Living through the times of riots and revolt Year 2020. The United States of America

June 28, 2020   |   by Eriс

You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time,
but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Abraham Lincoln

This piece was written at the end of June, 2020. A lot have changed since then, including my own attitude towards the subject of interest. At the time I was trying to make sense of the world around me.

What is happening to us?

After many years of relative peace and quiet in America, we have entered the zone of instability, leading us to calamities not known to current generations. In a way, it is a perfect storm, where many elements suddenly came together to create a destructive force that begins to assail the bedrock of our democracy. Most none of us have any shelter from the stormy weather, except facing the truth and doing something about it, on a very personal level. This requires a lot of thinking and pro-active reaction, which most of us lack. We were never trained. There is no plan B for our lives, most have no places to run to, no action to take, to re-organize lives. We listen to the newscasts, talk privately among ourselves. We send each other URL links with bits of information describing some sad events here and there; pass along videos of some outrageous conduct or manifestation of ideas, by various parties, both friendly and totally fiendish. We also hope this is going to end somehow when the orgy of senseless violence would end.

Marches engulfing the country appear to be well coordinated. Participants appear to know where to gather, what slogans to carry, where to go. Many of them have time on their hands (i.e. they are not actively employed) else they would not be doing this day after day for the duration of several weeks. Their behavior is mostly peaceful but not everywhere and not all of the time. Peaceful demonstrators may suddenly display very nasty attitude towards police or anyone they don’t like for any reason. There are factions within the participating public. When violence occurs, those commenting try to emphasize that protests are MOSTLY peaceful. I object to that definition. Those organizing the protest are fully responsible for what happens within events they oversee. If there is violence and mayhem, they brought it about. It is a natural part of the event they put together.

When you start the fire beware of the consequences. 

So we need to cast this ‘bad protester – good protester’ mentality aside. Any march is as peaceful, as the worst element they attract to their ‘show’.  Any march that ends up with confronting police, where vehicles are set afire, objects thrown at police, bystanders assaulted for various reasons (one of which refusal to kowtow to ‘Black Lives Matter’ ideology in words or actions – like taking a knee) is NOT peaceful. They are anything but peaceful. This is pure violence, and we as society must recognize it as such. BLM and an unfortunate Mr. Floyd are hardly icons to follow by the rest of us. The physical submission by the Caucasians to the leftist crowd, as seen during the marches, caused by threat or intimidation (which is a criminal act) is a regretful event, attempt at saving one’s life and limb. People who do it must be scared and have no choice. Blacks who demand boot kissing from whites are racist themselves. They demand of whites, who do not appear to eagerly follow their street demands, to denounce their ‘white privilege’ and pledge allegiance to BLM on camera.  Multiple videos posted on the internet attest to that. This cannot be tolerated, no way.

The betrayal

Today, an even bigger problem is betrayal. Betrayal of the citizens by the local mayors and state governors, who quickly gave in to the blackmailers’ demands (sorry, there is no way to avoid this pun). By chiefs of police who went hugging the marchers. By the policemen and National guardsmen who took a knee in front of the crowds. Neither were thinking how these actions were affecting their images in the eyes of the public. Unfortunate NYC policemen who never received orders to stop looting for several days. The City of New York’s image is now forever tarnished. It’s best stores were broken into by some very well organized looters who drove from all over – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, even as far as Maine. Nobody could stop them. New York’s finest undercover police unit was disbanded by our socialist mayor. They are talking of defunding NYC cops, one of the best police forces in the USA and probably in the world. Mr. Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, whose bidding are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Our DA here declined to deal with arrested protestors, letting them go. Weren’t you supposed to protect the public?

It’s easy to attack the statues, they cannot respond in kind. People whose likeness they reflect die a second death at the hands of barbarians who don’t respect history. First come the statues, then public books burning, then people get killed. These modern barbarians are doing to our historical statues what Taliban did to the The Buddhas of Bamyan. The parallels are undeniable.

A descendant of President Roosevelt approved taking down a statue of his ancestor in NYC. Or General’s Lee relative in Richmond, VA who says the same on camera, about Civil War historical figure. He approved of taking the statue down. Has neither one of them got any honor left? The general ought to come down and slap him silly, for betraying his memory and our collective history which never was a sweet bedtime story. It was rough and bloody, and by God, we should remember the uncensored truth, as it was. Getting on your knees in front of the menacing crowd to save one’s own scared skin leaves nothing of one’s reputation. Betrayal of historical ancestors will now be loads on their minds for as long as they both shall live.

History itself shall find a way to punish the perpetrators.

Guilt instilled

Why did they all cave in so fast? Big corporations started mumbling something how we are all responsible for centuries of oppression. Posted by JPMogan Chase bank on their website, on June 8th 2020: “We have a collective responsibility to take serious action to address centuries of structural racism.” – Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase.

Mr. Chairman, we do not have that responsibility. I don’t carry any part of this ‘collective guilt’ and neither should any of you, my fellow Americans. This type of thinking is totally wrong. Don’t accept this. If you are not a racist, then don’t carry guilt for the crimes you did not commit. It’s not acceptable. Big business just tries to protect its turf at the times of trouble. They want to hunker down, profess some real or imagined guilt, donate some money to someone and carry on as usual. They don’t think what it does to our collective mentality. They just shield themselves from public accusations, corporate blackmail, riots and loss of money as a result. But we don’t have to be a part of this dishonor.

