Fear In – Fear Out

December 7, 2021   |   by Eriс

Have you noticed just how much fear has begun dominating our daily lives? Not the fear of something that would cause pain and discomfort. More like that primal, innate, evolutionary fear programmed into our brains.

Fear as instinct was given to us by Mother Nature to improve human survival, as an evolutionary tool. Unfortunately, fear is bad for you. Like an acid, it erodes one’s self-worth, deprives you of clear thinking and fast acting; it introduces stress which can lead to heart attacks and psychological trauma. It is also a dreadful advisor at the time of trouble.

We are living through perilous times. Yes, an unfortunate set of ALMOST natural circumstances that just happened, affecting most of the worlds’ population. Western world lost its generally careless, free-wheeling life – where things were simple, affordable and available if you worked or ran a business that paid your bills. You didn’t have time to think about domestic politics, lack of products on the shelves, long delays for something you ordered online, pandemics (“what’s a pandemic?” was probably a good question without a specific answer in early 2019), “woke” pestilence, black racism, perennial guilt that white people must carry around forever. You didn’t have to think much about price of gas or what they taught your kids in school. Neither were you concerned about China, which was another country where they sold you low-priced products on eBay. Marxism was not something to fear – it was just another political theory and ideology from the twentieth century – it failed everywhere they tried it; Marxism had no place in your life.

“Pandemics” is a word these days used to describe COVID and its effects upon people. We fear what it can do to our bodies. We also fear death that it brings to those unfortunate individuals who lose the battle with this pestilence.

But it is so much more than the illness itself.

In the world gone mad, we have encountered a non-stop flood of man-made events related to the above. COVID was the trigger, but it was pulled by humans. We should really be fearful of the fellow men and women in power. It is them, in their stubborn pursuit of what they think is right who are destroying the fabric of the entire societies. They do so by instilling fear in everyone.

So, what do we fear these days?

We have assembled a list, in no particular order, below:

  • Unvaccinated will be infected and die. Turns out, the vaccinated can be re-infected and may die also.
  • Many are fearful for their employment. Some employers demand staff be vaccinated – or fired
  • Depending on where you live, government mandates now put you in cross-hairs for forced vaccinations and home confinements. At this time it’s a concept not being strictly enforced here, but more and more people feel threatened by it
  • The “great divide” is occurring daily, on every level – politically, medically and racially. It only grows, showing no slowdown. Fright of retributions by government on all levels; denial of service; destruction of one’s self-worth and the system of values; fear for one’s life at the hands of unrestrained black and white scum bent on racially-driven hatred and judicial powers looking the other way.
  • If you are a small landlord in places like New York, there is very little you can do to remove non-paying tenants. There is help coming down the pike from the state, but when you depend on the rental property to produce income, there is very real panic of defaulting on financial obligations
  • When you are unvaccinated, you may live in fear of infection. Ditto for the vaccinated, they, too, begin to realize that vaccines and booster shots gave them nothing – no protection, no peace of mind and many uncertainties regarding their own health down the road.
  • Families worry for their children – new “woke” values taught at schools; progressive-instilled self-hatred and shame for one’s white ethnicity at educational institutions at all levels. It is happening at workplaces as well. Stand up and oppose it – and find out how quickly you will be fired
  • You cannot speak you mind these days on social platforms. Retribution will be quick if you go against the “party line” (as in “Communist Party”). How can you live dreading if your honest opinion would make you a “marked” person by all kinds of SJW folks, self-appointed guardians of Marxist values and network censors?
  • Many places demand to see QR codes proving you are vaccinated. But now it’s this constant struggle to keep on top of codes validity, booster shots, PCR tests so you can travel, shop, eat out, go to the gym and just meet friends? Fear to run afoul of the law is worse than the possible violation and is a source of great stress to many. Wouldn’t you rather live free and ignore this nonsense? But often one cannot, by choice or circumstance.
  • In Germany, Austria, Australia and Canada they demand that everyone gets vaccinated or be relegated to second-class citizens. In Berlin and throughout Germany large supermarkets and department stores now have fences inside, to physically separate vaxxed and un-vaxxed customers. We view this in anger, with considerable dismay.
  • We should fear our own governments. They begin to dominate the population in many intrusive ways. Constantly deceive us about treatments, vaccines effects and effectiveness. They threaten us with lockdowns, detentions, confinements, states of emergency, vaccination mandates, travel and commerce bans. In Australia residents coming from abroad are confined to quarantine concentration camps instead of their own homes; $3,000 AUD is being billed to each returnee. How crazy is that? And there is no end in sight. Once the governments try and recognize their new powers, they never let go of them. We, the ordinary citizens, will be the subjects of their controls, now and forever. It would take major struggle to dislodge them from these entrenchments.
  •  Bureaucrats everywhere, sensing the authority relegated to them by the pandemics, are coming up with the stupidest ideas that make us all tremble with anxiety. They close the borders, demand unquestionable obedience, issue decrees that amount to enslavement; insist on internment for perfectly healthy people; lay down their arbitrary rulings and create ghettos.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and their mouthpieces scare us into following their schemes of frequent vaccinations and booster shots; jolt us with future virus effects and pandemic waves to be caused by mutated COVID virus. Some of it hasn’t happened yet, but we must be frightful and stay inside, because they said so. So how do we collectively react? Most folks are trying to hide, to spend less time outside; travel less, cut down on eating out and diminish their own physical presence anywhere they can. These habits would be very hard to break down the line.
  • If you have been taking “official” news sources dispatches with a very large grain of salt, you are now aware how deceptive they can be. We must be critical of what they dispense upon us from the TV screens and most newspaper websites. The world they describe is so hostile, with no place to hide. We say with great certainty that their goals are to sow fear and obedience; to make us into cattle that will stampede in prearranged directions. Don’t believe us? Then do your own thinking, it will do you good.
  • Small fears grow into bigger ones. Events tend to chain themselves together and can produce long-range effects that nobody could have predicted two years ago. Crises don’t come alone. They come in dreadful chains of similar events. We fear riots, shortages of food and products on the shelves; rising inflation; lack of police forces when they were defunded – but suddenly needed again. Non-working vaccines that protect no one; serious health issues in the aftermath of vaccinations. We also abhor BLM and the racist demand they make of America. We, the people, with trepidation watch a couple of wars ready to burst into the open – in Ukraine and in the Pacific over Taiwan.

We could try to run away if there was a place for us to hide. For most of us there isn’t.

Things would not change unless we take a stand and lose fear of all those who are trying to deceive and subdue us. The protest is up in several European countries, but not yet here in the USA. We are watching and waiting. But it is abnormal for human beings to live in fear for a long time. Fear corrupts you, breaks your spirit and deprives you of enjoying life.

Evolutionary mechanisms non-withstanding, fear can only breed more fear.

Lose that fear. And see the world to begin breathe normally, again.

Stay safe out there

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