Beyond the Biden Era

November 12, 2020   |   by Eriс

While our self-proclaimed President-elect and his supporters continue to celebrate their brief, amazingly honest victory in the Presidential elections of 2020, the rest of the country is a bit less festive. Joe Biden and his cohort Kamala Harris (or is it the other way around?) have big plans for this place. While the description of their aspirations can be found elsewhere on the internet, the significance of their temporary ‘reign’ is not about them, but in who they would attempt to bring into the ‘ruling class’ of the United States, as our future policy makers. As the old saying goes ‘the king is made by his entourage’. Indeed, a man or a woman is judged by the company they keep.

Criminal Democratic Party is bad company.

Characters like avowed socialist Bernie Sanders are clamoring for jobs in the new administration. BLM leaders shamelessly claim it was them who brought Biden votes of the entire black population (~40 million people), which an outright lie. But for their leading role in fires, looting and riots, they want political concessions and influence from our future king-not-to-be.

People’s beloved politician, one Alexandria Octavio-Cortez (a.k.a AOC), with few co-conspirators, have started an ‘execution list’ of President’s Trump supporters and members of his administration. They talk of denying them future employment opportunities and punishing them in other ways. This kind initiative is reminiscent of the Stalinist purges of 1937, when millions of people were listed, then executed or interned with an absolute minimum of judicial formalities. Nice going, AOC. Thanks for flaunting the ugly mug, of blood-thirsty socialism. Dream on, sweetheart.

Of course, we haven’t scratched the surface of what could be in store for our land, should these and other clowns be given executive powers, to follow up with their plans. Much of it has been published, but probably just as much has not been revealed.

Fortunately, the cookie is crumbling the other way. When the voting fraud scale is fully revealed; when recounts and court challenges confirm the true winner – our current President – the above plans would be put on permanent hold. The socialist disease carriers get to crawl back into their lairs. But they and their supporters do not go away, move to Canada or Africa. They will be right here, seething with anger and mental anguish. We can laugh at their failure. But this would not be very constructive. The void must be filled, the quicker the better.

In the country divided, the bigger issue is what to do with all of the disenchanted socialists and left-leaning liberals. Not that we have to literally do anything. Unlike China or North Korea, we have no re-education (i.e. internment) camps, nor is this the American way. Thanks to ‘1776 Commission’ established by the President, our young people would likely get a healthy dose of truth about American history and get to be the proud citizens of the United States. Ultimately, this is the battle for the future. And children are the future. Their minds must not be clouded with socialist propaganda. No one should be ashamed of their own country and it’s past. Everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from them. That is the proper path, in our opinion.

There should be no contradiction between what you learn in school and hear at home. Today there is a difference. Traditional values that make America one great country are being mocked and twisted at schools, colleges and universities. Trouble sneaks into the young lives in many of these institutions.

Thought control is not practiced here. One is free to believe in what he or she chooses. McCarthyism already was in our country’s past. As a political fixture of the 1950’s, it deprived many US citizens of employment opportunities in the name of fighting the ‘communist threat’. It should not return, no matter how intimidated we feel. But we do have an issue with socialism in this country. Large numbers of young people think it is good for America. A whole lot of left-leaning liberals believe that some elements of the ‘socialist society’ must be implemented. You simply cannot forcefully uproot this line of thinking. But we can do something about it.

The source of this evil lies within our mass media: newspapers, television and also social networks. They propagate carefully measured lies, half-truths and totally obscure the real picture. It all amounts to censorship. If you cannot speak your mind on Twitter and your voice is suppressed, then Twitter is the one at fault. You can always find another outlet to vent your anger. Or you can legally force these large tech corporations to maintain standards where censorship is not an option for them. Like Twitter, Facebook should not be permitted to ban free expression and shut down groups of people united by a common cause. Who cares if Big Tech bosses don’t like anyone for any reason? That power must not rest with the corporations and their management.

Much like court juries, outside councils of real people selected from all walks of life, un-subordinate to corporations, must have legal powers to speak on important matters – like what should be permitted in the public forums and what not. Censorship must have high financial costs to the corporations that practice it. Play it, get discovered, get fined and lose audiences, big time. Lose advertising dollars. Current Washington administration is looking to strip away some legal protection from corporations, like Twitter, that gives them immunity to conduct ‘thought suppression’ unhindered. Public thinking cannot be censored by private companies, no matter what. And if they don’t like that, they can always shut themselves down. 

While our own government is not active in the propaganda business inside the United States, it must keenly encourage and support alternatives to the mass media we have today. We can take no more lies. People are dropping Fox and leaving Twitter in droves, disgusted by the deception they propagate. We must have TV and press outlets that offer conservative versions of events – which we universally lack today. It would act as a counter-balance to the free reign of the left, liberal press that conducts its affairs today totally unopposed. That alone would start turning the society around. Away from the socialist utopia, critical race theory and its ugly black-on-white racist derivatives; the communist ideology, fomented revolt and anti-American propaganda coming from inside of our free, but somewhat careless society.

So much more can be said and done to right the wrongs of our world today. When the brief unconsummated Biden Era ends soon, we must waste no time to begin the recovery. Walking forward, on a very rocky path.

They say the longest road begins with the first step.

What are we waiting for?

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