The Great Divide of the Year 2020

August 25, 2020   |   by Eriс

There is this proverb, supposedly Chinese, a curse actually. It says ‘May you live in interesting times.’ The ‘interesting times’ refer to the times of trouble. Whether Chinese or not, it conveys the view of world around us. And very well reflects on life in the United States of America in the year 2020.

We live in the times of trouble. What we knew for generations as a stable, reliable, predictable societal model, is falling apart in front of our own eyes. We are still here, but the expectations of the future have become fuzzy. Few people dare to say what awaits us few years from now.

It is as if a rock from outer space crashed among us. To-date, it wiped out close to a million people, shut down state borders, pushed people underground (figuratively speaking), broke economic ties and shuttered thousands of businesses, large and small. It caused social upheaval not related to the impact, but rather something that was waiting to happen, like a volcano explosion that needed a small push. The society we live in went into a turmoil. Part of it demands privileges we could have hardly imagined few short years ago.  The other part is on edge, holding onto their esteemed values. And guns. In the minds of many guns have become their insurance policies. You can’t cash them in yet, but they would come awfully handy when the proverbial substance hits the fan.

Much like after a celestial body impact on Earth, a large crack has formed. Something that was not there before. A divide. A great divide of 2020. It starts in the minds but extends to physical people, their attitudes, beliefs and daily lives. To the cities where they live. To the news media. To the politics that have become so much less about the people and so much more about the raw power.

The American society that was one is no more. People who lived in the integrated cities – black, white, yellow and any other shade or ethnicity – no longer feel safe amongst the others. Those with financial means are making big decisions and moving out if they can – for safety of smaller towns and villages around the country. They move their families, incomes, brains elsewhere to continue with semblances of normal lives. To avoid what is probably coming down the pike – racial revolt, socialist experiments, hate, mayhem and destruction that will follow. Those of us who can’t afford the luxury of seeking greener pastures must sit tight and watch the events as they unfold. Hoping the occasionally happening twisters will pass them by.

I’m no doomsayer or a prophet. I don’t know what the future holds. I want to be wrong on all counts. I want to see things go back to normal. Yet there are no signs that the great divide will heal itself. The crack is getting wider. So far I have seen no movement or circumstances that would bring us back to where were before it all started. That in itself is a major concern.

It takes a very small percentage of the population in any country to enact big changes. Less than five percent of the people can decide our fates. See an interesting study here ( Those actively participating in the protests ensure serious political changes. The rest of us have no say in it. They demand and we sheepishly or grudgingly follow, accept and agree. We are busy with other, more important things. Like mowing the lawn or fixing a flat tire. This is how we are. Most of us, anyway.

Have anyone studied this subject here, in the USA? How close are we to being overrun by the radicals that fill our streets and their leftist sympathizers elsewhere?

All this is happening now, here in America. The radical BLM movement, supported by all sort of leftist gangs and the criminal Democratic Party are enacting big changes in our lives. They don’t ask you and me for permission. They just do it. Widening the dividing gap, making demands, crying ‘wolf’ and being heard by the frightened establishment. God damn it, they are being heard and we are already seeing the results of these relentless manifestations of hatred around the country. Defunding of police, closure of police departments; stupid political, workplace and cultural initiatives; reparations are being considered (future open highway robbery of every white person in America), political power shifts, threats and intimidation, burning cars. They want to write a new chapter in the history of our country, WITH OUR OWN BLOOD.

Decades of living side by side with our ‘other’ neighbors, in relative tranquility, are going out the window. Racist BLM supporters want to live among their own folk; they don’t want the whiteys next door. They demand their own country, too. Subsequently, white working class people prefer to move away from the troublesome areas where violence is a way of life. Oil and water, as we find out time and again, don’t mix. The divide lives on.

Besides professing concern, what should we individually and as society do to close the gap?

I think the answer is clear. Give BLM and Co. no free lunch at our expense. None of their moves should stay unchallenged. None of their ideology should have free reign. None of their claims to our lives and property must be met with silence. Except, perhaps, the silence when one is loading the weapon. There is a lot of pent-up anger out there, waiting to be unleashed. And it will be. But before it gets ugly, we must try to ‘peacefully’ get the assholes off our streets and stop their marches into our lives. Document what they do – for police and the FBI. Help law enforcement do their work before we are forced to defend ourselves

It wouldn’t be easy to go back to the lives we had before. But we must try. The undeclared war is already raging. While dousing the fire, we must protect our friends and neighbors who don’t want to be a part of the BLM agenda. Only then can there be healing and the gap would be narrowed.

I must admit one obvious thing. The United States of America is a big place. I don’t know how folks think and act elsewhere, away from the place I live in. I would love to hear from those, who, like me, want to see our country secure, safe and proud. Not confused, scared and angry.

Tell your own stories no newspaper could possibly pick up. Your privacy would be protected.

Criminals cannot be permitted to take over the United States of America.

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