The Unfinished Business

November 6, 2020   |   by Eriс

American Presidential election process is almost over. The word ‘almost’ is the crucial one here. It would not be over for some time to come. Major TV networks are itching to name Biden the winner in these elections, and will probably do so before Trump has the time to gather full evidence and launch his legal challenge.

Think all you want, but we are all witnesses to the most massive fraud imaginable. We are of opinion that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fraudulent ballots were injected into the system to bring about Biden’s victory. This is obvious to anyone who saw the ‘crowds’ Biden gathered at this campaign meetings. How little effort he made to reach out to the voters across the country. Votes don’t grow on trees. One must present a coherent political program to be elected. Biden had none, whatsoever. One might say he was a piece of furniture in front of the cameras.

In some states hundreds of thousands of people voted for Republican senators who won the elections. Would you believe they voted in a Democratic presidential candidate? We hear of counties where the number of votes exceed the number of registered voters two-fold. The U.S. Postal Service in one of the battleground states conveniently discovered a ‘forgotten stash’ of 140,000 mail-in voting ballots – and guess what? Not a single one was for Trump. What are the odds of that? Several states stopped their counting processes. The theory that floats around says Democratic appointees in charge of counting ballots had to figure out how many new fraudulent ballots they needed to inject for the Biden to win. These are just the earliest discoveries, with more to come.

Some say this was not a vote but a referendum. That people were not voting for Biden, but against Trump and his authoritative, abrasive management style. It may be so; but anyone with some gray matter under the skull could see how much good he did for this country. He is not warmly accepted by the political and cultural establishment domestically and internationally, the press hates him. Peoples of other countries don’t like him. As a politician (which he isn’t) he lacks politeness and doesn’t mince words. He puts America first and this notion is foreign to foreign powers that got used to the status quo of many years, where this country gave and yielded. Trump turned it around. To the consternation of many others. Criminal Democratic Party hates him and wants him out.

Political commentators of all shades and colors are almost ready to proclaim him a loser. But this battle has just begun. We certainly don’t know what the future holds. The President may win or he may lose, but not for lack of trying. But if he goes down, he goes down fighting for the people and the country, for the fairness of the election process. Which was so despicably compromised.

It is our most sincere desire to see such irrefutable evidence of voting fraud that it would stand in any court. We want to see the fraudulent winner Biden cringe, along with his co-conspirators, trying to explain to the country and the world, how this corruption of the voting system came about, to help him win. We want to watch arrests and convictions of everyone who perpetrated this crime upon American people. No matter how high up the food chain they are. No mercy. We want to see the Democratic Party convicted of fraud and be punished, severely, for what they tried to do, but ultimately failed. We want them to lose face and never again be a force to recon with; instead becoming known as the ‘gang that stole the elections’ in the history books.

We want to see Google, Facebook and Twitter suffer for suppressing the voices of the people. 

This country is seriously divided. It cannot heal until the unfinished business comes to its rightful conclusion. Unless the truth prevails, the country is being set up for armed insurrection by the free people who are very angry with the fraud being shamelessly committed in the open. Civil war may not be far behind. America as we know it would cease to exist.

Truth and people must prevail. Fraud must be discovered, proven and purged. The guilty parties must be paraded in front of the cameras for the world to see. This cannot be forgiven and cannot be forgotten.

We also want to see the smug mugs of journalists, anchors, political commentators turn sour, eyes lit with desperation and the words uttered speak of complete disbelief and total surrender. We want every NY Times employee to feel the stinging shame.  Every politician, every radical who started celebrating Trump’s demise early – let them find their hopes dashed in the most hurtful way. We don’t want anyone to die in the process, but unfortunately, there will be blood. Regardless of who wins or loses. This is the price to be paid in the country divided by dirty politics

All or none of the above may take place. There is no written screenplay and no one has faced an exact situation in American history. A lot of it depends on the courts, first state ones, but ultimately the Supreme Court of the United States.

But the truth and only truth must prevail. Only the legal votes must be counted

It’s what this election is all about

The road ahead is full of dangerous turns for the entire nation.

Ultimately, criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America

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