The Bastards who Love Mayhem, a.k.a. BLM

June 25, 2020   |   by Eriс

Our beautiful country is awash in nasty racism. But where is it coming from? Look no further than BLM (“Black Lives Matter”), the organizer of the protests. The Youtube video from 2015 has one of the founders spelling out who they are (try They are “trained Marxists”. From here things become very clear.

I don’t detest BLM because they are black. I despise them because they are red. Not Republican “red” – Commie “red”!

In my vocabulary “Marx” is a four-letter word. Karl Marx lived in the 19th century and his political Marxist theories eventually gave us Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel and many others. The murderous bunch. It also made the 20th century one of the bloodiest on record. Millions of people perished because of wars and persecution by the hands of the above characters and their henchmen. Marx disciples brought us class struggle, revolutions, wars and misery to millions.

Communism and socialism are rooted in Marxism. There is no ‘good Marxism’. There is no ‘cultural Marxism’. Social justice that Marxists seek inevitably leads to bloodletting and executions of the opposition. Marxism becomes the official ‘religion’ of any state that adapts it. They ban other opinions, freedom of worship, confiscate private property and guns. They can’t stand competition of any kind. The American freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and amendments are not compatible with Marxism. Capitalism is what they are against. They are the LEFT. They don’t produce anything. They only know how to take away and divide. Marxists are very determined in reaching their aims, even if it takes time.

No lie is too small or too big for the Marxists to achieve their goals. Small steps are just as important. Finding the ‘right cause’ to raise as their banner is what they will do. Death of George Floyd, the thug, who was given king’s funeral, was in many ways a triumph for them. It galvanized the left like only few things could. You see their supporters in MSM and hear their hysterical demands to disband the police, abolish government offices, close prisons, kill all ‘whities’. We, the ‘other’ America, don’t have the stomach for this crap, but we watch it with fear and trepidation. Not everyone understands what they see. Could this be the future for us and our children? I sure hope not. But if you live in a city like New York, that all you see. With MSM’s help, you may begin to believe the entire country had gone mad at once.

There is much to say on how we came to the situation we are in now. What have we got? We have serious attempt at lawlessness, sedition, secession. Violence hides inside the so called ‘peaceful protest’. Our democratic traditions uphold peaceful gatherings of people who wish to legitimately express themselves for any reason. It’s undisputedly American to speak up. But what do you do if you suddenly discover “what you see is not what you get”?

That the protests are not spontaneous.

That looting of stores is well organized.

That you have ‘commie’ sympathizers (willing or gullible, a.k.a. “useful idiots”) marching around and demanding the changes that lead to havoc and lawlessness.

That you may not criticize BLM. If you do, you are a racist.

You are a racist if you don’t profess your allegiance to their cause.

If you don’t publicly denounce ‘the white privilege’ you supposedly possess.

If you don’t give money to their cause.

If you don’t take a knee, prepare to be publicly humiliated as a ‘whitie’ and ‘racist’.

Or refuse to kiss a black man’s shoe.

They humiliate us. An enemy publicly humiliated leaves only half the enemy, dishonored and disgraced. He can be put down at any time. He is not even human, more like an animal. Not someone who will fight for his dignity, defend his values or family.

Watch the Youtube videos. These peaceful activists make free white people in a free country freely get on their knees. Bend their backs in submission, bow heads and close their eyes. Then the clenched firsts come up. In symbolic gesture of “Black Panthers”, left radical extremist organization that started with giving out free lunches to black kids in the 1960’s. They wound up murdering policemen, kidnapping people, doing the rackets and drug pushing in the 70’s.

This is what they do today, to us, on our streets. And we let them.

The end does not justify the means. Any good purpose, for which unlawful means are required, becomes an evil one. These assholes don’t even have a good purpose. Thus, the evil BLM movement invalidates itself.

They cling to ‘racism is everywhere’ as their battle cry, because they have not much else to cling to. They used this slogan as a vehicle to the final destination, to stir the masses. Their final destination is POWER. BLM & Co. destroys statues of this country greats, to separate us from our history and create the void that they want to fill with their Marxist agenda.

They want us to be ashamed of ourselves and our past. Shame leads to indecisiveness. Indecisiveness precedes defeat. They want us to lose our will to organize and fight back. It is them who are organized, not us, the decent people of this country.

Intimidation of the white people must stop. As part of our nation, white people (a very diverse group ethnically), are not collectively guilty of anything they are being accused of. This tactics is pure manipulation on the part of BLM & Co. Ever since racism was cast aside in the U.S.A., the government introduced affirmative programs, to even the score. It gave blacks the opportunities to make decent living, obtain education, get into service and buy homes where they want to. Human rights organizations also pushed the envelope. We have walked a long way since MLK days. 

What kind of racism are we talking about if for eight years we had Barak Obama, our first black president? There are tons of black millionaires, famous artists, scientists and politicians. We don’t make distinctions based on the color of their skin. It would not be possible if the country was racist.  We were and still are ‘one nation, under God, indivisible’.

