Antifa. The Movie

February 24, 2021   |   by Eriс

“By any means necessary”

Popular revolutionary call to action, implying violence

New information is being revealed about Antifa these days. They are becoming more and more emboldened in several locations around this country. In case you missed this recent phenomenon descending from the 20th century far-left political gangs, allow us to make a short introduction. Meet the proverbial parents. Read about them here, here and here. The slate of relatives is a lot broader, but we imagine you get a good look at the family picture. For all intents and purposes, BLM is closely related to Antifa. All of them are Marxists of Maoist persuasion; anarchists bent on violence, lawlessness and total destruction of anything and everyone acting as pillars of our society.

For generations, the “angry” young men and women never quite disappeared from the political landscapes of many countries. Like roaches, emerging under the cover of darkness, to be around decaying organic matter. In a way, they are democracies’ real infestation tests. When countries cannot timely deal with some political or societal issues, these characters come out from their moldy slimy hideouts. Their goal is to latch onto these matters and begin recruiting adepts to their destructive “revolutionary” ideology.

They openly tell us it is their intent to achieve political goals “by any means necessary”.

Anyone who claims Antifa is just a concept, an alternate political thinking and a harmless fad is a blind fool or a willing accomplice. Litmus test to the rescue. Ask yourself:  do looters, murderers, rapists, blackmailers or kidnappers champion political views we can all embrace? Our answer would be a firm “no”. Yours would depend where on the political spectrum you are at this time. Antifa is all of the above and then some. Just because they haven’t committed all of these dreadful acts in this country simply mean they haven’t yet shown their hand.

You may ask as to what happened to “innocent until proven guilty”. Well, this is only Act I of their political show, where they provoke the society into powerful responses, akin to armed confrontations with police and federal agents. They need an authoritative opening and they will get one, too. Pushing the envelope would lead to true domestic terrorism. Their trial ball was an assault on the Capitol, for which Donald Trump’s truly peaceful political supporters are being conveniently blamed. If they get to implement their strategy, Antifa will bomb buildings, infrastructure elements, kidnap people and commence attacks with firearms. Anarchists want to sow fear and intimidation. Like disgusting roaches, all dressed in black, faces clandestinely covered, they will scatter, only to re-group and attack again someplace. As they build their confidence, expect their ranks to swell with the marginal elements of our society (often with previous criminal histories) who want to join the dirty tide for their own purposes. This is how it always begins. Criminals who gather strength in groups later become political force (think Hitler’s Germany, in the 1920’s and 30’s). And by then it is too late. Nothing and nobody can stand in their way.

Ah, it can never happen here. Or can it?

There is a new documentary out. It is dedicated to Antifa and can be found right here. We invite you to watch, it will take you a full hour. Put together by several known conservative thinkers, among them Mr. Jack Posobiec, political analyst and Mr. Raheem Kassam, political observer and podcaster. They attempt to make sense of the Antifa movement, at the same time serving an early warning to the public about the real danger in our midst. Several people in-the-know offer their comments and observations on what you see on the screen and also what you do not. Without their words, it isn’t simple to patch together jumping, hectic imagery showing marches, fires, beatings and assaults by the men and women in black. Just like the movement itself, this is all very fluid, dynamic, almost to the point of dizzying.

We find the producers did a very good job pooling together emerging material about the people who insists on staying anonymous while committing their crimes on our streets. Our beloved, left-oriented mass media prefers not to see any of it, but we should. Even when they show it, they want us to think it is “normal, nothing out of the ordinary”. Such hypocrisy deprives the society of the early warning signs of impending danger. We, as a nation, should be taking action against these dangerous predators. In July 2020, U.S. Congress put forth a resolution that “calls for the groups and organizations acting under the banner of Antifa to be designated as domestic terrorist organizations”. Unfortunately, it has not made it into a law. The current administration is unlikely to do anything about it.

If we take a proper time-tested route of proving their individual guilt beyond reasonable doubt in the court of law, we may find ourselves grossly outmaneuvered. Think Al-Qaeda. As part of their training, they know a thing or two about revolutionary struggle and how to evade law enforcement; how to lie and blend into the surroundings. Investigators would be facing crime scenes without witnesses; missing iron-clad proof of individual misdeeds, and no faces to identify. When arrested, lots of them get to walk away, only to continue the revolutionary struggle against fascism (i.e. against us and the peaceful society we live in). Their next victims may be our readers and their families. Especially when they raise voices in condemnation. Antifa singles out people like you, to be used as scary examples of their wrath; to intimidate the rest.

In some counties, a mere fact of a person’s membership in the criminal society is a prosecutable offence. We firmly believe this is a stand our nation must take on Antifa. This approach is not without fallacies and must be carefully examined before being employed. Antifa cases should be tried by military tribunals, not civil courts. Belonging to a terrorist organization, with supporting evidence, is cause enough for their separation from the rest of us. And good riddance! Hey, Joe Biden, we are going to need GITMO to house these murderous assholes away from the rest of us, do you hear? Don’t shut it down!

If they come to your neighborhood, don’t try to have discussions with them. It’s pointless. They don’t listen. You don’t talk to roaches, do you? Just make them leave.

By any means necessary.

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