The Ohio State University Incident

October 1, 2020   |   by Eriс

It happened. Sometime in September 2020, two male individuals of African American origin have assaulted three white students on campus of Ohio State University. It has also been reported that “One suspect allegedly yelled a racial slur at a student and punched him the face”. The suspects were subsequently arrested and charged with “felonious assault and assault” (mind you, not the hate crime they committed). The perpetrators were most likely the students of the same school, but the articles we read don’t go into much details. You can find the particulars here: and also here

There you have it – a couple of bad dudes enjoyed themselves while beating up others. It would have gone unnoticed by the press and the public if it wasn’t for the black students yelling racial slurs while perpetrating their crime. That by itself puts this matter in a category of ‘hate crimes’. By law, the school officials must report the issue.

A normal reaction to crime like that should be a universal condemnation, right? Wrong. A bunch of black students from “Student Solidarity” group felt strongly that what happened was not a hate crime “because such attacks are not based on a history of violence & oppression towards white people.” They are also upset that ‘racial slur’ qualifies an assault as a hate crime. How swell.

We must take ‘historical perspective’ as consideration and a basis for judging what took place. No one is guilty of anything if history doesn’t support it. What history may we ask? A crime was committed today, not 200 years ago. Did the perpetrators did what they did to avenge their ancestors who were brought here as slaves? They must try to explain it all to a receptive judge.

What separates just a crime from the one of hateful nature? The words make all the difference. Animosity displayed, when accompanied by the oral or written manifestation of hate towards the victim makes it very clear. Hate crime cannot be mixed up with anything else.

The group further whitewashed (pun fully intended) their criminal ilk by stating “this ‘slur’ does not have the same violent, racist implications as a white person saying the n-word, for example, nor does it make this incident a hate crime.” That’s a hollow worthless verbiage to cover a criminal mischief; to help them beat the rap.

Following this simple logic, a black individual can assault and insult a white person without fearing the law. He is not guilty by default. The History is on his side. His actions are not subject to Federal guidelines that exist specifically so such incidents are carefully investigated, and the guilty parties are prosecuted. Hate crimes are despicable, no matter who commits it.

Dear OSU folks of the ‘Student Solidarity’ group, you’ve got a lot to learn. Not only towards your major, but also about life and the society you live in. We all have rights, no matter the skin color. There is no need to defend someone just because he’s of the same race. Being on the side of the victim is right, absolve the criminals is wrong (of course they can only be called criminals when found guilty in a court of law. But who cares). You are willingly perpetrating racism, by creating a protective bubble of false arguments over others who act unlawfully. Bent of race issues? Express condemnation for the people who give your own race a bad reputation. That puts you above any criticism. Anything else falls short.

In a society where racial tempers begin to run higher because of BLM ideology unleashed upon the population and manifestation of hate toward the white folks anything is likely to become the proverbial straw. Fanning the fire of racial discontent only leads to strong silent anger of the white population which one day may, God forbid, blow in your face.

And now we have something for the inquisitive minds. Ever wondered what our black friends have in store for their white counterparts they don’t particularly like? We’ve have never experienced this type of vocabulary being used against us personally, but it exists. Adding expletives creates the desired effect upon the victim.

We don’t know what were the derogatory words used, but it isn’t hard to guess. Here you go, all of you good white people, feel the love flowing across the aisle.

Cracker; Honky; White Trash, Whitey, White bread; Albino; Caucazoid, Caulkie, Conky, Dog-F…er, Milky, Perm Sperm

There’s plenty more where these came from, but we’ll spare you. Any asshole that uses this type of hateful language deserves to have his teeth rearranged.

We sincerely hope you never hear any of it in your lifetime. Yet it is good to know, just in case you have to recognize the racial slur. We all can be the victims of racial hatred.

Be safe out there.

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