October 18, 2020 | by Eriс

Being white is a verdict

Being white is a serious mental disease that needs to be cured. At least this is what the University of Minnesota tells anyone who wants to listen. But worry not, the help is on the way.

An interesting article found here https://www.theblaze.com/news/university-of-minnesota-12-step-whiteness-recovery for those who want to know what is taking place in our land.

Did you know you have a problem? We surely did not, but are gradually becoming aware there is something wrong with us. The life we live is tragically incomplete, rife with racism and wrong values long-hidden from the societal oversight. But once you acknowledge you have a problem, there is a 12-step process that can cure you; make you a better person and citizen. Much like with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) therapy groups. Accept the facts, confess the ills, reflect on the newly-found knowledge, become a fighter for justice. Rid yourself of everything that made you a person of white heritage and embrace the new political faith. All of this is promoted by the progressives; a new dawn on America.


September 25, 2020 | by Eriс

The BLM Future for America. Part II

We continue to look into the future. The future of our country that Black Lives Matter has in store for all of us. It started with Part I of ‘The BLM Future for America’. If you skipped over it, go back and take a look.

If you think for a minute we derive pleasure from shoveling BLM’s manure, you are wrong. There are million other things we’d rather be doing. But we simply cannot sit idle in the face of an encroaching enemy. Black people of our country are not the enemy. That enemy is Marxism, its fervent followers, political supporters and accomplices. They must be documented; their intentions be spelled out for all to see and hear; brought to light; examined, ridiculed and condemned in the strongest of terms. BLM plague already took a foothold in our society and continues to affect thousands of minds. Lies’ purveyors are the real demons masquerading as saviors of the ‘oppressed’ black people.


September 23, 2020 | by Eriс

The BLM Future for America. Part I

Are you sure you know what our future is going to look like? No, think again.

We took a bit of time to research the subject. Can say we familiarized ourselves with what may one day be our common future. Well, a version of it. All we have to do is to let the people from Black Lives Matter and their left-headed partners decide for us. It’s very simple. Embrace their ideas, the quest for peace and justice – and voila! Hello, brave new world! The New Era dawns in America! The freer country, devoid of Republicans, racism, oppression, exploitation, violent crime, police, prisons, drugs on our streets, prostitution, illegal aliens (yea, know we shouldn’t use the outlawed ‘illegal aliens’ phrase in New York, but we do anyway. Illegal aliens, illegal aliens. We like how it sounds).

We safely bet few people have ever seen the entire laundry list of their demands. By gosh, it’s long! Read on. The New York Times ain’t gonna tell you nothing.