Being white is a verdict

October 18, 2020   |   by Eriс

Being white is a serious mental disease that needs to be cured. At least this is what the University of Minnesota tells anyone who wants to listen. But worry not, the help is on the way.

An interesting article found here for those who want to know what is taking place in our land.

Did you know you have a problem? We surely did not, but are gradually becoming aware there is something wrong with us. The life we live is tragically incomplete, rife with racism and wrong values long-hidden from the societal oversight. But once you acknowledge you have a problem, there is a 12-step process that can cure you; make you a better person and citizen. Much like with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) therapy groups. Accept the facts, confess the ills, reflect on the newly-found knowledge, become a fighter for justice. Rid yourself of everything that made you a person of white heritage and embrace the new political faith. All of this is promoted by the progressives; a new dawn on America.

It is interesting to read the gibberish of a course description language so reminiscent of the ‘socialist party lines’ imposed upon the general population of the formerly socialist Eastern European countries or today’s China. Empty verbiage without significance, like ‘deconstruct previous ways of knowing’, ‘proactively seeking out new learning’, ‘build a supportive recovery community’. It invites the readers to bare their souls in a paroxysm of false frankness. They want you to come up with a set of ‘false memories’. Recognize something in you that aren’t there, but could be there if you just make an effort to look for it. Convince the participants that they are indeed ‘white supremacists’, in position of privilege, biased against the people of color. Once you open up (willingly, for personal reasons, or because your bosses told you to), the rest is easy. The cult has a hold on you. Out with your life, your upbringing, faith, decency and wholesomeness. In come the life-long fright, emotional distress and heavy guilt. The sins you confess will follow you for the rest of your life. Anything you think, act or speak can and will be looked upon as actions of a repented wrongdoer. Step out of line and get a jolt of shame. A treacherous route indeed. 

All of it is mind control, of course. None of it makes you a better person. Becoming a piece of reformed frightened office plankton is hardly a solution to anything. Being white isn’t a problem. Reverse racism is. Everyone is a white racist. Only some have repented and the rest hasn’t. Let the re-programming begin. In classical Marxism preached by the communists, the class struggle can only amplify as you move forward toward the ‘beautiful tomorrow’. What does it mean? It means you have to seek out the new enemies and deal with them. The previous century is full of bloody examples. It always starts small. With new theories, progressive ideas, groups of devotees and their supporters, useful idiots, press and publicity. All leading to power grab, after which small things don’t stay small. The dictate of the state is upon you, and you don’t have much to say or do anymore.

We, as a nation, can hardly recognize the pivotal moments, the important forks in the roads to the future. This is how most humans are. We often fail to spot the small beginnings. Once missed, we can never go back. Ideologies take hold of the masses and the changeover is complete. Normal people who have not been brainwashed become odd dissidents. This is what’s happening in front of our own eyes. Recognize it. Don’t let it become acceptable. We are dealing with the adepts of black-on-white racism who want to make us suffer. Should we let them succeed? Answer this question silently for now. The creeping ideological changeover under the anti-racial disguise isn’t stopping by itself. To the perpetrators it matters not who wins this presidential election in November. They have their own agenda to impose; with Washington’s political support or without.

It is all about power. These characters are looking to displace a larger portion of the American population in being one of the important pillars of our society. They want us to take a second row seats. In everything. White Americans are going to be relegated to second-class citizens. What is taking place you may ask? The left is slowly but surely pushing the American society to become frightened, powerless, clueless and valueless. It starts as a 12-step process in Minnesota, but certainly doesn’t end there. The verdict is in: being white is bad for you. Your heritage is a minus, a detriment. You are racist, all of you. They can try to reform you. But you are still guilty. Someone hostile decides what your future is going to be like.

We don’t like this picture anymore than you do. But where is the fight? The government in Washington isn’t politically fit to face this challenge. They have other priorities. It befalls upon you personally to resist the stealthy trot of the left to reform this country into the place they can collectively control. The land of the free isn’t going to be free unless every single decent person resists the demons and the poison they spread. We desperately need powerful grassroots movement of our own to win the war.

It’s war alright.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America

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