The Accomplices

August 14, 2020   |   by Eriс

Since the BLM movement became a daily staple of the American MSM and the darling of the social networks, it has gained support of a good number of US corporations, both large and small.

Curious as to who they are? The list can be found here – It was compiled by a third party. I’m certain there are other companies that are not on the list. Regretfully, it reads as ‘Who is who of American business’. You know them.

These are the companies that decided to support BLM with money, hiring practices, publicity. For reasons I can hardly fathom, they jumped, head over heels, into clutching BLM and Co., to their collective corporate bosom, as if it was their long-lost child and they have just been reunited. I don’t quite get it. Why? What was so attractive? Were the giants of corporate wisdom waiting for the moment with baited breath? Can the dirty capitalists be so enamored with the destructive communist ideas BLM & Co. brings? No one can tell for sure.

Yet, I have an idea. It was ‘smart’, turf-protecting thinking that quickly turned these companies into the accomplices of the Marxist goons. No corporate entity can afford to lose any part of the market they operate in. No matter how small or large. Black consumers constitute approximately 15% of the US population. That is a huge chunk of the spending power, in the hundred of millions or even billions of dollars. These are the revenues that could evaporate if the buying public decides to go elsewhere. And what can make them change their purchasing habits? Oh, the BLM, of course. Few angry words about ‘white racism’ of the X-company, even if patently untrue, would put an Arctic freeze over the business model. Or should it be a torch instead? Good bye, Mr. Chairman of the board and the board itself. The shareholders would be extremely unhappy with the outcome. BTW, the X-Company needs do nothing to retain their ‘white customers’. Those have no place to go, they don’t demand anything, and can be ignored on a grand scale of things. Their opinions don’t matter much since they are not protesting. Not threatening with violence. Not demanding money or boardroom presence. The white people are afraid to speak out, so Mr. Chairman’s position is safe from them.

The other component is a deep primal fear. The mob can loot the stores and warehouses. They can demand someone be fired for not ‘hearing the voice of the people’. Cancel someone for saying the wrong things. They can simply shut the business down. The savages can stage protests in front of Mr. Chairman’s home, putting his well-being and that of his family in danger. Scary? You bet! Can police do anything about it? Not likely. So, what’s the cure for this uncomfortable situation? Money, of course! Donate big. March ahead of the most progressive scumbags out there and profess your undying devotion to the social causes the ‘liberators’ represent. Corporate PR departments are great help. They can monitor the temperature on the street. PR staff assists the management in making the right kind of statements and staying on top of the craze. The corporations can now balance ‘community responsibilities’ with the earning figures for the quarter.

There must also be a third force that propels the madness. They are the people at the helms, who are the true believers in the ‘brave new world’. Their revolution is long overdue and they are the chosen ones. They have a destiny to fulfill. The ones who have the power to affect how we think, what we see on our screens, what gets censored and what not. And make us donate big. They don’t necessarily belong in the corporate boardrooms. Their domains are schools, colleges and universities. Social networks headquarters. The Hollywood studios. They fill the desks at newspapers and TV stations. They are the politicians whose immediate goals are to be re-elected, and anything goes. Need I spell it for you? Yes, these are our criminal Democratic brethren. Or should I use the word ‘zombies’ instead? That would be more appropriate.

The society we live in is based (or was based) on tolerance, freedom of speech and diversity of opinions. This is what made us Americans. Yet the freedom we enjoy has its limitations. As someone smartly remarked “Your freedom to wield arms ends where my nose begins”. You cannot hurt others with you decisions. All tolerance ends there. So why did the companies become accomplices to the criminals that are rioting on our streets now? Don’t they just see the consequences?

Once you offer your support to criminals, you inevitably become a criminal yourself. I wonder if the corporate types realize this. By solving an immediate ‘small problem’ of the corporate earnings, they are committing crimes against all of us. They support the destruction of American life. They aide and abet awful racists, anarchists and future secessionists. Meeting blackmailers’ demands and temporarily buying peace can only lead to war. Capitalism and Marxism cannot co-exist, no matter what they say. There is no middle ground. It’s one or the other. Do you get the drift?

If you love your cushiony corporate jobs, don’t support the wolves in sheep’s clothes. Or if glorious Marxism is your cup of stale tea, expect eventual misery, poverty, total command by the socialist state, mind control and wars. Your home, money, three cars in the driveway, life’s small and large conveniences will all be taken away. By the people who denounce the ‘white privileges’ and who peacefully loot the stores for ‘reparations’ they so desperately need. The destroyers cannot be builders. Dig that, Mr. CEO?

We, the people of America, no matter how angered, frightened and confused, should have a say in all of this. Our own say. We vote. We also vote with our wallets. Our power is in the numbers. A gang of criminals does not represent the people of this country. They can yell their insults and show their disrespect to the rest of us, but they are just a small mob, made big by TV and the press.

We, the decent people are the true owners of this land, not them. We are silent, but we don’t have to be. Let the accomplices know they are being watched and the judgment day is unavoidable. Perhaps, the corporate types would slow down, to assess the consequences of their actions, before they act. What looks good now may not be so when the tables turn. We have the power to turn them, each in our own small way. Which adds up quickly.

Don’t expect Mr. President to address all of it. He has enough on his plate to deal with.

Those who think the future belongs to the young Marxist people marching the streets, think again. Their ideas and intentions deserve none of our support. None whatsoever. Communism and love for America don’t mix.

Think about what you just read. If the words above resonate with you, then make your displeasure be known where it matters. In the groceries and department stores, by making choices. With your online buying habits. On forums and chat rooms. By not supporting your financial institution that supports the criminal behavior. In not agreeing to the communist agenda being pushed upon you. By explaining all of this to your children. By not giving up your rights.

By voting with your heart and mind.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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