Are You White? It’s Not Your Fight

September 20, 2020   |   by Eriс

One doesn’t need glasses to see many young white people who joined the BLM marches since they began in the early troubling summer days this year. Death of one George Floyd (aka The Thug) fueled mass protests around the country. According to some press reports, the rallies against police brutality were held in a total of 140 cities, towns and villages of this country. Initial impulsive foray for peace and justice were joined by thousands of people who never street-protested over anything in their lives. A sight to behold. Countless black and white citizens of our country, marching together. Shouting with a single voice against police brutality, on our streets. A flood of outraged people who aspired to see the end of ‘racist’ police power manifestations over the lives of black Americans. Undeniably, it was a powerful statement, which was heard by the federal and local governments.

When protests occur, they eventually scale down. People make a statement and eventually go home, to speak their minds privately and online. But not this time. BLM rallies, riots and sit-ins continued, day after day, unabated. To be followed by fires, looting and destruction. In due course it was revealed that most people who fill the streets day after day are not ordinary protesters. They are a part of an organization or organizations that direct them to show up, with the same pre-made signs, at times and places of someone’s choosing. To put it simply: the protest being driven by ideology or money, or both. To this day, we know very little of the true organizers and instigators.

BLM & Co. is a very mixed bunch. It includes members and supporters of BLM itself, but also antifa, anarchists, revolutionaries and a mix of ‘progressive’ individuals of the left persuasion. Domestically grown and imported. The staunch supporters of the Democratic Party. Believers in the Marxist dogmas and bright communist future.  Both black and white.

Some joined willingly. Others, lacking their own political platform and understanding of the underlying currents, were simply swept into this exhilarating movement. Where they can make meaningful contributions to society. While unemployed and bored to death by the COVID virus detention in the basements of their parents’ homes. Some are spoiled kids of rich parents. The picture is complex. We have the bits and pieces. Unlikely anyone has the full panoramic view at this time.

We know that protesting black Americans initially appreciated the unity shown by their white counterparts. Even when some blacks went home, the white protesters continued to push forward. It came to one ridiculous scene: BLM march someplace had only white marchers, but no blacks. Funny, yet sad at the same time. American history knows other examples of similar cooperation: Martin Luther King’s black liberation movement of the 60’s was supported by the ‘polite (and white) liberal allies’. Of course, BLM movement is no match to MLK’s, but it illustrates the historical perspective. Mr. King didn’t quite trust his white supporters and he openly criticized them on multiple occasions. His allies never went as far as he wanted them to go; to be where he wanted them to be on the political spectrum. He, too, advocated protests that disrupted life for the white America.

History likes to repeat itself; first as a tragedy, then as farce. We are in a latter version now.

All of you, non-black supporters of BLM – open your eyes and ears. We are speaking to you now.

You smudge and smother the ‘purity’ of the black protest. Their motivation and methods are not yours. They can never be yours. You are the odd companions, not to be trusted. To be eventually disposed of. Because you’re not them. In spirit, anger and historical resentment; in lifestyles, beliefs and the ultimate goals. BLM wants to see the bloody whites at the tip of their fury’s spear. This is not about to change.

BLM desires its private black state here in America. Guess who they will displace when they get their way? Some BLM followers are willing to sacrifice themselves to the cause. They will also sacrifice you, literally – the bright-eyed, enthusiastic young white followers, willing to do anything in the chosen path. Even today, in confrontations with police, BLM commanders order to ‘put white people in front’ as shields against police they attack. Can’t you just see the bitter irony of it all – you are no more than disposable assets, sacrificial lambs and the stupid ‘whiteys’.

They plan for the future that doesn’t include you.

They are fighting ‘a racist and oppressive system’, of which all whites are a part of. With ‘interpersonal’, ‘institutional’, ‘systemic’ and ‘internalized’ racism built into our brains and political system. Privileged white people can never fully understand the black people and their fight. All this is according to their hateful ideology. Want to be a white-on-white racist supporting BLM causes? Quickly will you realize how ridiculous it’s going to look and feel.

Black citizens of this country deserve justice much like everyone else, just not through BLM and the violence they sow.

Some black authors speaking of the past expressed concern that “white presence in the civil rights movement … shine more of a light on protests but it overshadowed the courage of the original black activists”. Others are lamenting today that “white co-optation can overshadow those involved in grassroots efforts”. Deep down, white supporters are barely tolerated in this business; not embraced, not really wanted. They just want your money.

Greetings, bastard white children of the black riots.

No amount of professing one’s white guilt and paying homage to the black liberation cause will change that. Now or ever. Think about it.

Dear young white BLM followers, this is NOT your fight.

We are certain the United States of America will eventually sort things out through new laws, through the power of civilized discussions and societal actions. To be done peacefully, not through force or intimidation. Or the USA will defend itself against all domestic enemies, if need to be.

Think what side of history you want to be on.

You cannot sit in two chairs.

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