American Liberal Press, Instigators of Racial Tensions

November 3, 2020   |   by Eriс

Have you even wondered how it all began? No, we aren’t talking about world creation or the origins of men. Our concern lies with the events that are still shaking and shaping America in 2020 – riots, looting, BLM bursting to the public scene; ‘white privilege’ nonsense, “1619” crap, reverse racism rearing its ugly head; black victimhood chips being cashed by the Democratic political casino. And most importantly, we want to know who and how created the fertile environment in which these despicable events could take hold of people, one way or another.

Another study by Zach Goldberg we encountered (How the Media Led the Great Racial Awakening) shines a powerful light on the matters at hand. In our opinion, this long, analytical, very detailed work is statistically unassailable. But it hardly makes up for family entertainment and few people will ever read it from start to finish. Yet it gives guys like us something to think about.

To put it simply: the press did it. Yes, the newspapers, the mass media and the social networks that closely followed in each other’s footsteps. The concept was simple: create racial tensions and use it to Democratic Party’s political advantage. It matters not if the idea was hatched at a secret Democratic Party high-level functionaries’ meeting or some leftist think tank soiree. According to Mr. Goldberg’s amazing analysis it all started way before our current President ever considered running for the first time.

The current era has begun sometime around 2010 or soon thereafter. This is when our illustrious press has started showing an uptick of subjects that can be collectively defined as ‘inflamed racial tensions’. Phrases like ‘institutional racism’, ‘racial disparities’ and ‘racial gaps’ have started entering our vocabulary much more often, thanks to mass media. We don’t for a second believe they were reflecting what was happening in our society. Instead, they commenced creating their own, self-perpetuating reality that leads us into the path we are in now. Mr. Goldberg’s study, while imploring caveats, speaks how “… newspapers covered … are both talking about racial inequality and race-related issues far more frequently than they have since at least 1970 as well as increasingly framing those issues using the terms and jargon associated with “wokeness.” (end quote)

Most scrupulous statistical, multi-year, text analysis of major liberal newspapers proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how the leftist societal evolution went forward. White people were consistently being referred to as “collective that enjoys illegitimate privileges at the expense of racial others”. On the other hand “… nonwhites need to be frequently reminded of their victimhood and unjust social position. They see themselves as belonging to a collective that is bound by their experience of racial oppression.” This lovely arrangement popularized the notion of “white people’s” collective guilt. Barack Obama was still in the White House, yet the press pushed and actively encouraged a more racialized (and might we add – more radicalized) view of American society.

None of these narratives were even sparsely present in the press just few years prior to the above events. And then, ka-boom: “white supremacy”, “racial hierarchy”, “white privilege” and “whiteness”. They estimate the above subjects’ density in print went up 300 to 500%, and even higher. The numbers don’t lie, they tell the story. “White supremacy” phrase usage went up even more. “By 2019, the NY Times and Washington Post were respectively using these terms approximately 17 and 18 times more frequently than they were in 2014.” We think you get the picture.

Mr. Goldberg makes references to something called ‘concept creep’, a term we never heard before – at our own peril, it seems. It’s another weapon employed by the liberal media. In short, it is a “referral to the negative aspects of human experience and behavior, which meaning have been expanded so that they now encompass a much broader range of phenomena.” This expansion … “primarily reflects an ever-increasing sensitivity to harm, reflecting a liberal moral agenda.” White supremacy is now a vague and all-encompassing label.

Look around: everyone is different from everyone else. In the country that cast away its racism, the color of one’s skin is not a cause of disparity. But we do have it. Disparities exist for additional reasons – historical, cultural, religious, ethnic; personal choices and probably others. The concept creep gave the left ideologists a tool that explains how every disparity between blacks and whites in our society is racism-driven. Anything and everything can now be traced to the true, ever-present causes – racism and discrimination. “White supremacy is now understood by many progressives to be the fundamental ethos of the American system as a whole”. When our black citizens are underrepresented in attained education, income levels, professional or occupational groups, concept creep let the leftists stretch the truth and declare it evidence of racism. Rare few years ago, “disparities themselves are increasingly framed in terms of systemic racism theory.”

This is how hate is inflamed. 

Social media then actively solicits members’ opinions about their perceived inequalities, as proof of discrimination. Misery likes company. Any found inequalities serve as further proof of injustice. And may we add – if one doesn’t work, gets no education, want to do no business or enter service – he or she can never be equal to anyone else who does one of those things.

White people are to be blamed for their illegitimate privileges. Claiming discrimination and oppression is a simple way out. Society is to blame, of course. Liberals to the rescue! No, they wouldn’t give you money just yet, but they want you to march against racism and injustice, smash few windows along the way and get five-finger discounts here and there.

Our media portrays the ‘People of Color’ as ‘victimized’, ‘marginalized’ and ‘vulnerable’ to the ‘whiteness’ around them. What was rarely spoken about before, is referenced 19 times more often in the leftist NY Times. The numbers and graphs prove it.

An anti-racist activist and ideologist, one Mr. Ibram Kendi, puts it down very succinctly for all of us to read: “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination”. Mr. Goldberg notices that “..thus the goal is no longer ‘racial equality’ or equal treatment under the law. It is, rather, the attainment of a state of the world in which all groups have equal outcomes—even if some are deliberately disadvantaged in the process”. Read the previous phrase again. It means white people are to be openly discriminated against. We impolitely disagree with is notion. This line of thinking is totally fascist, dead wrong and racist; promulgates hatred, creates very hostile environment in which no one can live in harmony with anyone else. It would lead to civil war. The left and its ideologists want to impose collective punishment upon the white American population if they ever come to power.

The liberal press and leftist mass media in general are to blame for all of the above. They are the originators, agitators and instigators of hate and intolerance that engulfed our society. They brought us the racial divide. They condone black discriminatory ideology against the whites in America. They are at fault for the truly lost generation of the ‘woke’ millenials and Gen Z, who dream of social justice and socialism for the United States.  

Resist, rebel against them all any which way you can, and screw all political correctness; and one’s civilized restraints and proper manners.

Unless you want to be slaves, of course. It’s as simple as that

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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