Democratic Party Agent Network Revealed. Right Here, In America

November 10, 2020   |   by Eriс

If you follow the latest ‘unpublished’ news around the internet, you find a lot of interesting materials being passed around. Of course, all are ‘unproven’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ claims of fraudulent voting activity. Well, at the moment, at least. American people from all walks of life, pissed off over the voting ‘irregularities’, reveal what they saw and heard during 2020 Presidential elections.

Most are small odd things they noticed here and there. By themselves not amounting to anything large. A strange van pulling by one polling center where the votes were counted, in the middle of the night. Then moving lots of boxes inside. Prevention of outside observers’ access to the centers where the votes were counted. Strange findings of some large ballot mail batches at the post offices, here and there. Envelopes containing mail-in ballots being trashed in odd places prior to the elections. Yet to be explained instances of computer crashes during the elections at some polling places, conveniently preventing Trump supporters from voting. Equally unexplained voting machines’ software updates on Nov 2, 2020, a day before elections were to take place. This never was or is common.

There are thousands of elements people noticed, recorded, photographed; things they found odd in the context of electoral process. Private tips are currently being gathered by the Presidential legal teams for analysis, investigations and legal actions, if warranted. There is so much more to the picture that cannot be explained. Like a social worker at a nursing home who filled out multiple applications for voter registration, for people of very advanced age, who may not even know it was done in their names. Or polling clerks filling some ballots by hand, by orders of their supervisors. Twitter-issued calls for volunteers asking people to help fix the ‘unfinished’ ballots somewhere, so they can be processed. Postal clerks being ordered by their supervisors to put aside ballots that arrived after Nov 3, so they can be back-dated, to be legal. How about stopping the counting processes in several states, so to, possibly, determine how many more fraudulent ballots need to be injected into the system. You don’t stop the counts ever on your own, this is unheard of.

It’s only a week after the elections took place and these things are being revealed, little by little. No one has a full picture yet, but the early claims of voter fraud become so much more visible. This is just the beginning. So much more is yet to be discovered.

Stop and think. If this was a crime of opportunity, it would be a quick grab and run, like stealing someone’s suitcase. To do some of the things we described above requires time and lots of preparation. You cannot just walk over to a polling place clerk, offer him 20 bucks and coerce him into doing something illegal. Nah, that’s not how things work in this world. Or get a postal supervisor to act as a secret agent, who knows what bags of mail should be left behind or brought forward at the crucial moment. A social worker would not do illegal paperwork out of the goodness of her heart – the punishment for voter fraud is a mere 5 years in jail. To take such risks people must be on payroll of some kind, get trained to make sure there are no slip-ups, to keep their mouths shut and don’t brag to strangers.

To create a network of agents takes lots of time. You read spy novels, don’t you? They first discover your weaknesses or sympathies; recruit you by pressing the right buttons; offer you glory or decent pay – to make you do things an agent is suppose to. Once you take the money, you are on the hook. It also takes lots of early work to have people appointed, to be in the right places at the right times, like electoral bodies, postal supervisors and facility managers. Even within our legal system (like the local courts). Think of the local political appointees (a.k.a. the agents of influence) in places where they can use their authority to make things happen. During the elections and afterwards. Think this is all far-fetched? We think not. These are not Democratic Party officials. They call it ‘deep state’, but in reality it is probably much closer to earth, with ordinary folks like us, partaking.

Actually, this may be just a small chunk of a much larger iceberg. We simply don’t know yet. Perfect crimes require networks of people to support and cover each other’s deeds. To steal elections of an entire country takes very good knowledge of how the system works. It calls for bold moves, agents with big brass balls and some highly advanced planning with backup strategies in many states and departments. With years invested in complex preparations. All of it must be controlled and directed from a single center.

Every crime must have a beneficiary. So who benefits here? The Democratic Party of the United States of America. The criminal Democratic Party.

As time goes by, we are going to learn more. Don’t believe the press and MSM that want us to think Biden is our new President. He isn’t, at least not yet.

We harbor hope that ‘yet’ never ever arrives.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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