people running away. With disastrous wounds to the soul of America. Yet, just like the Civil War of 1861-65, the conflict is about to burst into the open.

We want to be wrong.

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