A Happy White Woman. Google’s Version

October 9, 2020   |   by Eriс

Living these days is fraught with uncertainties. We lost some of the solid ground under our feet. Many are looking for answers in the new environment that is in no way complete and defined. The new landscape is forming in front of our eyes. The mankind is supposed to watch, listen and absorb what is in and what is out. To again become the ‘in’ crowd. Those who miss what is happening do so at their own peril.

The author has been around for some time. Yet, in no period of time he is familiar with, has the racial theme been placed so squarely in the forefront of American societal agenda. Discussions in the mass media and online; within academia and the political circuits. Everyone has something to say. Mostly complementary about defining directions and breaking the barriers for and by black Americans. Some orators are very radical, outspoken and shamelessly provocative. And only sparse, cautious laymen voices are heard about the shape this ‘struggle’ is taking. Speaking in opposition to the ‘revolution’ and the ‘1691 agenda’ is racism. They, the progressive side, will attack you online, and if given opportunity, physically.

This is why the country is seething with anger, but keeps quiet. The online media and its ‘gate keepers’ squash any sort of dissenting thought. People who express even the mildest disagreement and call to action are branded the ‘KKK’ and ‘vigilantes’. We are being conditioned, brainwashed to accept the ‘brave new world’ that is bound to dig into our pockets, change our self-worth, modify our system of values and keep us scared of saying the ‘wrong things’ in public. This has not happened before in America. It is more reminiscent of the communist China or the former Soviet Union. Not America we know.

Vociferous, media-amplified voices accusing us of racism are so much louder than the voices of reason and caution. They, the ghouls, are everywhere. So, here’s something interesting. We were recently been made aware of the one of the Google shenanigans. Try typing ‘happy white woman’ and Google will bring back some pictures. Don’t blindly trust us, do it yourself.

Most important is what is NOT in the pictures. A white man.

The images speak. The top pictures you get back are that of a white woman and a black male partner. On the surface it is fine. Every person has the right to be happy with any person he or she chooses to be with, color non-withstanding. But the underline message is clear: a white woman can only be happy with a partner of another race. We are mindful of the fact that the word ‘white’ probably affects the score in the Google image selection algorithm. But in the ‘normal’ world it would simply mean a woman of Caucasian ancestry, happily looking into the camera. There are no images of a Caucasian woman with a man of the same ancestry, except many lines further down. We happened to think that Google emphasizes the ‘happy’ part in tune with the times we live in. In which the white man is no good.

It’s very easy to accuse us of rabid racism. Here we stand, unhappy with some benign pictures of a man and a woman. Think what you like, but this is not about racism. It is about reverse racism. This is about brainwashing us, into subliminal thinking that a white woman can be happy only with a man of another race. Again, the white men are no good. That happiness is a volatile commodity that cannot be found among your own kind.

We object to that statement. ‘Racial purity’ is furthest from our mind, so don’t even try to bring it up. We disagree with denigrating of a white man, of rejecting him as a worthy partner to a woman. Disagree with making us into this homogeneous crowd that must accept extraneous values as their own. Perhaps, a hundred or two hundred years from now it wouldn’t matter, but today it still does.

Today’s Google is pushing the race agenda upon all of us. Whoever is doing it within the organization is perpetrating a great disservice to a society. Again, this is applied subliminally, and our example is only one of millions we don’t know about. But they are out there.

With many uncertainties people are faced with, this is one more. ‘Black is good, white is bad’. Should a young person begin to be ashamed of his own ancestry and upbringing? We hear that in some schools white children are being told just that. Damage to one’s mind is inevitable. Expect deep emotional troubles down the road. Self-hating leads to all sorts of inferiority complexes and broken lives. Should we accept this new agenda being slowly but surely being pushed down our throat? We think not. NOT. 

White men are the pillar of this country. Along with many others, of course. But a pillar, nevertheless.

All of this ideology nicely ties in with ‘white supremacy’ line of thinking. White people are being punished and pushed out because we permitted this crappy philosophy to flourish. Unless we resist and speak out, we are doomed; to be relegated to the second-tier citizens.

For as long as we keep quiet, Google would continue its push, reflecting own, self-perpetuating nightmarish reality. 

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