The Theory and Practice. Tip 1

July 29, 2020   |   by Eriс

All American banks have this policy they exercise upon all of us: “Know your customer”. It is federally-mandated. It means they must be aware of who you are, what you do, what kind of business you are in, etc. In this day and age when a terrorist may be hiding under every stone, this is their way of making sure all possible suspects are weeded out. Chuckle.

How does this relate to the revolt that goes on in the USA at this time?

The relationship is simple. The anarchists and BLM supporters live among us. In the same towns, buildings, in the apartments or houses next door. You may greet them by name or wave at them when passing by. They look and act normal. Yet they are there, snakes in the grass. They are the ones who march around, assault police and set fires. Their faces are covered by masks when they do that.

Marxists are anything but peaceful. “Violence” is their middle name.

Isn’t it time we get to know them, fast? No, not to maim or shoot them outright, but to be aware of who they are. They are the ones who fan the flames of the Marxist revolt. They follow orders of their organizers and aspire to subvert the government of the United Stares. They are the ones who will shoot at you, when the orders come down the pike.

“Know your enemy”, eh?

Law enforcement people are already trying to ID these people, but they have issues – often times masks obscure the faces of these new revolutionaries. Police and FBI are overwhelmed. There are simply not enough human resources within the investigative community to go around.

We, the people, should help. The clues are all around on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere. Thousands of photographs, videos, postings. Plus they are boasting, spewing hatred, asking for donations and support. It is all there. These people can be identified from their images and names, along with their friends of the same ilk. Photos of the crime scenes are abound. Some of them don’t wear masks on these photos. Some wear clothes with unique lettering that can ID them.  Their vehicles with license tags are on images. They may already be known. Should I go on?

Like with the pedophiles, communities may want to know who lives in their midst.

But we must not only find out who they are and where they live. The information must be collected and structured, to be made available to law enforcement at some point (no, it’s not for vigilantes). Identifying them from their profiles, screenshots, photos, postings, videos. How do you go about doing something like that?

If we want to rid ourselves of the Marxist virus, we must begin to learn who the carriers are. They had their plans years in the making and we must try to catch up.

Some may call my suggestions unethical and un-American.

But ask yourself – what is the alternative? The people in masks assaulting our country’s freedom. Setting fires to our towns. Maiming police. They are the ones who will take up arms when they decide the time is right. And we still have no clue who they are or where they come from.

We can’t risk that. Really, we cannot.

At the very least, establish liaisons with the local police departments and contact people who investigate the crimes committed by the Antifa/BLM mob. They may be grateful for the tips.

I would not be suggesting any of it if it wasn’t for the violence they bring. The truly peaceful protest is an important part of living in America. People’s right to peaceful assembly should not be infringed upon. But individuals who bring violence, terror and hatred into our lives must have no such rights under the First Amendment.

We must act now.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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