Diversity Councils & Hiring Practices. Racism at its Worst

September 12, 2020   |   by Eriс

We swiftly moved into the age where Affirmative Action in the United States of America is no longer sufficient to meet the hiring targets. By itself, Affirmative Action has outlived its usefulness and became an impediment to hiring the best qualified personnel. Yet, that was not enough. The pestilence of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ practices is suddenly in the picture.

We bet our bottom dollar this hideous new invention was born in the socialist, left-oriented minds. They love to form committees, councils and commissions to bring about societal changes. We let them.

The word ‘diversity’ in the title stands so much closer to ‘divert’ rather than ‘diversify’.

Don’t let the ‘inclusion’ portion of the name fool you either. Their goal is to exclude, not include. To discriminate, not diversify. On the surface it looks like a benign, justified initiative to make certain everyone has a fair shot at employment. In reality this is going to be quite the opposite. Members of the diversity councils will be diverting some candidates and wholeheartedly embracing others. Need we spell it out for you? Thinly disguised, they are really racial selection bodies. Whites need not apply.

Every business, large of small, depends on the quality of people they hire and retain. Most of the time, they attempt to locate and attract the best human material, so they can be productive, successful and profitable. In an ideal world, this should be the only criteria. Our world, regretfully, is less than ideal.

Instead of hiring the best employees the companies have the headaches of figuring out how many people of color they have to hire. So they look good for the BLM & Co. plus the theoretical customers. Large corporations already use hiring quotas pertaining to minorities, women, etc. They don’t need anything or anyone to tell them how to conduct their affairs. Unless, of course, they are scared and want to be in lockstep with the times. To deflect any suspicion of being racist; not being friendly to blacks and various minorities demanding hiring privileges. We’re of opinion that fear pushes the buttons than let D&I ideology get a foothold in the workplace.

There would be places where D&I aren’t a part of the official company HR Dept. We tend to think the D&I councils want to insert themselves into the hiring process and become the new unions, who have a say on the companies’ business models. They are eager to become advisors who operate under the management approval. May want to bring outsiders with expertise in D&I matters to support their activities. Did we mention people with radical political views?  Some of them may be invited also.  Furthermore, D&I generally immerse itself in the company policies and politics, under the guise of racial diversity. Not hard to envision corruption.  Especially when a council gets a power of approval – on ’who’s in and who’s not’.

Ideologically, only the black people are the victims of the white bias. Victims must be rescued from their victimhood. The D&I would do just that. Questioning or comparing victims’ qualifications would be racist. Lately we hear New York stories how several companies’ upper management explicitly tells their subordinates to hire more black people. When they hire a black individual, they can do no wrong. The quality of the new employee would be secondary to the color of his skin.

Large companies can afford to hire and keep mediocre workers that don’t perform up to standards. This would be the case when they were hired for reasons other than performance and skills. Their ineptitude can be covered by others. Smaller firms cannot afford to do that. Yet both would be held to the same standards in their hiring practices. It becomes obvious that firing a bad worker would be next to impossible when he is non-white. The word ‘racism’ quickly comes to mind. The firm’s name would be dragged through the mud. Socialists would know how to create a public scandal.

In theory D&I councils want permission to identify the barriers that impact employee recruitment, retention and advancement, training (aka brainwashing), and key assignments. In practice that would likely result in replacement (as in “firing”) of the lower-level managers who habitually hire and promote employees based on the merits, not the skin. Bad office politics, snitching, accusations and intrigues are bound to occur.  We don’t need a crystal ball to see it coming.

They suggest creating ‘Employee Resource Groups’ on the lower rungs of the corporate ladders who would monitor and report what is happening to the people up on top. Wherever possible regional councils may be established to create and combine multiple efforts to bring about fair hiring practices to more than one location. The racist rot likes to expand.

Some smart, astute CEOs must have established their D&I councils to maintain the status quo in the corporate hiring arena, to deflect any criticism pertaining to minority hiring. They hire the members of minority groups under the existing guidelines anyway, except now any complainant would have to shut up. Regretfully, we are not privy to these secretive corporate arrangements.

We found the following musings on the internet: “Some groups are unfairly disadvantaged based on factors they cannot control. This can result in entire industries dominated by men, for example, or entirely-white management. Despite our best intentions, our organizations are riddled with biases, both conscious and unconscious. This is especially the case for recruiting, the very beginning of the employee lifecycle. Thoughtful, inclusive hiring is not only the right thing to do, it’s a huge competitive advantage for your organization.

The truth is being stretched. So we must ask: what ‘huge competitive advantages’ they are talking about? By consciously hiring only black Americans, what exactly an organization gains in productivity, brain power, job skills? How are they better than anybody else? If they mean you can pay them less than the white employees, then yea, it’s a competitive advantage alright. It is also discriminatory. Ridding private companies of the bias is a noble idea, but you must prove it first. These people can accuse anyone of racial hiring prejudices. Can they do it by just by looking at the staff composition? Where is the proof of the bias (emails, recorded conversations, personnel depositions)? Will they be reading minds, too? The answers are not forthcoming. You, the employer, are guilty by default, when you don’t meet quotas they think you must meet. Destroying someone’s business is so easy these days. 

In the former socialist countries of Europe union work committees looked into the behavior of individuals and their work and lifestyle compliance with the Socialist or Communist party prescribed models. Those non-compliant were reprimanded, fired and in cases of the worst offenses – arrested, tried and jailed. Modern Americans know nothing of this practice, yet we are swiftly moving in that direction. What can possibly stop the D&I councils from asking for the powers to investigate a potential employee?

To sum it up: only the white Americans are guilty of the bias. They must not be hired. They should be replaced by the members of minorities, predominantly black people, whenever possible. And the D&I councils will clandestinely do this dirty work for you, the employer, if you let them.

We cannot tell America’s private enterprises how to conduct their affairs, nor is it our intention. We simply want to bring to the forefront another ‘progressive’ attempt to curtail your decision-making powers and to gain a foothold in your business; to influence the lives of your employees.

Millions of lives are at stake.

In our opinion they should not be shaping future American employment landscape.

Feel free to disagree.

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