The China Syndrome of American Elections

December 16, 2020   |   by Eriс

Those of you with long memories may recall the 1979 movie “China Syndrome.” The movie is about nuclear reactor meltdown. “China Syndrome” phrase allegorically of course, refers to disintegrating reactor components that would melt through protective concrete layers and the earth beneath it, all the way to China.

The term stuck in our popular culture. This online publication calls it “idiomatic” and refers to it as “countable behavior, policy, or situation characteristic of or involving China; an actual or potential catastrophe, especially one involving China.” This is an easy way to describe the major disaster.

So much is happening today in political life around us. Discoveries of Democratic Party fraud, deceit; fake Republicans revealed and graft exposed. Among the things being tossed around there is something that receives enough coverage and yet it seems no one had looked at it in depth.

One thing sticks out. China is in the news, much more often than before.

To be clear:  Here we are only referring to the country overseas and not to Chinese Americans.

The country of China has been implicated in American elections as force that may have tried to influence the ultimate outcome. The word is out how much they want to see Joe Biden as our next President. Biden’s son was heavily involved with Chinese firms and probably political circles. Biden’s brother was also involved. Joe Biden himself is a suspect, too. For fairness sake, we must say that these “news” have yet to receive appropriate official status. By that we mean subpoenas being issued or people being named as suspects in multiple criminal probes. There are some investigations under way, yet none have been concluded.

This puzzle consists of a million pieces, and they are quickly falling into place. Take a look.

Hunter Biden is being investigated for non-payment of taxes on the income received from China. A large Chinese investment firm had major financial interest in Dominion voting machines. China made some interesting political statements that had drawn public attention here. Some people in China spoke of how they are succeeding in reducing American influence. About two million (!) Chinese Communist Party members have just been found working for major Western corporations everywhere. Ditto for the embassies of the Western powers. They have a detailed database of names to prove it. You wouldn’t call it large-scale industrial espionage and political influence promotion, would you? Of course not.

One Democratic Party congressman (an appointee to an important and secretive committee) is being accused of sleeping with a Chinese woman, suspected of spying. Sex must have been fun, but other, more serious accusations are being aired. Being citizen of a foreign country, she quickly left once the interest of our investigative agencies’ became apparent.  The governor of the state of Georgia is being suspected of peddling Chinese political influence. More than 1,000 Chinese researchers have left the United States amid a U.S. crackdown on alleged technology theft. Many Chinese students coming to America are affiliated with home’s country military. China supports our enemies – they recently entered into complex military and intelligence-sharing agreement with Iran. A while back, TikTok, a Chinese corporation, was accused of data gathering operation against the citizens of the United States. A developing scandal over company called Solar Wind casts China in a very negative light.

We are certain this is just a tip of a very large iceberg, with more revelations to follow.

We haven’t delved into the particulars of these events. Yet they keep on flashing at news’ sites and in Twitter posts, by people who pay more attention to it than we do. China is, of course, one of the largest American trading partners, a heavy investor in U.S. government securities. They fully or partially own many domestic corporations and real estate here. Lately, they have become a contender for the title of “the strongest military force in the world”. The United States seriously regards this as a threat.

Our illustrious mass media would be all too happy to forget about China if Biden moves into the Oval office. Much of what we described above would instantly become non-issues, to be ignored by the mass media.

But this is very serious. We are asking the following question of China and its Communist Party: Messing up with the U.S. Presidential elections – how can you be THAT stupid? Why would China screw around with us, its largest trading partner, get heavily involved in our internal affairs and openly push political influence through a variety of channels here? It cannot stay hidden for long. It will come out, sooner than later with great consternation by the American people, albeit a tad too late to do anything about it.

A simple answer: when you have become rich beyond your wildest dreams, you crave power. Communism ideology on steroids wants to export its influence everywhere. And they are doing it as we speak. Look around. They are buying up African and Asian politicians and push their countries into debt; build military bases everywhere, set trading routes and transportation hubs through Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Manage ports and airports, acquire Western businesses by the bushel; partner with major international technological corporations. They are literally everywhere. And they are screwing with our politics.

They gave us The Virus, which may not have been an accident. A biological weapon cut loose.

We conveniently forgot they are Communists. We let ourselves lose sight of it. For a while they put their political ambitions on the backburner, so China can become a part of world economy and make money, big money. They succeeded because we prefer to buy inexpensive things on eBay and Amazon. Most anything we use nowadays is made in China.

We gave up our own industries in the name of “cheap”. So China can rapidly march around the world advancing its own political goals. Someone now has to cover the political costs of “cheap Chinese made products”. It wouldn’t be China.

The question remains: why would China, being so avaricious, suddenly choose a path of political confrontation with a nation that puts rice on their plates? Conflict means eventual loss of profits. No one of a sound mind should screw around with customers who buy your products. It’s not good for business.

Why now? Why meddle in U.S. politics?

We think the truth reveals itself: they made a huge wager on putting their own candidate in the White House. Anything goes to achieve this. Among many other goals they set for themselves. They are cunning and patient. China has the money to back it up; to buy anything and everyone in sight. Their loss of business would be recoupable when persons at the top of foreign adversarial government are at their beck and call. A major win for them and a true “China Syndrome” for America, a disaster of gargantuan proportions.

Our own Democratic Party is fully complicit in all of it. China puts them in position of power and reaps unimaginable windfall dividends.

American Presidential elections of 2020 acted as a trip wire. We suddenly saw what was hiding in plain view. Call it suppositions. The people don’t yet have all of the facts. But when we do, the nation must drive the invaders back and even the score. Must be just as patient and focused. Kick the butts of all enemies; foreign and domestic.

All alien virus forms must be purged.

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