Yet the division has begun. The people of color look suspiciously at whites, and vice versa. This is not my imagination. Take a subway ride in New York City and find out for yourself. What was a very peaceful place to live, work and play is getting poisoned by the day. Unprovoked assaults on whites by blacks are up here. There are many places like that. What does it do to a quality of life and all-inclusive peace of mind?

It is no longer enough to personally treat everyone evenly and equally, regardless of the color if their skin. Anyone who states so supports racism. It’s because one implicitly questions that invisible racial barriers exist. If you don’t actively, personally, continuously fight these barriers, you support racism. Unless you provide black people special preferences to compensate for their sufferings over these invisible yet existing barriers, you are a racist yourself. What a splendid theory, don’t you just love it?

BLM & Co. are a cult that wants to become a power grabber and money grabber. BLM demands we pay reparations or living wages to the descendants of slaves. Why not to all Americans? They want to have their people in the boardrooms of every major corporation. There are many such demands in store. And damn it, they are being heard.

There are now ‘consultants-facilitators’ talking to corporations and religious organizations. These characters tell the other side to donate at least 20% of what they give or collect for charity, to go to the “black causes”. This will assure peace and tranquility. Normal people call it the “racket”. This is mafia approach. Get your foot in the door, in exchange for protection. Make companies lose decision-making freedom regarding any matter whatsoever. Have the ‘racial’ club over their heads if there is something they want to do that doesn’t meet with BLM approval. Eventually outsiders take over. “Redistribute the power, redistribute the wealth”. Eh?

Cooperating with blackmailers is bad for you. Exchanging a bit of freedom and money for a bit of security means you deserve neither. They never let go of the loot. The loot is you.

BLM as a non-profit (yet to be verified) collects millions of dollars annually, spends it mostly on itself, with only 6% of funds going towards real causes. They are, to put it simply, thieves and thugs. Thinly shielded by the ‘noble’ slogans they shout and display.

And what about demands of wealth redistribution (money they didn’t earn), land redistribution, open anti-Semitism and atheism being pushed upon us? BLM & Co. is big trouble. Them attaining power in parts of the country will inevitable lead to another civil war and some states secession from the Union. In the worst case scenario, some American states may violently secede, because their constituents would want to have nothing to do with this new social and political order. Americans will fight for their right to retain and protect their way of life.

If we let BLM & Co. build their socialist state here, anything or anyone acting contrary to their view of the world shall be destroyed. The U.S.A. we know will be no more.

“White silence = racism”. “White silence is violence”. We see them holding signs like that. It means only one thing: they want us to capitulate, to get on our knees, to confess our presumed sins, to beg for forgiveness and to let them chose out fate. Goodbye dignity and freedom, hello new Marxist slavery. All good people of America, is this the future you want?

Raising your hands over your head (as in “I give up”) is the least desirable outcome. You have no recourse or say in your future. You will be subjected to the will of anyone who is louder than yourself, has more power or is more menacing.

We are few steps away from pledging allegiance to ‘black cause’ on camera and confessing our sins on record, as in Mao’s China, in the 1960’s. All to be done in front of G. Floyd portraits. And if one doesn’t get on the knees, he or she can lose employment, be labeled a ‘racist’ (mind you – outside of the court of law, without recourse) and the tag shall stick for the rest of one’s life. No decent company will ever hire you. You wouldn’t find desired housing or go to a good school. One’s life is ruined.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I totally reject this route. It cannot be permitted to take hold here. BLM is a political force, a cult and possibly a new religion. Other people have said so, and I tend to concur.

I hate to see them play politics. Yet this is America. If BLM & Co. wants to become a political party, they cannot be above criticism or above the law. We have a state here, not a bunch of sissies for the government. Want to compete for hearts, minds and pocketbooks of their electorate? Let them do it like everyone else. And not like thugs by threats and intimidation, wanting chaos; like a secret society above all laws; just because their leaders are spewing the ‘right’ slogans and all the scary words to their audiences. Having BLM around as a political party will take votes away from the Democrats, a great idea, although not without big caveats.

BLM is a false authority, along with other, equally vociferous enemies of our country. These days they are composed of Antifa people bent on mayhem, all sort of leftists with their own political agendas. I must regretfully add the Democratic Party to the list. From once being a benevolent counterbalancing force in American politics, they became extremists themselves, hell-bent on removing the current President from power. Any alliances they forge these days are to further this one agenda, a sole purpose of their existence. Using the BLM and its crowds to ignite madness on our streets will have the opposite effect at the end. Democratic relevance shall be seriously diminished. Marxists will take charge; they cannot be controlled, not in the long run.

One group of people who will come out as losers when this is all over (I have no doubt that it will be) are the poor and the lower middle class, black citizens of our country. Attracted by the ‘free for all’, “kill all whiteys” and “we want the reparations” slogans, some of them joined these marches, confrontations, but also looting. They will be discarded by the ‘politicians’ when they fulfill their purpose. They are the ones who will do time or fall victims to gunfire. They are the biggest losers in the communities they live. Who’s going to trust a neighbor prone to violence and destruction? We don’t live in the vacuum, you know. The ‘fight’ against racism opens up new wounds, even among the people who never felt animosity towards the ‘guy next door’. Now they would. So, who is the winner?

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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