A Very Different Race to the Bottom

August 6, 2020   |   by Eriс

In the normal world a ‘Race to the Bottom’ is an expression speaking of deregulation of the business environment and lowering the labor costs. Our race to the bottom is different, so read on.

Any single group of people putting themselves above the rest of society becomes racist.

Can you guess what I’m talking about? If you figured this is about ‘the white population’, you got it wrong. True racism these days lives among the BLM boneheads and their supporters.

They elevated the racial issue among the leftist crowd, positioning themselves as the ‘liberators’. BLM and their brethren must save the blacks of America from the horrors of white oppression, ancestral slavery, general misery and shortage of spending cash.

BLM attempts to interrupt the natural progress of the black population in our country. Men and women of African descent have been making great strides in achieving political visibility and economic stability for themselves. They are included everywhere and excluded nowhere. These people are fully a part of our society. Making them into victims of the ‘white racists’ was as the most ridiculous, politically slanted claim as one can make.

After the BLM and Co. raised the stakes to eradicate hidden, persistent, ever-present racism from the lives of black Americans, it did them a major disservice. First and foremost, it started a lawlessness game by those under its flag – “them whites owe us, go and take all you can. Be violent doing it. Hate cops. Beat anyone you want, you are not going to jail.”

There is no justification for looting and violence. Looting are not ‘reparations’. Reparations must never exist. Build your life around honest work or service. Other ‘occupations’ make one an unwilling client of the judicial system in this country.

The end result is not hard to predict. White working America labored very hard to build their lives. It is now looking at the foregoing with fear, disgust and a very real anger. It despises the mean animals who wreak havoc on our streets. These are my feelings exactly, when I watch amok-engulfed black youngsters smashing and burning police cars; bursting at the seams with aggression, looking to show off their black masculinity in the paroxysm of destruction. Nice going, boys.

Those who subscribe to the BLM views may temporarily enrich themselves with the loot they take from shops. But in the long run, they will be losers. This crooked race to help themselves to power and money can only lead them down, to the bottom of society. Criminal lifestyle is hardly a model to follow. The BLM movement is criminal to the core. It corrupts our black citizens, by supplying the false narrative; by leading them astray.

The other element of BLM strategy is to dazzle the black population with a long list of the most unbelievable demands on the rest of the USA. Reparations are only a small portion of it. They want their own country. Huh?

BLM and Co. attempts to represent (or rather usurp the right to represent) the black population of America. It does stand for some peoples’ way of thinking. I just hope it is a much smaller percentage of the population they want us to believe. Most decent people should be able to see right through BLM’s BS. 

Liberal, progressive, pro-Democratic America is yet to comprehend what demons it unleashed. But that time will arrive. Hangover always comes after the wild party is over.

But right now ‘progressive-thinking’ individuals and businesses do what they can to promote the BLM ideas. Our own Google began showing ‘black heart’ (or is it a ‘black ass’? – I can’t make up my mind over the image) on their maps, for the businesses owned by the black proprietors. Google is into racial selection now, how admirable. Did you know it all happened before, in Hitler’s Germany?  The ‘black’ inclusion is not incidental; the owners must prove to Google who they are. It may work for some and bring in more business. It can also act in reverse. Why use the services of someone who turns ancestry into a selling point? How is being black makes the proprietor a better person and a better supplier? Why is this being pushed upon us? I say this is racism, simple and pure. It made no difference to me before. Now it does. Let someone else shop there, I’m going to a different place.

People who embrace Google-style ideas are racially motivated. They call us ‘racists’. We are not. They are. A tiny example what surrounds us in the sea of madness we swim in daily.

We know what they want. It is not about peace marches demanding and winning equality, jobs, housing. They are demanding privileges and threaten us with destruction if we resist. They are racing to that goal.

Black racists dream of running America one day. I say they should be running away instead, driven out of towns and cities. Dear assorted Marxists, anarchists, antifa: take your extreme views and racial prejudices with you. You will go down with BLM. You shall not rule America or the world. We, the people of this country, didn’t build this world to just give it away to criminals.

Hey, BLM and Co., the race is up. So keep running, assholes. Climb up the down-leading staircase. At the end of the race hell awaits you at the bottom.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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