The Theory and Practice. Tip 2

July 30, 2020   |   by Eriс

For those who don’t go out on the streets, the social networks are where the action is.

The country and the world quickly react to the postings, memes, photos and videos.

This is where Antifa, BLM & Co. show off their dubious victories, recruit new members, rouse the troops and ask for donations. This is where they unleash hatred upon anyone who disagrees with their vile Marxist theories, doesn’t profess allegiance to the socialist causes and speaks like a ‘racist’.

And if the person persists in staying true to his views, they would not think twice about making numerous complaints to the support to shut down the ‘dissident’ account. He can be accused of just about anything. When few people make complaints, admins may ignore them. But when they gang up on someone, the platform is almost guaranteed to suspend the offending account ‘just in case’.

What would you say if we used the same tactic? Identify Antifa/BLM accounts, locate even the smallest instances violating platforms’ ‘terms of service’ and make complaints to shut down the criminals.

It is not one day’s work and certainly not a one-man’s job. This must be an organized effort on a part of a crew who want to fight black-on-white racism, Marxist propaganda and the destruction these people breed on our streets.

This is how you win against these characters, one step at a time. An uphill battle, but when enough people get involved, results may be most dramatic. Especially, if the Antifa suspended account had thousands of followers.

They deprive us of voices and threaten our lives. For starters, we should shut them up.

If you have your own ideas on how this can be best accomplished, please email me. I will publish it here.

But for your own sake, stay in the shadows; don’t use your own names and photos. These people are dangerous. I don’t want to see good people hurt Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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