What Can We Do?

August 16, 2020   |   by Eriс

I’m no politician. I don’t know every trick in the book. Yet you got to start someplace. Here’s my version. Look at these ideas with a critical eye. Add your own thoughts as you go.

Remember the Oath of Allegiance? The part where “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Well, now is the time when these important words transform themselves from being ceremonial to being practical. The enemy is here. Yet before we select the methods of defense, we must carefully evaluate what are up against. At this point of time, we have an opportunity to defeat them within law, by openly denouncing their rotten ideology. Raise your voices

We are dealing with an organized force here. The enemy had years to prepare for this confrontation. I’m certain they have a number of scenarios they can unfold. Most are violent. Remember, this is Marxism we deal with. Fighting it out with guns is only one option, and hopefully the last in our arsenal. We must try to defeat then with our resolve, in the political arena. In the federal and state courts. In the court of public opinion. In the mass-media, non-withstanding the resistance expected from mostly left-oriented social networks, TV and newspaper gate keepers. Our voices must be heard

Speak up.

Oppose their propaganda machine

Don’t be silent.

Fight the censorship with all you got.

Ignore the insults, just do what is right.

We must not allow them to shame us into submission.

To shut us up.

To make us give into fear.

To permit their ideas to poison anyone within reach.

Recognize manipulation and coercion.

Ditch the political correctness.

Call the evil out.

Guns can save someone’s life and property, but they are not effective against words. It’s their words against ours. It’s their lies against our truth. You know your world. Use that knowledge to keep them at bay. Let them forever lose any interest in coming into your neighborhood. Don’t let them stir trouble with false accusations, fake causes and out-of-towners marching as locals.

Put them on the defensive. Make mockery of their demands. But be sensitive not to insult your fellow Americans of other ethnicities, creeds and shades of skin color. This is what separates human beings from the barbarians. BLM & Co. wants to tear the beautiful lace of American life and stir the racial passions. Don’t let them.

Guns can protect you when you are threatened. But they are of no use when crazy laws are implemented by the scared subservient city councils or mayors. Support the politicians who are not afraid to speak up and who want to make a difference. Tell the ones’ who betray you what you think of their shenanigans. Raise money for the worthy causes. Organize

Explain what is happening to your youngsters. Lots of them may view this differently from how you perceive it. Young people are vying for a better world, with equality and justice. They deserve it. But it is the world built through honest work, ‘love thy neighbor’ philosophy, and being a part of the society. Taking the short path, the one of destruction, to that goal, rarely yields the desired result.

Ultimately, guns are the only language Marxists understand. Guns and violence are also what they will unleash on us, without much hesitation. They are terrorists. Never trust them, as they will deceive you. They are cannot be negotiated with, reasoned with. It’s not what they are about. They want power and they will do ANYTHING to get it. Plan accordingly

But try to deprive them of the base of support first. Give those lost souls who dream of the perfect world a chance to understand what they are heading into. Let them step away from the abyss. If they don’t, then all bets are off

The destruction of our history must stop. It matters not who is doing it, the criminals or the politicians. Confederate statues at not at fault. Leave alone the people who lived by the standards of 18th and 19th centuries, they are not guilty of anything. They can’t come down from their pedestals to kick the balls of the contemporary illiterate left assholes who want to topple their likenesses and drag them through the mud. If they can’t kick asses, we should. If the statues are toppled, we all lose. The historical void will be filled with leftist propaganda.

Cast away the sensitivities. Are you trying to be gentle, civil, polite and reasonable with the people like yourselves?  That’s fine. When you try the same with a screaming asshole wanting to kill the ‘whiteys’, you look like the next victim. In fact you are. No one is allowed to yell at you. No one, no matter what. They want to make us their slaves and servants. They want us to give them obedience, money and property, so they can take over our lives. This is what Marxists do. Will you obey and kiss their boots, whitey?

Marxists and the black & white criminals using the cover of BLM would have never been this bold unless they had support of the political establishment. Who is the establishment? The Democratic party. By causing the disturbances, they want to topple the Republicans and the President. These are not legal protests. They put us closer to the brink of RACIAL civil war. They test the waters. Did anyone push them back? No. Ok, they now try to escalate further then. These are takeover attempts and no one is there to stop them. Not angrily speaking back at them through Twitter, but really getting ready to fight the assholes. To the point that marching our streets, crime sprees, monuments take-down would be very bad for their health.

The so called ‘protests’ must stop. They are not real anyway. We have parts of the white population outraged at this conduct and wanting to do something. The democratic politicians instantly declare them ‘vigilantes’. Well, if the governors and mayors and the forces at their disposal are not doing anything, then citizens surely must. Stop repenting the sins not committed. Stop being hypnotized by the ‘guilt’, ‘white privilege’, ‘white racism’ words. They are poison. They instill fear, destroy your will, kill dignity and make one feel weak and worthless. They do not reflect you – honest, hard working, law-abiding upstanding citizens of our country, devoid of racism. Yet these guilt-instilling words, directed at the white population, at some point will deprive all of us of our peaceful lives, ability to earn living; of our homes and property. They imply that violence will be coming down our streets soon. They imply reparation taxes to be paid to criminals out of our own pockets. Let’s disagree.

There are many commercial establishments that are fearful of the disturbances and boycotts that can hurt their businesses. They are in a hurry to declare themselves to be BLM-friendly, to the point of being unfriendly to whites. That means many things, including hiring practices, giving money to radical black causes etc. I don’t think this is right. Why anyone’s dignity should suffer because of this pretence. We are the customers and potential employees. Why should our money support Marxists who want to take over this country? Make your displeasure be known. In extreme cases boycott their products, to even the score. If they support future Socialist States of America, let them suffer the consequences.

Most of you reading this text don’t know of socialism (or communism) first hand. They say it only happened long ago, in the countries far away, and it was something benign and benevolent. What is socialism? It brings about total equality and justice, broad distribution of wealth and social benefits, brighter tomorrow, people’s power, world wide peace, the world without borders, where everyone loves everyone. All are free and everything is free. Don’t you love this? Yea!

Except it’s all a lie. Every single word.

Thinking of socialism? Think of the Berlin Wall, Orwell’s “1984”, Tiananmen Square protests, Stalin’s purges of 1937, concentration and re-education camps, millions of people executed; the secret police. Misery, hunger and non-stop wars started around the planet by the 20th century adepts of socialism. Yet it all began with peaceful marches, just like here, with protesters making peaceful demands.

Don’t be fooled. So called ‘peaceful protesters’ demanding privileges are the same people who break into stores; they start fires in your neighborhoods. They are the two sides of the same coin. Given a chance, they will shoot at you.

Being called a ‘racist’ should be worn as a badge of honor. Think about it. Once you change the mindset, you can no longer be hypnotized by the dreaded word. You cannot be brought to obedience. You are the one who opposes the Marxist madness. Who will not sacrifice the dignity and freedom by joining ‘the progressive crowd’ or apologizing profusely. No, we must not become the new KKK or the ‘vigilantes’. We just want the pestilence gone – from the streets, mass-media, political offices. They gave us a label, we’ll give them a black eye (pun fully intended). We have the power of decency on our side, non-withstanding screams and insults from the savages. Once this is realized and acted upon, the future would not look as bleak. The ‘racists’ should become a unified political force, opposing the Marxist revolution. We must unite, organize and speak out in one loud voice. People who threaten our wellbeing, continued employment and property should be taken to courts and sued for money damages. Hit them where it hurts. Have you been fired because someone called you a racist, for protecting your dignity? Sue them also, this cannot go unpunished. Resist the commies, this is America.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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