Surprise! Millenials Choose Marxism and Socialism

November 1, 2020   |   by Eriс

The report by The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation outlines a totally inconceivable reality scenario for our country.

A large percentage of our youth look favorably at Marxism and Socialism. Full third of all millenials (born between 1981-96) and Gen Z, (born after 1996) support eliminating capitalism in favor of socialism.

Find it here:

The report carries much more detailed numbers reflecting political views and demographics of the young Americans.

Interestingly, affected are the youngest generations of our citizens who got their first taste of American life and the view of the world through the artificial, virtual world of social networks, the newest personal communication technologies; with the help of censorship imposed by Facebook, Twitter and Google’s left-oriented ‘gatekeepers’. It did not come about by accident.

How on Earth did we miss this pestilence, this bubonic plague in America? Where were kids’ parents? How could normal moms and dads of sound minds let this pass their parental controls? Where were our eyes and our minds when this was slowly taking hold of our society? Why did we let it spread and poison the youth? Are colleges at fault? We have more questions than answers.

Our country’s future is in serious peril if Marxism lovers come to the helm of our society down the road.

These are not imported foreign types. These young people are our own flesh and blood. They went to local schools and colleges. They were contaminated with the Marxist, communist ideology there. Let someone tell us how it happened and why no one saw it coming.

Back in December of 1919 the United States deported 249 political radicals, communist agitators and other “undesirable” aliens back to Bolshevik Russia. But no, we cannot do the same with our own people who believe in the socialist ideals. They are mostly US citizens. This is their country, too.

We are not North Korea or China where subjects are routinely sent to ‘re-education camps’ for complete re-programming. Liberalism has always been a part of our society in one form or another. But not Marxism. Not anarchy. Treason and sedition were and are the gravest crimes. We never had ‘thought police’ to watch over what people think and speak about (although the social networks are playing that role lately). We, as society, cannot afford to punish people for what they believe in. But we surely see this as grave danger to the fabric of our country.

If left to their own devices, there will be communist revolt and civil war, propelled by the young believers in socialism and communism, where everything is free for the asking. The best example of the largest failed socialist experiment in history is the former Soviet Union. Yet believers don’t learn from history. They listen to a different drummer. Of course, we cannot be sure, but what is happening with our youth may just be a departing subversion gift from the bygone USSR. Some people who were indoctrinated with their ideology (how and where is a matter of debate) quietly went to work for colleges and schools of America many years ago. Their treasonous labor is now bearing poisonous fruits. Grand political subversion took many years.

Agree or disagree with us on how this came about, but look at the bottom line. Your children are not you. They don’t share the same values, they hate America. Less than half of Gen Z thinks American flag represents freedom. Full third prefers Communist Manifesto over the Declaration of Independence as freedom guarantee. One-third of Americans (33%) believe Donald Trump is the biggest threat to world peace over Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Nicolás Maduro, and Vladimir Putin, a 6% increase from 2019. Kudos to the social networks and the Democratic Party for that.

The subversion must be stopped. By hook or by crook. But the society isn’t going to get it until there are gunfights in our streets. The ideological danger is not visible. To target ideas you should be aiming at malignant carriers who are shooting at you. Come up with a better way to defeat and defuse these young believers with words. We just cannot see our government get into the propaganda business against its own citizens. Yet this is a Cold War of sorts and the enemies are some of our ‘best and brightest’.

All this fits really well with the BLM riots and their racist propaganda; the ‘woke’ assholes who ram the foundation of our world and want to transform the American society into something entirely different. Add hateful messages from our Democratic friends. Top the cake with leftist progressive agendas – and we have a recipe for disaster. A powder keg, ready to go off.

Our young fellow country men and women will be in the forefront of what may be coming down the pike to all of us. They are the conduits of the new social order they desire to see implemented. We the other hand, believers in America, its conservative values; its law and order, should not let them succeed. The Socialist States of America is a pipe dream, and the sooner they realize that, the better. We are on a collision course. To defuse this situation requires a great deal of thinking, some legal action and compromise (hopefully). Words must come before the guns start talking, for sure.

These are totally uncharted waters. No one has traveled this path here and nobody has an easy solution.

If you can talk to your offsprings, get a sense where they are and what kind of future they want for themselves and the country. It may not be too late to convince some of the future revolutionaries they made a wrong choice at the road’s fork. Socialism is always a dead end. It means eventual economic misery, wars, prison for everyone who disagrees with its agenda. It’s not the ‘bright future’ they hope for. Socialism terminates any personal freedoms one has. It is about mind control. Every socialist revolution and communist revolt eventually killed most persons who fanned the riotous flames. History of the 20th century is full of examples.

Our government must also pull the legal rug from under Twitter and Facebook for the censorship they impose on the level-headed people and poison from the left they permit to spread.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America

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