Other companies are not fairing much better. Hey, Netflix, why are you butchering something you didn’t create? Just because you own the streaming rights to “Gone with the Wind”, you can’t deprive us of our cultural inheritance, in its original format. It’s not yours to modify, as some screaming voices on the street demand. Why do you forget that contemporary moral concepts cannot be applied to historical events? Who are we to judge the people of the 19th century and how they lived or died? If you apply the moral principles of the 21st century to times bygone, then just about everyone who lived in the past was a criminal. Do you really want to be known for taking political correctness, amplified by the wild claims of racism, to new lows? 

I think there are many such examples around, but you get the picture.

Mass media plays a major role in how current events are being perceived. Politics is seen through the eyes of TV networks and newspapers make most of us believe that life is shaping up fairly and decisively, by people who have it all figured out and who want a better life for society they feed information. Unfortunately, this is not so. People at the helm are very subjective. They decide what you see and how the public opinion is shaping up. They inject their own political agendas into any public discourse. Only the Democrat-aligned, social justice seekers have their voices heard through MSM and social networks. All others, more conservative and Republican-oriented have their voices squashed or censored. The MSM portraits BLM and the leftist agenda in a very positive light. They don’t question it. As if they were waiting for this ‘revolution’, to give it voice and substance. Is this the media we can trust?

The truth

I started to write about this subject several times, only to stop and walk away. Came back, write more and left, puzzled. I read and listened, talked to friends, read stranger’s opinions. It was as if we entered new era in a twilight zone. I could not coherently explain to myself what was taking place. The picture kept on changing

And then it dawned on me. None of what we are witnessing on our streets is true. Except for the violence, robberies and looting

We are watching a show, a well orchestrated show to the detriment of the entire country. What we perceive as genuine anger and continued marches against racism is actually a broad, well choreographed attempt at subversion of our system of government. Separatism live. Destruction of trust in police and the First Amendment. And this is just the beginning, with more events to follow. Death of an unfortunate George Floyd, made into a saint, while detained by the Minnesota police, was a trigger the organizers were waiting for. And it happened

On its own it wouldn’t end. Predators smelled blood and they want more.

I cannot state that all people who marched were not genuinely upset. Perhaps many were. I cannot prove or disprove what each participant felt. I don’t know. But there are tell-tale signs of why this is a staged event. Now, several weeks later, marches still continue. People who go every day are mostly the same people. They have become recognizable. They don’t miss a date. They know where to meet; they carry the same signs and slogans. If you have any kind of life, you don’t do it week after week. You have to work and take care of families. You get tired, and eventually you stop. You got the word out and were heard. The protesters who go on are either serious political activists or they are paid actors. They are at the core of this.

On the surface, the unfortunate death of George Floyd sparked tremendous outrage by thousands of people. They marched to demand reigning in police violence, stop what they called racism and wanted societal changes implemented. This is the most natural and reasonable way to express disagreement with how things are done in this country. The country was shocked. Everyone listened.

We can’t question protesters’ sincerity, yet we must ask about the underlying motivation. What made them, the protesters; quickly decide this was their cause?  The ‘peaceful’ protests that covered most US cities (according to the press, up to 140 places at one time or another) appear to have several things in common. Mostly young people marched (my guess – student age or slightly older). They lacked older population of any significant numbers in what should have been a broad societal sample. When you have an outrage over someone’s death, one’s own age is hardly a limiting factor. 

Another interesting element in these marches is a large presence of ‘angry’ young white people, up to 80% in some New York City marches. On one hand, this is a very positive development, showing a bystander how far our nation have moved in the direction of unity, where people of all shades and colors are marching together, without prejudice. United for justice. Demanding the government do something about it.

But an interesting question pops up. If black people of this country interact with police a lot more (regretful crime statistics proves that) and often view police as racist, where do the young white people find themselves being persecuted, presumably for their race, to share the same outrage? Or why do they strongly share the same sentiments with the ‘victimized’ black part of the population? It’s not coincidental.

A public protest can be a coordinated event when everything is in the open. Nothing about today’s protests is a known fact. Much of it is hidden from view. We don’t yet know who organizes and who pays. Who controls and directs. BLM is a shell entity is now a known fact, but who is behind it? The facts must be made known about what organizations besides BLM are participating and coordinating. Multiple forces are working behind the scenes. That’s very apparent. The truth must come out.

The USA as a country has discarded government-level racism forever, decades ago. If prejudice exists against black people in this country, it is something deeply personal. People affected with racial prejudice hide it (except, perhaps, the social networks where it is frowned upon and such postings are quickly terminated). Any incidents involving racial slurs, insults, open threats and discrimination are thoroughly investigated by the authorities and the guilty parties are inevitably prosecuted, if warranted. Open racism (we are talking white-on-black racism here) is not tolerated anywhere. It’s not acceptable in places of worship, employment, schools, businesses of any kind, in transportation, armed forces, police departments or anywhere within the government offices (municipal, state or federal) of this country. I dare anyone to find someone holding a position in one of the above places if he or she is openly hostile to anyone but whites. It simply doesn’t happen. Yet lots of schools and universities have this mantra that white people are the oppressors, but black people are the victims of racism, fighting for justice. 

To be continued…

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